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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Programme CIP : Malta Communications Authority  
        intéressée par le réseau thélamique  1.4 sur  eAccessibility

Madame, monsieur
Dans le cadre du CIP, dont la date de la clôture de l'appel est le 2 juin,
avons reçu un souhait de participation de l'autorité des communications de

Proposal to participate in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework
Programme (CIP) in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy
Support Programme (PSP) - Objective 1.4: e-Accessibility thematic network

The MCA was established on 1st January 2001. The Authority’s mission and
are derived from the Malta Communications Authority Act of 2001. In
addition to
the regulation of electronic communications systems and services, the MCA is
also responsible for the regulation of postal Services and is also the
competent authority for the supervision of information society service
providers established in Malta, as defined in the Electronic Commerce Act of

The MCA is also responsible for the regulation of radio communications,
including the management and monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum and
the technical matters related to the management of licences for equipment that
radio frequency assignment.

The primary role of the MCA is to enable choice and value for money for
consumers. In addition, the Authority has a strategic role to promote sectoral
investment by creating an environment that is conducive to business and that
ensures sustainability of competition. The Authority also reviews
authorisations, resolves disputes, and in general ensures the well being of
markets it regulates. It has obligations to the consumer relating to prices,
standard of services and availability of services.

In July 2008, MCA’s remit was extended to include the implementation of the
national policy on information society fields including, the connected society
and e-Business and growth. In line with this new function, the MCA has been
mandated to implement, over the coming years, most of the initiatives featured
under strategic
spokes 1,2 and 6 of the SmartIsland Strategy.

MCA has been mandated by Government to:
1. Strengthen access to ICTs within the community by building on the existent
concept of Community Technology Learning Centres to serve as access, awareness
and educational nodes for their constituents, relaying the benefits of the
information society.

2. Ensure accessibility for all by presenting ICTs as an equalising instrument
that facilitates integration into society to enable everyone to benefit of the
information society and economy through legal and regulatory measures as well
as through the availability of assistive technologies.

3. Promote e-Ageing for smart senior citizens through an innovative
programme to
promote involvement of senior citizens in the information society and
the mainstreaming of agefriendly ICTs.

Further Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact bernard.agius@mca.org.mt

For information on the theSmartIsland Strategy, visit
For information on the Ministry for Infrastructure, Technology and
Communications (MITC), visit www.mitc.gov.mt.  
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