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madame monsieur
dans le cadre des offres de partenariats pour participer à des projets de H
2020, nous avons reçu deux propositions


Spanish SME Macuarium.

They are interested to offer their business solutions and expertise to
consortiums, as partners on topics ICT13, ICT18, ICT19, ICT34, ICT35 and ICT37

The contact info is in the form (linkedIn contact) or contacting them at the
following email: miguel@macuarium.com. 

Macuarium Network is a web publishing and consulting company specialized in
complex project management, and in fostering and running (mainly virtual)
communities of practice.
Macuarium operates communities of up to 130.000 registered users and has done
consulting and community-building projects for different private and public
We specialize in creating environments in which experts and professionals find
it easy and rewarding to share knowledge and cooperate in solving common
problems, and in turning
those exchanges into living, easily reusable sources of know-how and
We also manage complex, technology-related projects in fields from
marketing to
content management and collaboration environments, including work for the
European Institutions
through the Spanish Government.
Macuarium operates a network of professionals with competences from content
moderation to online security to software development, up to and including
project management and startup creation.

Number of employees: 2

Sector (s):
Knowledge management
Communities of practice

Your expertise
The European Union has recognized the importance of knowledge sharing to lower
the barriers to entrepreneurship success.

One of the key obstacles for a new entrepreneur is finding the basic knowledge
to solve problems that others have had before him: from legal frameworks to
to operate a virtual team, to the best contacts or resources in any field or
geography. Entrepreneurs are constrained by their contacts and location to
partners, mentors and resources in their area, and this has a quelling effect
on initiatives beyond the main hubs. In short, useful knowledge is not shared
and circulated as far as it could. Entrepreneurs themselves are ready to
as exemplified in many fragmented examples, from LinkedIn to Google or Yahoo
groups. It just does not circulate as widely as possible.
Specifically, the Startup Europe initiative relies on the adoption of a series
of technologies that have no common knowledge-sharing environment. Different
enablers provide different support and community environments, with different
degrees of moderation, fostering and consolidation. This fragmentation and
of critical size make it difficult for a serious user-developer community to
Macuarium has a proven skill set in designing, fostering and running effective
communities of practice, linking diverse specialties around a shared core. We
have also formalized a large part of our knowledge in manuals and white
We have the team and the expertise to build the infrastructure, and then
the community.
Macuarium was founded in 2000 by Miguel Cornejo and Itziar Alzugaray.
Miguel is
an economist and project manager specializing in content management systems
organizational change management; Itziar is a lawyer with ample experience in
digital- rights and privacy issues. Both have developed extensive
experience in
volunteer management and community building. Miguel was a co-founder of the
main Spanish association of community managers, AERCO, as well as a member and
SIG leader in the EU-funded and award-winning Knowledgeboard.com project. He
speaks regularly at conferences about community building and knowledge
and blogs at emekaeme.wordpress.com. You can find his CV here:

Previous experience in EU projects:
Macuarium has been involved in work for the European Commission as technical
project directors for the Partnership Agreement between the Spanish Government
and the European Institutions (communications plans 2012 and 2013).
Miguel Cornejo also was proposal coordinator for a Startup Europe proposal
leading a consortium of 9 leading organizations from 6 countries. He is also
registered as an independent expert evaluator of proposals for the European

PROPOSITION 2  PME croate       EVOLVA Ltd

Croatian SME called Evolva Ltd. 
They are interested to offer their business solutions and expertise to
consortiums, as partners on topics:
• ICT-07-2014
• ICT-09-2014
Innovation in SMEs

Katarina Vukušic

Evolva is a software company specialized for development and implementation of
business web applications and demanding web-based systems, and advanced Java
web technologies for the application development.
By using advanced technology, Evolva creates enterprise solutions that
time and financial savings to customers, by enabling automatization and
monitoring of business processes, document management, faster and easier
execution of operations, reports for faster and more accurate decision making.
Over the course of 10 years we have successfully completed many projects which
included business applications and integration of technologically
systems for large and medium companies - mostly banks, telecommunication
companies, brokerage houses, publishing companies, broadcasters, financial
agencies, government administration and others.
We have joined together our advanced knowledge of Java and web technologies
along with rich enterprise experiences into our main technology, called
Evolution Framework, that enables our developers to reach a significant
productivity increase and deliver high performance solutions.
Evolution Framework is a set of visual tools for complete software lifecycle
including design, development, deployment and monitoring of enterprise-level
web applications. Evolution Framework's visual editor, with more than 80
controls, enables quick and easy editing of large number of application forms.
It eliminates the need of knowledge of complex web technologies and therefore
represents an efficient tool for rapid prototyping. Our advanced development
tools provide a fast delivery while tools for high quality monitoring ensure a
controlled performance of delivered software solutions.
One of the framework's tools is automatic converter for converting Panther
applications to web applications, which together with a desktop-like
development logic of Evolution Framework allows a painless migration of
developers to Java web environment, and also a modernization of legacy
applications in web environment with minimum risks and costs. Converter tool
includes both layout and code conversion, as well as upgrades with modern
business components in efficient web environment.
The high quality of Evolva services is guaranteed by ISO 9001 quality
management system certification.


We offer expertise in the following areas:
Advanced knowledge of Java and web technologies,
Tools for efficient web development,
Automatic converter for converting desktop applications to Java web
Custom development of enterprise web applications,
Automatization of business processes,
Software integration and consulting.

Keywords describing the expertise offered 
Software development tools
Java web framework
Development of enterprise web applications
Visual editor for web forms
Monitoring tools
Performance analysis
Business process management (workflow)
Document management
Automatic converter for legacy applications


Contact person name  Nikolina Tomaškovic
Marketing manager
Telephone +385 (0)42 658 554
E-mail  nikolina.tomaskovic@evolva.hr
Zagrebacka 94, HR-42000 Varaždin, Croatia