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Dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP TIC, nous avons reçu une
proposition de partenariat de partenaire bulgare


Ahromat Gama 4 OOD is a Bulgarian professional agency for language services.
The agency is founded in December, 2008. It works with translators who
translate mostly from foreign into native language, as well as vice versa,
philologists and editors.
AG4 provides language services in compliance with the Bulgarian standard
EN15038:2006 and the Law for Protection of Private Data. AG 4 is in a process
of obtaining a license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in compliance with
the new requirements from the department.  
The agency works in the area of translation with CAT technologies  SDL Trados,
Abbyy Fine Reader. 
For the short period of its establishment, AG4 has made translations in the
fields of Law, Finance, European projects, Medicine and different types of
documents. The agency is especially occupied with the quality and fastness of
the translation, constantly observes the innovations in the area of language
technologies and possesses the ambition to develop its expertise in order to
satisfy the needs of SMEs, multilingual monitoring in different sectors 
informatics, education, law, etc.
In 2010, we participated in an international consortium comprised of seven
partner European companies in the 4th contest FP7 ICT policies for
competitiveness and innovation on the topic: "Portal of Multilingual
for Innovation" (PMI-Innovation). That kind of experience was useful for the
agency in its search of innovative field of development, although it did not
finished with the project implementation.
The agency aspires to find its place and to develop in the European market of
language services in the following directions:   
-       Organization of its translational activity around the idea of creating
services with a wide range by applying the latest information and
technologies and the Internet - multilingual information monitoring, which is
of strategic importance for SMEs;  
-       Participation of the agency’s training centre in programs with social
awareness, creating conditions for the non-exclusion of the older people from
the normal rhythm of life through the preservation and development of
traditional and new skills for that and other vulnerable groups of the
population. The informational skills are part of these latest skills,
for almost every member of the today’s society. 

Role in the project  

We would be happy to participate in a program oriented towards the older part
of the population, providing them with language and informational services,
aiming at preservation or even revival of traditional skills. We are sure that
we will have a lot to learn from our future partners, as well as to give by
developing our own expertise. 

Key personnel 

Maroussia Aladjova is a cofounder of Ahromat Gama 4, specialist in French
language and English as a second language. She has been teaching French
language and translation for SP in the Department of Philology of the
University “Neophyte Rilski”, for 34 years. She is a co-founder and
director of
Alliance Francaise, from its establishment in 1992 till 2008. Maroussia
Aladjova translates mainly in the areas of Law, Education, European policies
and Bio-foods.

Silviya Stamenova is a young professional translator from English and French
into Bulgarian as well as vice versa. She works for AG4 from its
She is a bachelor of Applied Linguistics and bachelor of Finance. At the
she is doing her MA degree in Finance   from London Metropolitan University.
During her experience as a translator she has participated in projects in the
areas of European and Commercial Law, as well in the fields of finance and
banking. Her most recent project is connected with the transformation and
reconstruction of the maternity ward in Slivnica Municipality into an elder
care home, financed and supported by the European Fund of Regional

Her fields of translations are: Finance, Law, European projects, medicine.


Eli Kaneva
ICT PSP National Contact Point - Bulgaria
Chief Expert
Information Technology Directorate
Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications
6 Gourko Str.
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Tel. + 359 2 9492315
e-mail: ekaneva@mtitc.government.bg

Pour plus dd'information
Contact Details:
Marusya Aladzhova
Tel +359 876 323250
Skype: maroussiaaladjova
Email: info.ahromat@gmail.com