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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
programme CIP Plusieures recherches de partenaires :  
        Bibliothèque numérique /  
        information  géographique / logiciels  / santé 

Madame, monsieur

Dans le cadre de l'appel 2009 du programme CIP, nous avons plusieurs demandes
de partenariats

Objective 2.3: European Digital Library – Digitising

University of Oviedo (Spain), from the Innovation Centre, which is a
to the future for the University of Oviedo to develop and foster technology
related to the Information and Communication Society.
The centre carries out work related to TICs, working on matters of online
training, electronic administration, knowledge centres, web portal development
for companies and public institutions, security for users’ information and
confidentiality, compliance with the Organic Data Protection Act, with the
of Practice for Information Security Management (ISO 17799), etc.
This is an R & D & I centre with the following aims:
·       Innovation and development of university services for members of the
University Community. 
·       Innovation and development of resources, technology and tools apt for
use by the region’s Small and Medium Sized Companies. 
·       Fostering electronic administration by means of new technology. 
We are very much interested in participating in the Call for proposals CIP-ICT
PSP-2009-3 Objective 2.3: European Digital Library – Digitising
content for Europeana. We have developed a strong link with the regional
government and several cultural institutions and we think we are in a good
position to contribute to Europeana digitising a considerable amount of
For several reasons our Centre is not in a position to coordinate a project,
but we would fully commit to contribute to it as partners. 
I was wondering if within your country there are any proposals being prepared
within this objective and whether you are searching for partners, we would be
delighted to further discuss collaboration.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Tamara Hodas
Tamara Hodas García
Centro de Innovación
Universidad de Oviedo
T: +34 985 458 080
Mobile (Spain) +34 607228219


6.2: Geographic Information

The name of organisation is: Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography(GUGiK) -
Do you have maybe any contacts to France organisation interested in this
For any case I send you attached the presentation of the activity of GUGiK.

Malgorzata Gliniecka
National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU
Tel.: (48 22) 828 74 83 wew. 444




L'université de Reading est prête à coopérer dans tous types de projets selon
ses compétences

Intelligent Media Systems and Services (IMSS) is a multi-disciplinary research
centre, within the School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading. The
centre has a track record of successful research collaboration in semantic
media, language speech, multi-modal interfacing and virtualisation
technologies; security, identity, trust modelling and management, digital
libraries (multimedia information archiving and retrieval), media adaptation
and smart transduction, advanced context-aware personalisation, e-learning,
networked sensors and embedded systems (their co-operativity support and
management in smart buildings/vehicles), accessibility of
Ambient-Assistive-Rehabilitative (AAL) systems, virtual user systems and
requirements engineering, Internet of People-Things-Services (IoPTS and their
preferences, security, trust, policy and governance modelling), social
and behaviour modelling, data mining, real-time FPGA-enabled forensics,
security and surveillance technologies, Intelligent Information Management,
semantic workflow integration, devices ontology-tasks modelling, dynamic
usability evaluation with established test-beds in the public and private

The IMSS Research Centre comprises the following six technology groups with a
track record of core contributions to several successfully completed EU

Group 1 (SMDSOA)
Model-Driven-Service-Oriented Architectures, Ontological Networks Engineering,
Virtualisation, and Agent Technologies, Secure Semantic Technologies,
Collaborative-Creative Social Spaces Computing. 

Group 2 (MobiPETS)
Privacy-enhanced Trusted Personalised Context-aware Interaction, User-Intimate
Systems, Dynamic Usability Modelling & Mining, Behaviour Modelling & Usability
Evaluation in networked data intelligence architectures, Forensics and
Surveillance Technologies, AAA- Identity Management.

Group 3 (DMMR)
Distributed Databases and Multimodal Multimedia Information Archiving &
Retrieval, Smart Transcoding for Mobile Media Distribution, Real-time Video
Streaming, QoS, SLA, DRM. 

Group 4 Robo-Humatics© Robot-Human Cooperativity-support Architecture for
semantic integration and responsive decision escalation and resolution, Speech
& Image Processing, Image Tracking, Formation Marking, Pattern Recognition &
Machine Learning, Multi-Level Data Fusion, Scene Analysis, Context-sensing,
Situational Awareness, Natural Language Processing..

Group 5 (SAWI)
Networked Enterprises Collaborative Workflow Integration, Semantic
Architectures and middle/upper-ware for self-evolving Adhoc, BAN, P2P, A2A
networks, Security and Dependability Protection, Services Contracting, Dynamic
Scheduling, Optimisation, Simulation and Decision Support.

Group 6 (ESRAS)
Embedded Systems Design, Lab-on-Chip and Networked Sensor Technologies for
Adaptive Telematic Systems exploiting FPGA-enabled Real-time Semantic
Integration Technologies

Merci de contacter
Email: atta.badii@reading.ac.uk



a Romanian entity, Med Expert SRL, located in Bucharest, Romania, which is
specialized in services such as imagism through magnetic resonance, tomography
computer, radiology, mammography” that expressed interest in collaborating for
the submission of proposals under the ICTPSP 2009 Call, particular interest
presenting to them the objectives related to Thematic Networks or Pilots, for
eHealth and ageing well or for Theme 8. It would be greatly appreciated if you
could please post this information on your NCP websites and forward it to any
of your contacts that might be interested in it.

Med Expert SRL

Med Expert is a medical clinic located in Bucharest, Romania, which is
specialized in services such as imagism through magnetic resonance, tomography
computer, radiology, mammography, with urgent policy inside Sf. Pantelimon
We are interested to participate in the CIP ICT-PSP program. 
We confer special attention to old people and to those that are confronting
with disabilities. 
Med Expert is accreditated by the Health Ministry and certificated ISO-Quality
Management Systems, with a vast experience with the Health Insurance House
Bucharest (the national health insurance system). 
It is the first pilot center from Bucharest, opened with the help of the
Siemens team. 
Among the main objectives are to be found:    
·       nursing and medical assistance with urgent policy; 
·       medical recovery of the people with handicap;  
·       medical recovery of the old people; 
·       the implementation of the quality systems in the health domain; 
·       the implementation of the politics in the health domain. 
Med Expert is an important component inside the group, having the role to
analyze and to diagnose the patient’s health condition. 
At the group level are to be found medical recovery services, laboratory tests
and also special psychiatric and psychological assistance, all that are
combined with the purpose of offering medical services with urgent policy. 
We benefit of high quality equipment and a young team, with a passionate
to affirmation and professional development.
Our purpose is to create a clinic which will include the whole services of the
group of people with disabilities or old people, who no longer benefit of a
shelter or companion people.
From an experience of four years, which we have with the Directorates of
Assistance and Social Protection from Bucharest, we took notice that, even
though the new conquests in the medical and technique domain have
influenced in
a good way the life of people with disabilities, these are rarely included in
quality research.
We consider that the people with disabilities must form themselves in groups
with the purpose to develop appropriate nursing.
The activity plans should be made analyzing carefully each group.   
On the other hand, we give a special importance to research in the medical
domain, through the collaboration which we have with Celgene International
from Switzerland and with ICCON Clinical Research from Romania. 

For further information we invite you to access our web: 

Name: Cristina Chiriac
Med Expert
Address: Cuza Voda Street, no.120
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Telephone/fax: 0040-21.330.71.70
Mobil: 0040-0724.577.077
Email: medexpert_radiologie@yahoo.com

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