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madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours de la thématique TIC du programme CIP, nous
avons reçu une offre de partenariat de l'université d'Ankara sur le thème de
l'appel :

“2.1 Aggregating content in Europeana”. 

Les informations sur cette proposition de partenariat sont ci-dessous

Proposal name:

Newspapers in Europe until the Second World War


The Purpose of the project is to provide information about countries as
reflected in newspapers, including their political, social, cultural and
economic way of life that are located in a geography where the First World War
was fought.

The coverage includes the pre-war, wartime, and post-war events based on news,
articles and discussions, omitting sports news, advertisements etc.
In order to realize above mentioned objective the followings will be done:
• To identify the newspapers of the specified period which are available in
digital forms and to open them to the service over a common interface
• To provide access to information via known titles/subjects, countries and

At the end of the projects the followings will be achieved:
• The light will be shed to the specified period with the original information
• Access will be provided to the newspapers that are disorganized, unreachable
and rare,
• The original newspapers of the period will be protected from mutilation and
destruction by constant use.

The Project will utilize the newspapers published before 1940. This date was
preferred because most of those newspapers do not have copyright problem.

Proposal Outline:

Proposal Outline: The newspaper, published until the Second World War, are the
most important and which provide information on political, social, cultural
economic situation of EU and the candidate countries in Europe. In our age
newspapers are very important simply because they include current news of the
time and reflect different points of views.

The database prepared with digitized newspapers which include valuable
information will be useful because:
a. The newspapers will be in the service of the researchers and interested, as
independent space and time.
b. Researchers from different countries will be able to access the European
newspapers which carry information on European civilization that provided
leadership to the world civilization. For this purpose, author, title and
subject indexes will be built. Thus access to the complete coverage will be
c. Location information of the original papers will be provided.
d. Original newspapers, which are considered rare will be protected and saved
for the posterity.

Access to the database will be multi-lingual that means aside from English,
German and French languages of the participating countries will be used.

Required skills and Expertise for Partners:

Required skills and Expertise:
• When participating with the newspapers that the countries have them in their
collections, try to increase participation to this project in their home
country by making the necessary presentations,
• To help the development of a multi-lingual interface and data entry screens
provided by the administration,
• To control the metadata by making bibliographic descriptions of digitized
Works in accordance with the standards
• To make entries to the database for use,
• To make the services system operative in accordance with the work schedule.

Type of partner(s) sought:

Interested libraries, universities, research institutes, government agencies,
organizations, civil societies and the like, which have the type of newspapers
mentioned before, and capable of processing them according to the
rules and standards, may join the project


Prof. Dr. Dođan ATILGAN
Ankara University Department of Information and Document Management
Phone: +90 312 2235761 Fax: +90 312 2139532
Email: ict-psp@ankara.edu.tr 
Web: http://kutuphane.ankara.edu.tr/index.php