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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed Feb 12 12:46 MET 1997
From: Patrick Schouller 
veuillez trouver ci-dessous trois demandes de partenariats europeens
(Autriche, Italie, Espagne) pour les differents appels du programme
applications telematiques.
Elles proviennent soit de demande qui me sont directement faites, soit de la
part des mes homologues National contact Point des autres Etats de l'Union
En esperant qu'elles pourront vous aider dans la realisation de vos=

Dear Collegeaus!

Please find enclosed a partner search from a remote austrian region.
They are searching for another remote region and also for reseach
institutes. Companies in this countries providing teleservices are
welcome, too. Please find the contact person on the end of the
following project outline:



Situated at the base of the highest Austrian mountain in a remote
valley, the village Kals can be considered a peripheral community with
a 60% rate of commuters and depending mainly on tourism and
agriculture for revenues.

Project Goals:

The major goal of the project is to link the village and the
inhabitants - mainly women with children, eldery people and the farmes
- via networks to more central regional economies. The installation of
an integrated set of telematics applications should forster and
strenghten economic cooperation and provide work and services for the
local institutions and inhabitants.

· to boost interregional business activities and improved regional
government for the local population
· to supply easy accessible educational and consultancy services
· to provision of new jobs for women and local commuters
· to create a real-time and real-life modell for telematic applications in=
rural community
· to facilitate a top level sustainable tourism product for free lancers=
combining work e.g. research, free-lance jobs with a holiday in a
healthy environment
· to establish an innovative combination of high quality tourism with a
scientific and application oriented yearly
symposium for international corporations and researchers. The topics
would cover all facets of telematic applications and their social and
economic impacts on peripheral regions

Expected impact:

· to lower the rate of commuters and to provide qualified jobs
· to provide a network based infrastructure for SMEs and free lancer
and to support their marketing activities
· to provide assistance to the local economy (tourism, agriculture, trade)
using integrated
telematic applications
· to promote the use of telematic technologies for the population for=
and business services
· to create a superior and sustainable tourism product
· to enhance the dialogue between the local population, the scientific
community and national
and international corporations
· to link up with other regional European initiatives
· provide a validation site for telematic based productions and services=

· to establish qualification programmes for the regional population in=
to strenghten competitiveness
· to provide know-how to set up comparable strategies for similar areas

It is planned in the long term to extend the projekt to the whole
region of Eastern Tyrol and to include neighbouring regions in Italy
and Austria.

We are looking for partners to form a consortium to put in a proposal
for the fourth call for telematics applications or for IADS4. A
further application is planned for the up-coming TEN call for

Q ualifications for partners:

· remote rural region
· research institute or university involved in telematics applications
· corporation/service provider in a remote region
· company providing teleworking and other telematics based services

Contact Person:
Dr. Eva Haefele
MTS GesmbH
Vorderglemm 158
A-5751 Maishofen
Tel: +43-6542-80480-16	Fax: +43-6542-804804
e-mail: evamaria.haefele@mts.telecom.at

Dear Mr. Schouller,

        We are a spanish research institute, Instituto de Automática
Industrial, with long term experience in the application of automation
systems, robotics and sensors for enhancing the mobility of disabled

        We have the first contacts for setting up a consortium within the
framework of the EU program "Telematics for the integration of disabled
and elderly people, TIDE" in order to develop a modular and user
adaptable prostheses with enhanced mobility and force/sensorial feedback
for the hand/arm area.

        Please find the following profiles for the project partners, some
of them being already partially covered by existing partners:

1. Project partners with long term experience in the field
(training/users) for conception, development, testing and validation of
the new prostheses:
· Rehabilitation and restoration of motor ability
· Substitution or enhancement of sensory functions
· Training of prostheses technicians and/or users
· Clinical aspects related to the use of sensors for medical/prostheses
· Monitoring of medical data for training purposes

2. Project partners for sensor development and integration both for user
driving and feedback:
· Knowledge in the development/application of sensors in the medical area
(muscle signals)
· Knowledge on tactile and positioning sensors
· Acquisition and treatment of myolectric and low level signals

3. Project partners for nuemo-hidraulic or electrical actuation
· Experience in microhidraulic/neumatic applications to medical
· Design, development and control capabilities in neumo-hidraulic

4. Project partner interested in manufacturing and/or distribution of the
new prostheses:
· Long term experience in the field
· Validation and testing capabilities

        We intend to submit an Outline Proposal Consultation to the
Commission Services to asses the project eligibility. Based on the
response of the Commission and the feedback from the partners a Full
Proposal will be submitted (15 April 1997). Since dead line for Outline
Proposal Consultation is 28 February 1997,  we kindly
request you to help us to find project partners (a brief description of
their capabilities related to the project together with opinion and
suggestions would be of great interest) interested in one or several of
the above mentioned areas, mainly end-user and technician organizations
for the conception, development and validation of the new protheses, as
well as firms interested in manufacturing and distributing the prototype.

        Our particulars:
                Dr. J.L. Pons
                Instituto de Automática Industrial, IAI
                Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC
                Ctra. Nal. III, Km 22.800 La Poveda
                28500 Arganda del Rey, Madrid, Espaņa
                Tel: +34-1-8711900
                Fax: +34-1-8717050
                e-mail: jlpons@iai.csic.es

        Thank you in advance for your kind attention, looking forward to
hearing from you,

J. L. Pons


We are planning to submit a Proposal entitled VR LEARNERS (Virtual Reality
Learning Environment for Network of European Advanced Multimedia Resource
ceNtERs Museums and Schools), and we are looking after a French
The French participation would be composed of:
1. Industrial company familiarized with Virtual Reality Technologies and
Concepts. The company will become Multimedia Resource Center.
2. Museum or Gallery disposed to give Access Virtually to its facilities and
3. Potential User Group of Schools interested to be Linked to the Industrial
company Resource Center.

Our Proposal VR LEARNERS covers Tasks ET2.3-2.5 ESP 3.12


Yannis A. Cobopoulos
Managing Director

72-74 Salaminos Str., Kallithea 17675

Tel. : +(301) 95 76 695/6, 95 61 616
Fax  : +(301) 95 70 889
e-mail :  ycobs@iis.forthnet.gr

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