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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre du programme CIP TIC PSP, et de son appel en cours, nous avons
reçu de la part des autorités allemandes des demandes de partenariats et la
mise sur un site de partenaires potentiels

concerning the current call we have some partnersearch requests which you can
find on our website: 


In the following you can see some requests from our website:

MobilityPort - Intermodal integration of electric vehicles (Theme 1: ICT for a
low carbon economy and smart mobility)
The „Westfälische Verkehrsgesellschaft (WVG)” is an innovative transportation
company located in Münster, Germany. WVG is making strenuous efforts to link
with other transport especially to provide attractive connections from door to
door in rural areas. In the regional surroundings local authorities,
electricity providers and technology providers should be included. More
potential can be found for example in the automotive industry and
The WVG is looking for a consortium for this priority. Potentially the WVG can
also be coordinator of a consortium.

team red Deutschland GmbH, Dorothea Palenberg / Tobias Kipp, Berlin, Germany,

SME with expertise for the digitalisation of historical photographs and
2-D documents (Theme 2 : Digital Content)
A German SME offers expertise regarding the digitalisation technology, the
logistics and feeding appropriate data bases of historical photographs and
related two-dimensional objects. The company has participated in various
projects for digitalisation and archiving two-dimensional objects of art since
1992. It provides, in addition to the technological basis for digitalisation,
know-how with the logistics of handling delicate originals and dealing with a
number of renowned museums as well as with feeding the data in to data
bases of
various formats. It has particular experience with compliance with the
EUROPEANA. There are historically grown connections to German museums of fine
and applied arts.
The company ist searching for a consortium (SMEs, universities, research
institutes, foundations ) which needs to be completed by an SME with
in digitalisation, logistics and data base feeding.
CDS Gromke e.K., Leipzig, Germany, www.cds-gromke.com

Software Architect with expertise in Digital Libraries, Search Engines, Data
Mining, Telecommunication and Multimedia (Theme 2 : Digital Content)
A German software architect is searching for potential project partners in the
field of services for digital library technology. He has worked as the
architect of the German Digital Library (DDB) and has a strong insight into
technology of the EUROPEANA project. The person has in-depth knowledge about
enterprise search technology, web and network standards, data mining and the
ability to work as a technical project manager as well as a software architect
for large data processing environments. He is initiator, architect and
maintainer of an open-source search engine software (YaCy), public relations
and project management of development collaboration.
Michael Christen, Frankfurt a.M., Germany, http://yacy.net/en,

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