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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Concours "ARTEMIS Orchestra Contest 2007 - 2008"

madame, monsieur

The ARTEMISIA Association is delighted to inform you that registration for the
ARTEMIS Orchestra Contest 2007 - 2008 is now open 

via the ARTEMIS' web site, www.artemis-office.org

To stimulate the interest in careers around embedded computer systems,
demonstrate the capabilities of Embedded Systems and to inform the broad
about their significance, ARTEMIS is organising “Artemis Orchestra”, a contest
aimed at high schools, universities, research teams and technology
Institutions. Built on long-standing European traditions in music, the contest
challenges participants to create devices that play real musical instruments
with the help of various embedded technologies. The Contest has already
a good amount of interest internationally, with first finals having been held
in Berlin in June 2007.

The competition is open for groups and individuals and has two classes: Junior
and Senior. In the Junior class, all contestants must be in or below their
first year of higher education (excluding a guiding person, who is not allowed
to participate in the technical design but has an advisory role). ARTEMISIA
budgeted 30 000 euros for the Contest jury to award to the participants
according to the published rules.

We expect the 2007 - 2008 Contest once more to be a great success and an
inspiring, eye-opening event.

ARTEMISIA Association

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