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Dans le cadre de l'appel en cours de la thématique TIC du programme
communautaire CIP TIC PSP, qui vise la mise en place d'applications pilotes
dans un certains nombre de domaines, nous avons reçu plusieurs demandes de
partenariats issues de plusieurs pays.

Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de contacter directement le partenaire en

dans la suite de ce message vous trouverez donc

1- IMA : une société tchèque compétente en système d'identifIcation, de
sécurité, d'éthiques, de esanté
2- ADA YAZILIM:  PME turque du monde du logiciel pour la eadminsitration
3- ASYA Software Services  PME turque spécialisée dans les logiciels de esanté
4- SAKARYA Municipality municipalité turque voulant participer a un projet de
cloud computing
5- ELAZIG  Municipality municipalité plus intéressée par les services web
6- SMARTSOFT PME turque dans les technologies de l'information
7- METANET PME turque dans les technologies de l'information
8- BOLU PROVINCIAL DIRECTORATE OF HEALTH organisation régionale de santé
offrant des sites de test

1- IMA : une société tchèque compétente en système d'identifIcation, de
sécurité, d'éthiques, de esanté

Institute of Microelectronic Applications s.r.o. (abbrev. IMA)
Na Valentince 1
150 00
Praha 5
Czech Republic
www. ima.cz

Ces compétences
Know-how of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and
Health (ICF) from the World Health Organisation to identify user profiles and
user functionalities

Les thèmes visés
Identification, security, legal, ethical aspects, eHealth

IMA s.r.o. (=Institute of Microelectronic Applications) has been present on
market since 1992. It is a private Czech company - SME, specializing in the
development and supply of systems using identification and biometrical
technology. At present IMA is a leasing supplier of identification systems for
businesses and public administration as well as developer of new businesses
RTD institute. IMA focuses on distribution of complete identification systems
for the whole Czech Republic, including specialized services - testing of
state-of-the-art technology, system security against embezzlement and
implementation of proprietary solutions in cooperation with international

Cette société à une première expérience dans le programme
RFID2Health  project proposal for CIP 2009
The proposed service solution is the application of the Radio Frequency
Identification techniques to the in-hospital healthcare services. The proposed
augmentation  controlling the care activities against the possible human
and related critical errors - will impact positively on the quality of care
because permitting to manage better the existing clinical risks

Le contact :
Petr Struk, M.D.
+420731196 656

ou encore
Denis Gibadulin
Ministry of Interior
ICT Conception and Coordination Department
e-mail: denis.gibadulin@mvcr.cz
phone: +420 974 817 548

2- ADA YAZILIM:  PME turque du monde du logiciel pour la eadminsitration

Ada Yazilim and Asya Software Services are two IT SMEs located in Turkey. They
are eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects as partners

Company: Ada Yazilim

Job Title: Project Manager

Type of Business: Private Commercial (PRC)

Street address: Gazi Umur Pasa Sk. 38 / 10 Bimar Plaza, Balmumcu, Besiktas,
TURKEY PK: 34349

Phone number: +90 212 3476130
E-mail: ali@adayazilim.com

Organisation description: Ada Yazilim is developing software for 20 years. The
company is specialized in software systems which are integrated with
governmental IT systems. Currently, more than 1000 companies including
insurance companies, agencies and brokers are using Ada Yazilim software

Organization activity:
IT industry
Consulting, contracting

3- ASYA Software Services  PME turque spécialisée dans les logiciels de esanté

Type of business Private Commercial (PRC)
address Trabzon Teknoloji Gelistirme Bolgesi,
Universite Mah. Hastane Caddesi, Ýkinci
Bodrum Kat, No :33, Trabzon, TURKEY
Phone number +90 530 523 09 62

Website URL http://www.asyayazilim.com.tr

Organisation description ASYA Software and Technologies is a spin-off company
of Akgun Software Services which is one of the biggest Medical IT company of
Turkey. The motivation behind foundation of ASYA is developing modern software
applications with using academic knowledge base. Our technical expertise is on
e-health, database design,
analyzing medical workflows, data mining, healthcare integration.

Organisation activity IT industry
Consulting, contracting

Project Information
Project focus We are interested in joining a thematic network on
and "ICT & Ageing"
Project theme eHealth
My role Participant / Beneficiary
Partner criteria Experienced companies that has the same objectives in the
health care domain.

Telephone(s) +90 530 523 09 62

E-mail kturhan@asyayazilim.com.tr

4- SAKARYA Municipality municipalité turque voulant participer a un projet de
cloud computing

Sakarya Municipality is eager to coordinate a project under Objective 4.1 –
Towards a cloud of public services. They are looking for local governments,
NGOs, private organizations, R&D institutions and universities as partners. 

Theme 4: ICT for innovative government and public services 4.1 Towards a cloud
of public services
Pilot B

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology offers the combination of
mapping, relational database technology, and analytical tools for improving
management and operations of almost every aspect of societal activity.
Government and public sector GIS activities and services include environmental
management, transportation and mobility, economic growth, employment, social
cohesion, safety and emergency management, homeland security, utilities and
infrastructure management, cultural identity and preservation, and parks,
recreation and outdoor pursuits. GIS is a tool that strategically and
innovatively deployed offers a better way of managing and improving our
of life.
The purpose of this project is to develop a “ESGIS Strategic Plan” and deploy
innovate solutions that improve government service. This project will assess
existing government operations and functions as it relates to GIS and the
citizens and of the community. The ultimate goal is to evaluate how GIS can
address the challenges of the next decade by engaging citizens, businesses and
government professionals in the planning, design, and deployment of a true
enterprise and sustainable GIS that is scalable, large scale and flexible, and
will offer on-demand government services through Service Orientated
Architecture (SOA)
and e-government cloud computing. The purpose it to identify areas of
government operations that would significantly benefit from “technical

Information sur la municipalité :

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality – IT department
Metropolitan municipality with all departments and services(R&D Directorate
under IT Department of Sakarya Municipality) for information technology
services are to meet the existing and arising without any problems responding
to the needs. The continuity of the software and hardware solutions are to
produce, to ensure the municipality, and for this purpose by providing new
information technologies, control and coordination through the efficient, high
quality IT services providing ways to use. The technological infrastructure to
keep abreast of developments in information technologies constantly develop
municipality, metropolitan municipality services, computer networks and
database environment by moving the unit to bring together the information in
electronic form, provide fast and accurate access to the units, services,
increasing efficiency and speed of our country's
growing "e-Government "the process of a municipality, " the e-council "to
the vision equipped with modern information technology, offering advance 
technological facilities and to compete with contemporaries to be among the
best municipalities. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has also Technological
solution partners. Our IT department recently works on -Telephone switchboards
establishment, maintenance
-The expansion of the radio system to meet municipality needs,
-Criating Vehicle Tracking System softwares,
-Security cameras and security system with video recording system.
establishments operations, maintenances.
-Hardware and software solutions to all departments of Municipality.
- GIS for Municipality Project

Contact Person: 
Mehmet Emin Asan
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality- Sakarya / Turkey
IT Department
R&D Unit.
Phone: +90-264-2745020 (ext:3701)

e-mail: m_asan@hotmail.com

5- ELAZIG  Municipality municipalité plus intéressée par les services web

Elazig Municipality is eager to coordinate a project under Theme 5. 
They are looking for technological partners, local governments and NGOs for
their project

Project Challenge: Theme 5: Open Innovation for Internet-enabled Services
Project Objective: 5.1 – Open Innovation for future Internet-enabled
Services in
Smart Cities
Project Coordinator: Elazig Municipality
Project Name: Digital Control of the Urban Water Network

Unquestionably, water is the most valuable natural resource. Hence, great care
should be taken during its transmission and consumption phases. One of the
major responsibilities of local governments and municipalities is providing
clean water to residents for various purposes(drinking, washing etc...).
This project aims at transforming the current water network to digitally
controlled urban water transmission and distribution network which will help:
a) reduce energy consumption,
b) monitor water in real-time for foreign substances
c) check quality of water in real-time
d) detect and reduce water leakage
e) provide safety for water resources.

Project Description:
The Project aims at modernizing current water transmission and distribution
network for obtaining various results such as:

1- Real-time measurement and analysis of the city drinking water.
Various chemical tests will be performed to check several values such as PH,
blur, chlorine etc. The real-time analysis will also help to detect foreign
subtances, hazardous material and pollution in the water in a very short time.
One potential significant outcome of this project is the health and safety of
the urban population.
The system will be able to detect the toxic materials and will automatically
prevent the mixing of the polluted water to the city network. Thus accidental
pollution or intentional poisoning of the city drinking water will be

2- Remote monitoring and control of the city water network.
This will help to track the amount of water stored in reservoirs, amount of
water being released to the network and store past measurement values. By
integrating the water consumption values with these measurements the system
will be able to identify the leakage, loss or potential misuse of the water.
Therefore authorities will be able to concentrate on the certain sections of
the city where the payment is significantly less than the amount of water

3- Ýmmediate intervention ability to the water network. Sensors, motorized
valves and other digitally controlled equipment will help immediate suspension
of the water distribution to certain sections of the city. Several reasons
might arise which require temporarily suspending the water distribution.
Sensors will report any abnormal pressure loss which might be caused from pipe
breaks or other faults and the system will automatically suspend pumping water
to that particular city section thus eliminate loss of precious water
and energy.

4- Building a remote surveillance and security infrastructure around water
The Project will use security cameras and related technological equipment to
build an economic and reliable surveillance system around the city water
reservoirs. A security center will be established to watch the cameras and
record any activity around the reservoirs. This will help authorities to take
immediate action in case of any attacks or problems.

5- Use of Smart meters.
Smart water meters and flow meters will be used in various levels of the
network to reliably control the amount of water being distributed and being
consumed by the city population. The Project will create a pilot section in
city to start use of smart water meters. The smart meters will be able to
report usage information and any problem to the authorities which will help to
reduce the revenue loss and reduce the time to solve the problems.

6- Energy efficiency.
The system will effectively help to reduce the energy costs of the water
transmission and distribution network by identifying and helping the
authorities to eliminate the water loss and leakage in various levels of the
network as explained in aforementioned goals. Amount of energy consumed by the
water pumps and other electrical equipments in the network is significantly
high and the Project will reduce this cost by constantly monitoring the
reservoirs, distribution valves, flow rates and leakage.

7- Educational activities to increase public awareness about water usage.
Meetings, seminars and other visibility activities such as school visits mass
media ads will be organized by the Project team to introduce the Project to
public and increase awareness about water consumption. This will help to
an environmentally conscious society and reduce the water consumption.

Looking for:
Technological firms for integrating the digital systems (smart meters,
cameras...) to the water network.
A municipality or local governments for applying the project in their region.
An association about environmental awareness or about the usage of water for
organizing educations for the public about increasing awareness about water
Contact Person:
Ömer Dündar KAN
Expert at Firat Development Agency
Tel: 90 424 237 22 01
e-mail: dundar.kan@fka.org.tr

6- SMARTSOFT PME turque dans les technologies de l'information
SMARTSOFT is eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects and to be responsible
the WPs regarding mobile payment systems, EMV standards, smart card
applications, internet banking etc.


7- METANET PME turque dans les technologies de l'information

METANET is an SME that is eager to be involved in such ICT PSP projects under
Theme 2 – Digital Content and Theme 4 – ICT for Innovative Government and
Public Services. Interested parties shall come into contact with Mr. Cemal
Dipl.-Ing A.Cemal Nacaroglu (CV Attached) + 3 of additional Engineers /
developers +3 software technicians + 1 supervisor (Associated Prof.
(totally 6. The personal
amount will be also increased next 6-12 months by min. 3-5 developers)

As Metanet Group LTD, our major aim is to promote our customers` profitability
and efficiency with specially designed and high tech integrated solutions.
While we assure our customers` life standards with our solutions, we make sure
that they are coherent with their environment.
In the new era of globalized, Information Technology companies are able to
rapidly develop the ability to supply a range of many services. Our company,
Metanet Information Technology has large
scale of solution for your any type of problems, and also Metanet has a good
engineering service with a large knowledge of business and dynamic team of
workmen with perfect teamwork.
Metanet prides itself on enabling our clients to achieve a competitive
advantage by adapting their business to the new converged environment. Metanet
focuses on to meet the markets needs of each of our clients. Our experience
helps our customers to emphasize on executing their businesses while Metanet
I.T. deals with planning, enforcing, and framing up and prolonging their
Metanet has built a uniquely competitive business and advanced well designed
engineering model, which provides excellence in delivering to our customers
Moreover, right along with our main practices and control automation systems
application, we are dealing with professional web design, communication
protocols design and performance
analyses of high speed wireless network architectures, applications and
Research & Development of product services through future innovation
technologies for our customers

Our Vision is;
To promote our customers’ profitability and efficiency with specially designed
and high tech integrated solutions5

Our Mission is;
Being able to offer the value which is added to the life by the technology to
our customers
To offer genuine ideas and technological solutions through Information
technologies which enables the business life and promotes the efficiency.
Sharing our experiences for restoring the environmental performance at the
industrial society and to scope out global and local environmental problems.

Our Values are;
Producing all kind of customer need oriented technologies
Being a learning organization for constant development
To procure the sustainable technology enhancing by consistent R&D activities.
To enhance the use of national an international sources in order to look after
our customers’ and countries’ common benefits.
To offer the optimum service according to firms’ needs with the minimum cost
and maximum performance principle.

Our Aims are;
To design and install the systems for the micro level management and the
necessary for the strategic planning directly for national resources’
To install these systems the best fitting information technologies, software’s
and electronic devices are designed in firm’s terms and make sure to be
used by
the most appropriate

Metanet has concentrated its IT interest on following areas;

1-Control, Automation, Fuzzy, Embedding Technology:
Metanet IT Ltd. uses and applies his talent know-how and technical background
on the area of the automation control software’s fields which are;
GUI( Graphical User Applications) for user friendly and robust industrial
Microprocessor coding and embedding for more efficient and clever control
Traffic Junction control and monitoring software’s for safer and cheaper
Design and application of remote monitoring controlling systems; coding of
interfaces, related hardware coding, and networking issues,

2-High Speed Next Generation Wireless Communication Technologies,M2M:
Metanet has an experience and future vision on next generation high speed
wireless network architectures;
Protocols, algorithms design and development,
Direct Mode concept of different types of wireless communication technologies,
WCDMA/CDMA concept,
Desktop applications for M2M communications with various technologies,
Designing of next generation of avionics communication systems design,
Creating the model concept by traffic modeling, channel modeling and
of the high speed wireless communications systems next generation different
kind of
network applications.
Mobile GPRS/UMTS modems embedding and its related user interface design

3-City Ýnfo-Entertainment Applications :
Wireless network controlled public transport info systems,
Development and R&D activities of In the Flight Entertainment Systems (IFE),
ICT- City Applications on Kiosks
Mobile devices, Tablet Pc’s,
PC’s, Laptops
FLEX, Flash Builder Applications developments and R&D activities
Professional dynamic web applications with content Managing Systems (CMS)

Cemal Nacaraoglu
Phone: +(90) 342 360 1200/3411-3412
Fax: +(90) 342 360 8222

e-mail: cemal@metanet.com.tr

8 - BOLU PROVINCIAL DIRECTORATE OF HEALTH organisation régionale de santé
turque offrant des sites de test

Legal Name:Bolu Provincial Directorate of Health
Type of Organization: Public authority (local) (PUB-LOC)
Commercial Orientation: Not for Profit (NP)
Geographical area of activity : local (L)
Legal Status: public (PB)
Economic Sector: Q86 - Activities of Human Health
Size: (Number of Staff): staff 51 to 250
The whole number of staff with its related institutions: staff 1700
Address: Borazanlar Mahallesi Hattat Emin BarÝn Cad. No:108
Post Code:14100
City: Bolu
Telephone 1:: 00903742150340
Telephone 2: : 00903742150339
Fax: 00903742151252
E-mail: bolu@saglik.gov.tr
Internet site: www.bolu.saglik.gov.tr

Contact Person 1:Mehmet SENTÜRK
Position: Assistant Director responsible for the projects
Mobile Phone:+ 905057686868
Contact Person 2:Sema UMUR
Position: Head of Project Management Unit
Mobile Phone: +905053961043
Bolu Provincial Directorate of Health serves with its two buildings and 14
branch offices in the campus which is located in the quarter of Borazanlar of
Bolu in Turkey. The institution is public body which has the function of local
authority, supervision and audit in the field of Health. There are 139
personnel working in its management building. It performs all the supervision
operations starting from the process of licensing primary and secondary,
and private health care institutions in Bolu in which approximately 250 000
people live. 76 Family Medicine Offices, 9 Community Health Centres, 3
Hospitals, 2 Brach Hospitals (Mental Health and Diseases, Physical Therapy and
Rehabilitation), 2 General Purpose Hospitals, 1 Oral and Dental Health Centre,
and 1 private hospital are in this scope.
For this reason, the whole number of personnel of this sector which coordinate
all the services is 1700. Moreover, the institution controls and supervises
following institutions in terms
of operations according to standards of formal legislation and medical
professions: opticians, pharmacies, clinics and circumcision clinics. It is
responsible of all the processes related to every individual’s health, the
implementations of patient and personnel safety, international scientific
developments, the implementations of quality standards in health within the
framework of ethical rules and in accordance with the policies of Ministry of
When a project that requires specialized has started, we use the opportunities
of working with the medical doctors from every branch working in the health
care, and when necessary, we have opportunity of cooperation with the Faculty
of Medicine.

We have health care units in 2 houses, established as connected to our
hospitals, which service to 120 000 people. The patients who are bedridden and
in need of treatment generates this group to whom we provide services. We give
the services of supplying medical equipment, medical care, medical follow-up,
health education, psychological support, physiotherapy, social service support
in home care services. Our personnel in charge of home care services are
physicians, nurses and social workers, physiotherapists. Our personnel who
in this field fulfil the work records and other operations through computer
systems. We want care personnel to develop themselves further in their fields
and share their experiences. Elderly Health Centre of Governorship of Bolu
which gives service in the same building with one of the Family Medicine
Offices and is coordinated by Provincial Directorate of Social Services and
institution is one of the first implementations in our country and started its
activities in 2008. 350 elderly people who are 65 years old and above take
services from this centre. In this centre, the following activities are
fulfilled; the social activities such as Plates,
walking exercise, measurement of balance, walking and stair climbing tests,
wood painting, reading, home visits (blood glucose, tension, etc. are measured
at home), osteoporosis education, psychological support interviews and
evaluation of social services needs.
We carry out works related to preventing the falls in the scope of patients
personnel safety in our hospitals. These are the follow-up of stated
procedures, arrangements of physical hardware, identification of fall risk,
training patients and their relatives, usage of decisive markings,
between the follow-up of effects and side-effects of drugs on patients and
falls, and training the personnel.
All our institutions give services to those who have health problems
because of
falling at home, school, or work. Especially, the calls for interventions
experienced in elderly are made firstly to our 112 Provincial Ambulance
Service. Next, the patient is transferred to a further health institution.
The continuous effort for learning new things in order to keep pace with the
rapidly developing and changing world is the important value for our
institution. Our personnel work with the consciousness of how important point
they are at for all the people who take health services .
In this concept, we want to take part in the projects related to the following
priorities under
Theme 3 – ICT For Health, Ageing Well and Inclusion:
3.1 ICT Solutions for Fall Prevention and Detection (Pilot Project)
3.1 ICT and Ageing Well (Thematic Network)
3.2 Digital Competences and Social Inclusion



Sampaº Information and Communication Systems, established in 1981, follows the
highest and most efficient technology in cooperation with its employees,
suppliers and associates working with team spirit in local authority and
national and international market. The company comprises of 4 Regional Offices
(Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana) in Turkey. Being among leading IT companies,
it has been offering to the municipalities the high value-added services from
design to installation, from operation to maintenance & consulting in areas
from tax to zoning and resource management to creation of modern City
Information Systems. The main solution/service, provided mostly to
municipalities, is ‘Intelligent City Automation Systems’ (ICS). ICS is one
common portfolio of products working on one common municipal
database satisfying; Automation and optimization of all work flows in the
municipality through developed Internet-MIS-GIS-CAD-Mobile applications. The
company aims at creating a civilized city structure where all units work on a
single data base which provides the necessary information infrastructure for
all the operational and administrative activities. With the e-service
via different channels, citizens have the opportunity to have access to the
municipality, make all the transactions thus it stimulates the interaction
between citizens and municipality and increases the customer satisfaction.
As a
Turkey leading ICT solution partner, the company has been developing ICT tools
to address to the societal problems through modelling policy initiatives.
Societal simulations are developed to understand the inputs necessary to
understand the relations between the policies and their implementation; and
improving the effectiveness of implementation of government policies. In this
respect, new ICT solutions will be developed to examine and increase
interaction of citizens with government and understand the benefits and
consequences of policies for citizens and businesses, which will address the
modelling of new policies.
The company has been offering for 30 years several products such as ICS,
hardware products, network and communication infrastructure, system and
security software, MIS, GIS, Information Sharing and Integration Applications,
Citizen Oriented applications, call center and mobile applications. And it has
been offering several solutions: project management services, infrastructure
information system, zoning information system, digital archive management
system, training maintenance and support services.
On the other hand Sampas obtained the quality standards ISO 9000, ISO 20000,
ISO 27001 ad recently CMMI Level 3. The company has been granted membership by
the European Technology Platform ‘’ Networked European Software& Services
Initiative’ (NESSI) which operates in information area, comprising of
companies, universities, institutes and research institutions. Also the
is the member of ‘Eurocities’ as associated business partner.

OSAmI-Commons is a EUREKA project under ITEA-2 cluster that targets open
common foundations for a dynamic service-oriented platform which is able to
personalise itself in large diversity of co-operating Software Intensive
Systems (SISs).
OSAmI-Commons has 35 different participant among five different participating
countries including Spain, Germany, France, Turkey and Finland. Sampas has the
leadership on Ambient City Services (ACS  demonstrator and Vertical Domains
tasks in the project. (20 mio €)
AKOS (Intelligent City Systems) – Nationally supported project (2 mio €)
(Tubitak approved)
SOA GIS - Nationally supported project (1 mio €) (Tubitak approved)
EPICS- European Platform for Intelligent City Services- an intelligent city
services platform, targets a cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution, which
is able to provide
interoperable open city services to citizens, businesses and administration in
a scalable, effective and citizen centric way. It is a CIP ICT PSP Call 4

Sampas is willing to take part of the projects within the 4th and 5th themes.
Within the 4th Theme perspective, the company has been mainly working with
municipalities and providing solutions using cloud computing, especially its
service layer including SOA. It has recently developed a Municipality
Management System Program with SAAS (software as a service) mentality that is
brought in municipality use that provides standardized open cit  services to
both Municipalities and citizens. It aims at showing and testing the
value-added that the wide usage of Service Oriented Architecture creates for
e-state services and Cloud Computing in public sector. Also it has been
developing and standardizing interoperability o f public services. It is aimed
at accelerating the uptake of innovative internet- based technologies and
services in cities and surroundings regions connecting cities, citizens and
using user-driven open innovation. Intelligent City Automation Systems- main
service of the company- has been offering several e- service solutions so that
citizens have access to the Municipality and get served whenever and wherever
they want. It is aimed at improving the citizen awareness while providing
faster and high- quality services to them.
Within the 5th Theme Perspective, it developed a Project called AKOS
(Intelligent City Automation System) which aims at an information-oriented
management approach and participatory municipality as a result of the
address-based and immovable-based detection of the data as to the city and
citizens. Also the project enables to establish a strong relationship between
the Municipality and the citizens via digital media in a modern and dynamic
structure called as ‘e-municipality’ in which the municipality is rendered
capable of meeting all the needs of the citizens on socio-economic and
bases besides its classical municipal operations and a coordinated working
environment and infrastructure with other public institutions is created.
Thanks to AKOS project, Management Information System and Geographical
Information System are carried out within the same database, an integrated
information integrity (Information System Automation) is provided while these
systems are used together, the communication between Municipality and citizens
is carried to the electronic environment as a result it has more dynamic and
contemporary structure (e-municipality), a working environment in coordination
is enabled among public institutions and organizations. (Coordination among

The company is to give support for the development of ICT tools in order to
integrate different data that are collected from local government sources.
Also, it will provide assistance for the development of data that will be
utilized for public services. On the other hand it will have a role for the
integration of non-government data taken from both citizens and businesses in
order to create an opportunity to have easy access to the huge amounts of
It will choose municipalities as a proof of a concept pilot. It has been
looking for service providers SME’s both to enlarge services according to the
platform standards and to improve SOA Architecture as well as to develop
e-governance technologies. Besides it has been looking for technological
partners for SaaS (Cloud Computing and SaaS experience)

Ms. Neºe EryÝlmaz