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From thrdcall@postman.dg13.cec.be Mon May  5 19:35 MET 1997
Received: from seite by dgrt.mesr.fr
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 18:18:14 +0200
From: "Dirk Costens"  (via roger.seite@mesr.fr (Roger Seite))
Subject: Expressions of interest

Madame, Monsieur,

Vous trouverez ci-apres la rediffusion d'un appel a interet de la Commission

pour le 4eme appel a propositions ACTS.

Je me permets d'attirer votre attention sur le fait que la réponse effective
a cet appel a interet est probablement indispensable pour pouvoir participer

a la journee d'information indiquee (proposers' day du 19 juin) et sans
doute essentielle pour vous faire connaitre de partenaires eventuels.



to be associated with an RTD Programme in the area of

The Commission is intending to launch a third and final call for
proposals in June 1997 aiming at :

1. New and innovative work relating to the projects taken up under the
first and second calls:

a) Trial integration, bringing together the results of groups of ACTS
projects into integrated trials and ensuring a seamless connection of the
ACTS community with trial environments on a pan-European basis; including
broadband access by schools, providing them with an opportunity to
experiment with a range of advanced services;

b) Broadening of participation (in particular providing opportunities
for organisations in Central and Eastern Europe, in non-EU Mediterranean
countries and for SMEs to join existing ACTS projects);

c) Guidelines consolidation, condensing and rationalising draft
deployment guidelines into coherent input to standards bodies, industrial
fora and
the European institutions, including consolidation of strategic
techno-economic and socio-economic information;

d) Supporting promotion and dissemination of results;

2. Novel technological work in:

a) Interactive multi-media services interoperability;

b) New concepts and novel devices for routing/switching in optical

c) Convergence and integration: ATM-Internet;

d) Software radio technologies;

e) Advanced technologies and systems for satellite communications and a
concerted Action on satellite communications;

f) An open communications environment, using "agent technologies";

g) Secure information exchanges over broadband communications.

Organisations or individuals seeking further information on these
opportunities are invited to express their interest by providing=
details about themselves, and completing the form, available at the InfoWIN=

Server http://www.infowin.org/ACTS/ANALYSYS/GENERAL/3RDCALL/proposer.htm.

An information meeting for potential proposers will be held, with the
presence of all existing projects,  in Brussels on June 19, 1997, at 9:00
am. The registration of interest form available at the WWW will also allow=

you to express your intent to participate to proposers day.

For further information please contact us at :
European Commission,
Tel : +32 2 296 34 15
Fax :+32 2 295 06 54
Email: thrdcall@postman.dg13.cec.be