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madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours, nous avons une proposition de partenariat
issue du centre truc de cyber sécurité

TUBITAK BILGEM SGE (Cybersecurity Institute) is eager to be involved in ICT
projects regarding the objectives of:
– Objective 4.1 Protection of Websites against attacks;
– Objective 4.2 Security for networked infrastructures;
– Objective 4.3 Secure and trustworthy reporting of malware and suspected
as partner. 

TUBITAK BILGEM is a very competent public institution in ICTs and already
participating in several ICT PSP projects including STORK 2.0 and eSENS. 

Contact person:
Mr. Ali Rezaki 

Binnaz Sokak, No: 2 / 2, Kavaklidere, Ankara, 06700, Turkey
Tel: +90 312 427 7366 Ext. 123.
E-mail: ali.rezaki@tubitak.gov.tr

ICT PSP NCP - Turkey

Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

Center Of Research For Advanced Technologies Of Informatics And Security

Cybersecurity Institute (SGE)

CIP ICT-PSP Call 7 Expression of Interest (EoI) for:

· Objective 4.1 Protection of Websites against attacks;
· Objective 4.2 Security for networked infrastructures:

TUBITAK plays a dual role in promoting scientific and technological
productivity and excellence in Turkey. It is not only a research and
funding agency for academic and public institutions as well as universities
also houses its own research institutes and centers in various science and
technology disciplines. Through its research institutes and centers, it
in partnerships with the public and private sector to disseminate emerging
technologies within Turkey.

TUBITAK – BILGEM , The Center Of Research For Advanced Technologies Of
Informatics And Security has more than 1200 employees, above 80% of whom are
R&D staff, working on information technologies, information security and
advanced electronics. TUBITAK BILGEM has Turkey’s largest R&D staff focused on
these domains for over 40 years (History:
http://www.bilgem.gov.tr/sid/549/pid/547/index.htm). The Cybersecurity
(SGE) of TUBITAK-BILGEM is made up of about 70 researchers, located in two
locations in Turkey: one in Gebze, close to Istanbul, within the campus of the
TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, adjacent to a technology park for industry
research centers; and one in Ankara in close proximity of all the government
agencies. Hence, they have strong relationships with both public and private
sector stakeholders.
The Institute researchers are actively running research and implementation
projects on botnet, malware and fraud detection and analysis, vulnerability
assessments, data mining and data loss prevention, Smartcard side channel
attack analysis and virtualization and cloud computing security and privacy.
The Institute started its activities in 1997 as the Information Systems
Security Group of TUBITAK National Research Institute of Electronics and
Cryptology (UEKAE). Since 2012, it is an Institute of TUBITAK-BILGEM. SGE is
active in the fields of information systems security consultancy,
research and development, management of TR-CERT as well as information
related training. SGE is also a partner in the FP7 Network of Excellence
project SysSec (Managing Threats and Vulnerabilities in the Future Internet).

Within Call 7 of the CIP ICT-PSP program we would like to participate in
project consortia related to Objectives

4.1 “Protection of Websites against attacks” and 4.2 “Security for networked
Through our experience on vulnerability testing and assessment of
organizational IT infrastructures we have gained considerable know-how on
and procedures for protection of on-line resources, including websites.
infrastructure security has also been at the core of our research and
implementation projects. With an ongoing interest in implementation projects
where research and development results are used, we would like to extend our
expertise in the ICT-PSP program with equally motivated partners.
Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could consider us as a project
in consortia being formed for the above mentioned objectives in Call 7 of the
ICT-PSP program. We will look forward to hearing from you at the below
Thank you very much for your interest.