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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Programme CIP Appel en cours 6 propositions de partenariats

Madame, monsieur

Dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP, nous vous signalons
quelques demandes de partenariats

1) Bibliothèque italienne

The Luigi Sturzo Institute - a cultural foundation based in Rome and
established in 1951- is committed to the preservation and valorisation of
cultural heritage and carries out training activities and researches in
historical, sociological, political and economical fields. The Institute
collaborates with national and international institutions in development
Its documentary heritage is preserved in the Historical Archive
specialized in
the valorisation of the sources related to the history of Italy and of the
Catholic movements- and in the Library specialized in social sciences, modern
and contemporary history.
The Historical Archive holds documents, iconographic, photographic and
audio-visual materials representing an innovative methodology for historical
research: over ten thousand envelopes, one hundred thousand pictures coming
from Il Popolo, the Democrazia Cristiana’s newspaper, published from 1943 to
2004; one thousand and five hundreds propaganda posters and three hundreds
propaganda films produced by Democrazia cristiana’s cinema office, from
1944 to
1975. The Archive -together with other important Italian cultural institutions
and foundations - participates to the project “Archivi del ‘900”  in order to
digitalize documents form the archives and published them online.
The Library  is mainly focused on political history and sociological
philosophy, on the political parties history and on local history and too. It
is continuously updated with the most recent Italian and foreign publications
and holds about 100,000 volumes (the catalogue can be consulted in SBN). The
Journals section includes about 600 journals focused on sociological matters,
although historical and political journals are also present. The Library of
Luigi Sturzo Institute has been a member of the National Librarian Service
since 1990. Lately the Library published the Luigi Sturzo’s Opera Omnia on
Since 2005, the Institute focuses its activity on innovative digital
technologies applied on bibliographic and archival research giving
attention to
the transformations derived by the introduction of the use of new technologies
within the management and the valorisations of the bibliographic and archivist
heritage. The Digital Laboratory developed new methods of digital cataloguing
to preserve iconographic, photographic and audio-visual materials. The
uploaded on digital databases, are now accessible on-line. A recent
of audiovisual and photograph materials encouraged training programmes to
enhance the competences in the management of non-traditional resources
extensively used, at present, in the historical, sociological, political and
cultural research. Recently the Laboratory started an editorial activity
at promoting the Institute movies and audio-visual heritage through also the
realization of thematic portals and websites with didactic-popular value.
Concerning the ICT PSP WP09,  the Institute wants to participate to networking
activities and project management on the  THEME 2, DIGITAL LIBRARIES:
2.2: European Digital Library  aggregating digital content in Europeana. The
Institute can share its digitalized material and follow the standard given by

2.3: European Digital Library  Digitising content for Europeana. The Institute
can select archival sources to digitalize in order to implement Europeana in a
qualitative and quantitative way, following a thematic approach (mainly
historical and sociological).
2.5: Use of cultural heritage material for education. Thanks to its experience
in the training and didactic field, the Institute can develop a pilot
to the creation of digital cultural contents organized in a functional way,
mainly on sociological and historical issues.

Pour plus d'information et de contact
Federica Pesce
Giulia Fiaccarini

2) Le centre italien pour l'information de l'administration publique

Ce centre souhaite monter un projet Egovernet de réseau thématique en
The main objective of the eGOVERNET project (IST-2004-2.4.9 ICT Research for
Innovative Government Coordination action) is to coordinate the creation of
national eGovernment RTD programmes/initiatives as well as to stimulate the
integration of existing national eGovernment programmes. The consortium behind
the eGOVERNET proposal represents organisations with national programme
responsibilities for innovation and research in eGovernment in their
countries, including both the old and the new member states and associated
states. The results of the project include studies of state-of-the-art, best
practice in eGovernment, impact indicators, together with a comprehensive
knowledge resource directory

Centro Nazionale per l'Informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione

The National Centre for ICT in Public Administration (CNIPA  Centro Nazionale
per l’Informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione) is a public body established
within the Prime Minister’s Office to implement the policies of the Minister
for Public Administration and Innovation. The main objectives of CNIPA are to
support public administrations in the effective use of ICT, to improve quality
of services and reduce costs. CNIPA promotes eGovernment by giving support on
ICT matters both in policy-making and the legislative process. CNIPA defines
regulations and criteria for designing, implementing and managing public
information systems. It also defines criteria and technical rules on ICT
security, interoperability and performance. CNIPA also verifies the
of public innovation actions with Government strategy and provides technical
and economic advice to public administrations.

son expertise

Since its inception in 1993, CNIPA has developed expertise in several
ICT-related fields, including:
1. eAccessibility
2. Accreditation of Certification Authority
3. eGovernment legislation ("Digital Administration Code") 
4. Use of eDocuments in public administration
5. eGovernment at local level
6. Internal efficiency of public administration
7. Digital Signature
8. Government networks
9. Quality of ICT Procurement
10. Open source and software re-use in public administration
11. Re-use of public sector information
12. On-line service provision to citizens and businesses
13. IT security
14. Geographic information systems
15. Innovative technologies in public administrations
NB: CNIPA participated to many other FP6 and especially CIP-funded projects,
like PEPPOL (eProcurement) and STORK (eID management) 

Please, invite interested parties to contact directly to the contact as
Mr. Daniele Tatti
Telephone:+39 06 85264 282
Fax:+39 06 85264 277

3) La ville d'Istanbul souhaite être dans un réseau thématique sur la

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides public service in an area of 5343
km² and represents about 13 million citizens.
Main responsibilities of our municipality are briefly;
1. City Development, Environment, Mass Transportation and Investments,
2. Health protection, Elderly care, Social services for disabled people,
Municipal Police services and Fire Brigade, 
3. Socio-cultural and economical missions. 
2008 budget: $ 12 billion
Within the framework of ICT PSP 2009 programme, we are looking forward to
participating in a consortium for “Objective 1.4: e-Accessibility thematic
network” under the “Theme 1: ICT for health, ageing and inclusion”.
We (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) would like to participate- as a
partner- in a consortium for “e-Accessibility thematic network” projects under
“Theme 1: ICT for health, ageing and inclusion”.

Pour plus de contact

Omer Faruk KALA
EU Relations Directorate
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Tel: +90 212 455 1963
Fax: +90 212 455 2648
Email: omer.kala@ibb.gov.tr
Web page: http://www.ibb.gov.tr

4) Une entreprise portugaise sur la esanté

I have I have an Enterprise established in Portugal (http://www.deloitte.com)
that intends to develop a project to the CIP PSP ICT 2009 call for proposal in
the theme 1, objective 1.1: ICT for patient-centered health service.
Do you know any entities looking for partners in this area? 
Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards, 
Elisabete Pires
CIP - IST PSP National Contact Point
Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) - http://www.umic.pt
Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education 
Ed. Inovação 1 - 2º - Sala 124
2740 - 122 Porto Salvo
Tel. +351 211.119.600 - Fax. +351 211.119.648

5) Un partenaire croate

The Croatian society Senex-grad is a SME company, composed by highly
experienced researchers and experts in the fields of
-investing in hotels and elderly housing,
-consultancy for contractors and designers
-organizing the house management
-creation of feasibility studies.       
In recent years our experience has been strongly focused to projects related
with specific possible problems which might arise with elderly and disabled
persons. All the time we are in tight collaboration with a 10 years old non
profit association „Golden age“, we have a common vision and plan to realize
their and our mission, which is organizing and conduction of cared for living
intended for „third age persons“ in a functionaly tailored community,
consisting of flats which are designed to meet possible special needs, and
surrounded with services which for elderly people are of utmost importance,
can acomplish the majority of their expectations and needs.
One such project is already in cource in the vicinity of Zagreb, several more
are under consideration along the Adriatic cost and different inland locations
in Croatia. 

Being the first consortion in Croatia to realize such an idea, we also plan to
equip the future settlement with a  suitable ICT solution, and this is the
project which I have in mind to be a candidate for European money support, in
the objective 1.3.
Our idea is to add substantial value to future inhabitants of the new
settlement, to significantly increase the overall authonomy of their lives, to
enable them to comunicate with each other and with services which they wish or
need, by means of modern but simple ICT solutions (computer screens, or mobile
phones), maintaining the human aspect of their lives, and changing their
as little as necessary.
Once such pilot ICT solution fulfils expected characteristics, it will have
necessary sustainability as well as scalability in future applications of
similar kind.
Further information about Senex-grad is available in: http://www.senex-grad.hr
Contact data: Vladimir Roboz
Organization: Senex-grad d.o.o.
Type of organization: consutancy, SME
Address: Hvarska 1c
Citay:    Zagreb
Postal code: 10000
Country: Croatia
Phone: +385 92 217 2435
e-mail: vladimir.roboz@public.carnet.hr

6) Une entreprise espagnole  AUZOLAN

To improve quality of live and support to elderly people living in remote
..To provide an integrated care service combining remote and face to face
..To facilitate access of our elderly people living in far-flung districts to
the services/activities provided by a nearby care centre. 
..To promote their social interaction.

Our starting point:‘AuzolanSenior’platform, where a new generation access
network has been deployed in rural areas wherethis service is not available.
This network communicates elderly people living in far-flung neighbourhoods
with a nearbyhealth-social care centre, offering various network-based
including up to now: 

..Personal and technical alarm detection. 
..Remote visits: Daily or weekly audiovisual communication with staff from the
health-social care centre by means of the domestic television set. 
..Rehabilitation exercises in the home through the TV. 
..Events and appointment remindersthrough the TV.
..Vital data acquisitionat home and transmission to the care centre.

In a second phase the existing platform will be extended to other digital
services supporting daily live activities, including:..Meal order: The elderly
user can order a meal from home...Inter-communications between elderly people
living in the different neighbourhoods. These services will evidently serve to
improve social interaction of elderly people who may live far from an urban
centre...Share transport resources: To facilitate access of our elderly people
living in far-flung districts to the services/activities of their nearest
•Problem: Transport or travel difficulties in reaching the urbancentre where
public transport is lacking.
•Proposal: Use of the ‘Auzolan’neighbourhood network to communicate and share
transport resources.

Spanishpartners involved in Auzolan:
..Residence ORUE: Company providing health -social care services. They have a
nursing home and some sheltered living flats in rural area. They provide the
remote assistance service in the current project...IKA: Cultural association,
promoting activities and managing the relations with the elderly people living
in the neighborhoods and also with younger...IKUBO: Telecommunications
engineering company. Very small company responsible of the telecommunications
infrastructure...TECNALIA-RBTK: research institution.Responsible of service
development and integration of solutions.

7) Un partenaire croate Croatian company Omnisdata

Project information
GIS Cloud is a next generation Web GIS (Geographic Information System)
advanced capability of collecting, processing, analyzing and publishing
geospatial and
database data. The main goal is to provide the power of desktop GIS solutions
on a web
based platform and in such way bring GIS closer to a wide audience.
Key features:
· Full GIS experience in any web browser.
· Resources on demand. Conduct powerful analyses quicky by reserving temporary
remote resources without the need to invest into additional hardware.
· Reduction in costs. With pay-per-use model it’s not necessary to invest into
expensive GIS software that has feature overhead. Clients can use it and pay
for it only when they need it.
· Collaboration. On a web service platform it’s easy to exchange information,
share data, work together on projects, communicate etc.
· Integration. Easy way to integrate into any third party websites and desktop
applications with high customization capabilities.
· Modularity. Features are packed into modules which can also be used in a
- use model.
· Interoperability. Support for various vector, raster file and database
· High performance vector rendering technology. This proprietary innovative
technology has default support on 99% computers connected to the Internet.
Potential partners
· Global geospatial data providers
· Local Authorities and institutions that provide various statistical data,
exclusively geospatial
· Consultant companies that have experience in EU funded projects
About Omnisdata
Omnisdata is a private company dealing with development and implementation of
groundbreaking geoinformational technologies and services in order to enable
clients to
get a better understanding of the real world and advance their businesses.
What distinguishes us from others is our originality that results from
and development, continual learning and following new trends, as well as
flexibility to
every single client. All of the above is the result of proficient employee
expertise in the
field and most importantly, their dedication to their work.
Client demands are dealt with abundant experience, enthusiasm and modern
solutions. We sustain long-term cooperation, with customer satisfaction as our
In order to deal with challenges and particularities of every single project,
we are
required to learn from our clients and advance our knowledge and expertise,
which we
are very proud of.
More information at: http://www.omnisdata.com/

Merci de contacter
Iris Abramoviæ
10000 Zagreb, Paljetkova 18
tel.:+385 1 38 55 121
mob:  099  38 55 121
e-mail: iris.abramovic@apis-it.hr

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