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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP TIC PSP ( pourens avori
sur cet appel : http://tinyurl.com/ccdk9yw)
nous avons reçu de la part de  Zlatko Covic  du  Ministry of Public
Administration e-Croatia Directorate

une proposition de recherche de partenaires

Vipnet, d.o.o, Zagreb, Croatia

Željko Bak, Multimedia, Cloud and Video Services Department; z.bak@vipnet.hr 
Krunoslav Kedmenec, Product and Devices Management Department;
Contact: Nevenka Crneka-?udina, Special projects principal; n.cudina@vipnet.hr

Profile of the organization, CIP ICT PSP Inclusion

Vipnet is the first private mobile operator in Croatia, established in 1998. 
At the end of 2012, Vipnet had around 2 million customers and more than 1100
employees. Vipnet is part of the Telekom Austria Group, and is a strategic
partner of Vodafone, the leading global mobile operator. The quality of Vipnet
services ranks it among the best operators in the world, and its team consists
of young university educated professionals of an average age of 35.
In August 2011, Vipnet acquired B.net, the largest Croatian cable operator
offers fixed telephony, broadband Internet access and television services.

Vipnet is convergent telecom operator that offers integrated multimedia
solutions. We have fixed and mobile telephony, fixed and mobile internet
and fixed and mobile television services. Our aim is to provide seamless
multiscreen customer experience with all kinds of content, anywhere and
Our services are offered on different platforms and technologies - from copper
wire, fibre optics to LTE that we launched first on Croatian market. Service
portfolio will be expanded to cloud computing and cloud services. 
In the future we are planning to introduce social and cloud services into TV
solutions, cloud multimedia platform to serve content and devices for our
customers. Currently we are exploring possibilities to integrate social TV,
recommendation engine and cloud storage in out multimedia services.
Vipnet has already been awarded on a global level for its cloud solutions,
in 2011 Vipnet was awarded with the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award
in London for its “Boat surveillance service” (“Vip nadzor brodova“). 

Due to our future development we are interested to participate as a partner in
the Projects with the following topics:

Theme 1: Cloud of public services and smart cities
Specially related to Cloud of Public Services and Smart Sustainable Mobility,
including smart city and smart home solutions.
Vipnet is actively researching and seeking for a partner company to launch
smart home/connected home and smart city platforms. In our opinion this
platform should include energy, security, safety, comfort and health
components. Also, it must be cloud solution to support our aim to build
multiscreen user experience and must support multiple ways to connect to
internet network (fixed and mobile connections with fail over functionality).

Theme 2 : Digital content, open data and creativity
Specially related to ICT for learning and e-archiving
Vipnet already has multimedia cloud platform that serves our set-top boxes and
OTT devices (PC/Mac computers, smartphones and tablet devices on Android and
iOS operating systems). We are searching new ways to bring additional value to
our customers through our internal innovation initiatives and guru programmes
for our best experts. Furthermore we are very much concentrated to new
types of
content focusing mostly on education. Finally, we are exploring best ways to
connect our platform with Social networks and encourage people to produce,
comment and share their own content in some new ways.

Theme 3: ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion
Vipnet is financing and supporting cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical
Engineering and Computing (FER) University of Zagreb on research and
development of various wearable sensors to monitor the health state of person
in real time. Such sensors, wirelessly connected via smartphone to the Cloud,
can monitor and analyse many health related parameters. Such system can be
as a basis of wider ecosystem for improving the life conditions resulting the
healthy ageing. 

Vipnet can support such research projects providing infrastructure and
communication equipment testing environment. Systems which use wired, wireless
or fiber technology to communicate can be tested in real environment from
technical and end-user perspective. Vipnet can provide knowledge, experience
and equipment for proof of concept, development and final testing.