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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme européen CIP TIC PSP qui
vise la
msie en place d'applications dans un certains nombre de domaine, nous avons
reçu quelques porpositions de partenaires souhaitant intégrer des consortia

proposition 1 : compagnie hongroise de telecommunications

Net Technologies (www.nettechn.com/) for partner search on:
 Theme 1: ICT for smart cities
 Theme 3: ICT for health, ageing well and iclusion

Net Technologies is a telecommunication company with offices in Sofia, Athens,
Bahrain and Helsinki, specialized in telecommunication, mobile and wireless
networks as well as mobile applications. They offer a unique variety of
services and products from pure subcontracting to turnkey development. In the
attached file I am sending Net Technologies? competences.

pour plus de contact
ou encore

proposition 2 : ministère turc de l'éducation

Ministry of National Education of Turkey is willing to be participated in ICT
PSP projects regarding eLearning objective.
The contact person is Mr. Ibrahim Ünlü:
e-Mail: ibrahim.unlu@eba.gov.tr

proposition 3 : Société bulgare
This is an offer for partnership for an ICT-PSP call 6 proposal. We would like
to propose a project for a best practice network within theme 2 Digital
open data and creativity, objective 2.1. Content for Europeana. The goal of
project is to present a large collection of video material about sacred places
and territories in Europe.

The project aims to fill a gap in the video collections of Europeana, which
currently count just 1% of the overall Europeana collections by presenting 3D
representations of European landscapes and places, which are considered sacred
places as video material. We will use cutting edge laser scanning
techniques to
take bird-view image streams of larger territories and  inside views of closed
objects, like churches.  The project will build a collection of sacred places
from all over Europe, starting from the pra-historic times to nowadays, with
particular historic and symbolic role. Additionally, it will be concentrating
on the areas of Europe that are not well represented in Europeana.

We understand by sacred places and territories locations that have some
spiritual signification. Such places have been built in Europe for
thousands of
years. The sites created in ancient times have been attracting people?s
attention, during the ages, despite changes in population and rulers. Today
every single European country is proud to have at least a few of those places
in its borders. The main aim of this project is to show how multicolor  is a
European  cultural landscape from ancient times up to now.  We will achieve
this using pictures, documents, texts and 3 D laser scanning of landmark and/
or not so well known sacred places and territories.  Our second objective for
the project is to contribute to Europeana videos of European sacred places and
territories and link them to testimonials about them which are cultural
heritage objects on their own accounts.
Laser technology and  digital photogrammetry in combination with conventional
survey makes it possible to collect a large amount of spatial data with high
precision and in a very short period of time. This allows to obtain complete
and realistic information about the cultural heritage objects of interest.
Laser scanning generates a point cloud: a collection of XYZ co-ordinates in a
common co-ordinate system that portrays to the viewer an understanding of the
spatial distribution of a subject. For most laser scanning instruments, the
point cloud can be regarded as the ?raw product? of a survey. The point cloud
may also include additional information, such as return intensity or even
colour. 3D laser scanning, allow the collection of specific spatial and
structural data of cultural heritage monuments. Those techniques make a
creation of accurate and reliable models possible for more complex objects.
Photogrammetry and laser scanning may also be deployed from the air so as to
provide survey data covering much larger areas.
Thus, the collection we will present has several uniques features relevant for
Europeana that also have pan-European dimension. It will enrich Europeana, not
only with videos, but also with texts, it will present a one of a kind
combination of interlinked cultural heritage objects of different kinds, it
will use cutting edge technologies to represent geographical objects, and it
will provide a repository where these objects will be displayed. 
Ontotext is leading provider of core semantic technology distinctive for its
performance, scale, and compliance with open standards. It is the developer of
OWLIM, the most scalable semantic database. Another outstanding product of
Ontotext is KIM  the most popular semantic annotation and search platform.
Ontotext?s technology delivers real-world applications in Life Sciences,
Publishing, Online Recruitment and other areas. Its customers include top-10
pharmaceutical company, top-10 global media, top-5 US military contractor,
leading telecoms in Asia, Birtish Museum, as well as, customer-facing semantic
technology companies. This year it became an official technical ggregator to
Europeana, and contributed several collections to it. Ontotext was founded in
year 2000 as semantic technology lab of Sirma (a top-3 software house in
Bulgaria). It took part in more than 20 projects of FP5, FP6, and FP7, which
allowed it to invest more than 200 person-years in product development. In
September 2008, Ontotext was spun-off as a separate legal entity in order to
accommodate an investment from NEVEQ  a VC fund which acquired a minority
in a deal for 2.5 million EURO. At present Ontotext has about 60 employees in
its offices in Bulgaria (Sofia and Varna), USA (Fairfield, CT) and UK

In case of interest please communicate with:

Mariana Damova, PhD
Ontotext, Sofia

proposition 4 : centre informatique autrichien

the Austrian Federal Computing Center is highle interested in being partner in
the Thematic Network for THEME 2.2c) Thematic Network N.2 - Standards for open
please let the consortium know and get back to me daniela.hackl@ffg.at.

proposition 5 : Société turque de ELearning
ENOCTA, an highly competent firm in eLearning in Turkey. They are willing
to be
involved in ICT PSP pilot projects regarding Objective 2. 3 - eLearning.
The contact person of the firm is Ms. AslÝhan KanÝcÝ. Contact information of
Ms. KanÝcÝ is as follows:

e-Mail: Aslihan.kagnici@tages.biz

Established in 1999, Enocta (www.enocta.com) is focused on improving adult
training and performance in diverse contexts. Enocta develops courseware and
the related technology for training and education for both multimedia and the
Internet. Enocta provides all components of e-learning including professional
consultancy services, content development and technology infrastructure
a single point. Meanwhile the Research and Development activities never
stop to
carry the state of the art technology and technology based training/education
in Turkey and abroad.
Enocta has two branch offices in Istanbul (headquarters) and Ankara including
84 professionals participating in Content Development Team (39 professionals),
R&D Team (26 professionals), Sales & Admin Team (19 professionals).
Up to now, Enocta, having a profile in Brandon-Hall Custom Content Developers
Knowledgebase 2012, has developed more than 1000 custom e-learning contents to
its 235+ corporate customers from different sectors including
telecommunications, banking/finance, insurance, government, retail, higher
education, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. As a result of this, Enocta e-learning
contents have reached more than 1 million corporate users all around Turkey.
In addition to the content development services, Enocta has its own
sophisticated Learning Management System. Enocta Learning Platform (ELP)
developed by Enocta professionals is a fully customizable Learning Management
System and Online Assessment Tool to meet the corporate learning objectives.
ELP, which is in the list of Brandon-Hall LMS Knowledge Base 2012, enables the
organizations to plan, register, deliver, assess and manage the corporate
learning process including social learning features. Social features let the
users of the system to make friends, send messages and ask questions to peers,
explore the answers of previously asked questions and join discussions etc.
With the integration of social features, ELP started to support informal
learning as much as formal learning, becoming a knowledge sharing platform.
Enocta also offers a comprehensive course catalogue of off-the-shelf courses
that consists of a wide range of e-learning contents that answer various
institutional training needs.
Domaine d'expertise
Instructional design
? Simulation design
? Motivation design
? Visual design
? User interface design
? Online interactivity design
? Content development
? Instructional material development
? Skill development
? Serious game development
? Behavioral change development
? Innovative authoring tool development
? Mobile Learning

proposition 6 : une PME roumaine

The TeamNet International, a Romanian SMEs with a RD&I department is
looking to
enhance the actual consortium for the coordinated proposal to be submitted
under call CIP-ICT PSP-2012-6, Theme 1: ICT for "smart" cities/1.1: Smart
digital services for energy efficiency.
Actually, we intend to multiply the pilot phase also in a city /region from
your country.
In this direction we are looking for a municipality/ local council together
with an ESCO entity that could be interested to participate in our proposal as
their contribution to be essential in the pilot phase.
The municipality is requested to ensure the availability of one/more public
buildings of the region for the pilot phase of the project aiming to test and
validate the management system for energy efficiency consuming.
The ESCO will be involved in the certification phase, in the design of the
indicators measuring the performance and validation of the pilot working
quality. However, it is still room for the partners contributions in this
We are kindly ask for your help with the dissemination of our request in your
distribution list of potential partners from your country.

Email: monica.alexandru@teamnet.ro

proposition 7 : minsitère serbe de l"éducation
the CIK (Central Institute for Conservation - Serbia) is interested to be
involved in ICT PSP projects as a partner regarding the Objective 8.2 ICT for
access to cultural resources.

Natasa Radovic
Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society, Pariska 7, 11000 Belgrade,
Serbia, http://www.digitalnaagenda.gov.rs
e-mail: natasa.radovic@digitalnaagenda.gov.rs

proposition 8 : Entreprise tchèque VIA ALTA

Name of the project: ECIS
Lighting and HVAC Energy efficiency ExCellence In Schools
This project is focused on energy reduction in public owned buildings,
specially schools ? primary, secondary, high schools and universities. The
project will address specially on Lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and
Air Conditioning) and education technology energy consumption in schools ?
are the areas, where can be reached the highest reduction in the energy
consumption. Using the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) will
an important role in achieving the energy reduction in schools? buildings ?
driver of intelligence.
The main goal of this project is to prove that the proposed energy efficiency
and reduction service drives the the energy consumption to lower levels,
together with high level of end users comfort. This goal will be achieved by
determining the current status of the use of technical, system and technology
and ICT measures in schools, searching for specific reserves and possible
actions. We will use existing user friendly ICT to reach this goal.
The main activities in the project will be the comparison analysis of the
current conditions.
This activity will contain: Comparison of technical and legislative
requirements, standards and initiatives used solutions, best practices,
research completed projects, standards and methodology for energy management,
technical and technological solutions and comparison of minimum technical and
regulatory requirements such as lighting, heating, ventilation in schools
across the involved countries and other countries with the same
requirements on
energy regulations in schools. We would like to involve associations from non
EU countries - in Australia and USA there are associations, who are focused on
energy efficiency and reduction in schools. We will invite them for
on this project. We have a connection on service provider in Czech Republic
other partners with experience in this field will have them as well.
Several Pilots will be held in the schools in the project partners? countries.
Schools have a lot of typical operational specifics ? the consumption is
different during the day (short term period), during the year, e.g. school
holidays (long term period) and the differences are in the primary schools
(attended mainly in the morning) and high schools (attended from the morning
till afternoon) and universities (there are no rules for attending ? there is
possibility to have lessons from the morning till evening). This project will
provide the most advanced ICT technology for future replications at European
Part of the project is developing of guideline and methodology, based on the
standard applicable preferably to the schools and school personnel to conduct
operations with concrete technical specifics, transfer standards and
to the "school language".
There will be held workshops on "translated" ISO 50001 and the behaviour of
staff and users. The pilot will include planning of the implementation of ISO
50001 based modifications for school buildings and technological measures and
pilot implementation of technical solutions in selected schools.
Part of the project will be establishing of institution covering energy
managers, educational institutions, owners, ESCOs and ICT providers and
development of web platform for sharing experiences and subsequent
technological monitoring of energy parameters.
The project will support the decision makers in schools with an ICT based
service that will drastically reduce the energy consumption of existing
being refurbished, increasing well being and comfort. The possible limit of
lowering the energy consumption in selected schools for pilot testing is 25 ?
30%. The project will empower the schools for energy reduction by further and
better use of ICT based products and services. The measurement, data use and
storage in the schools will be done by using the ICT solutions

Denis Gibadulin
Ministry of Interior
Department of the Head Architect of eGovernment
International eGovernment Unit
e-mail: denis.gibadulin@mvcr.cz

proposition 9 : Université de Valence en Espagne
one Spanish organizations interested in participate in the next call for
proposals for the Policy Support Programme CIP-ICT-PSP-2012-6: Polibienestar
Research Institute - University of Valencia (Spain), an interdisciplinary
specialized in research, innovation, social technology, technical assistance
and training in the field of social policies.
Polibienestar is especially interested in projects referring to Theme 3 ICT
health, ageing and inclusion.

(http://www.polibienestar.org) is a referring group in Spain and in the Region
of Valencia integrated by different professionals with important R&D and
training expertise including sociologist, psychologists, doctors and lawyers,
among others.
Polibienestar is specialized in research, development and innovation,
of technologies for the elder and the disabled people, management of social
policies, health and social care and assessment in issues regarding: active
ageing and independent living, disability and dependence. Due to our
knowledge and previous researches we would be very interested in collaborating
in the following call for proposals of the ICT Policy Support Programme:
CIP]ICT PSP]2012]6.
As a partner we can offer assessment on:
Definition of needs and requirements regarding the use of social and health
technological services and products by elderly and dependent people and their
technology usability and validation of user?s acceptance;
assessment of the impact of technology on quality of life of end]users;
analysis cost]benefit of technologies;
business model development;
service concepts development;
marketing plans, and,
design and implementation of formal and informal training for elderly,
caregivers and social and health practitioners.
Due to our expertise, knowledge and previous researches we would be very
interested in collaborating in the Theme 3 ICT for health, ageing and
of the ICT Policy Support Programme, especially in the following objectives:
- 3.1: Wide deployment of integrated care services
- 3.2: Towards open and personalised solutions for active and independent
- 3.3: Digital capacity and skills:
?X Digital capacity and skills building of health, social care and social
inclusion actors

POLIBIENESTAR participates in several European projects regarding
disability and
ageing, and participates and coordinates some national projects funded by the
government of Spain and regional governments, evaluating the adequacy of new
policies, services and technology for disabled people, and their impact in
quality of life of the elder people.
Concretely, POLIBIENESTAR has coordinated the LivingAll project
(www.livingall.eu) funded by the VI Framework Programme of the European
Commission. The aim of the LivingAll project is to support free movement and
equal opportunities for disabled people. POLIBIENESTAR has also
participated in
the INTERLINKS ] Health systems and long]term care for older people in
project (http://www.euro.centre.org/interlinks), funded under 7th Framework
Programme, Research Area: HEALTH]2007] 3.2]2 Health systems and long term
care of the elderly, with the aim of analyzing the connections among formal
informal long term care services in Europe and in the HOST ? Smart
for self]service to seniors in social housing project (www.host]aal.eu),
funded under the AAL Programme.
On the other hand, advises since 1999 the Regional Ministry of Health and
Social Welfare in the development of social and health care resources for
dependent people, giving special attention to the incorporation of new

Irene Monsonís

E]mail: research@sociosanitarias.com

proposition 10 : Société turque

Akgun Yazilim Inc. was founded in 1986 with the vision of using technology to
improve the clinical, administrative and financial processes in the healthcare
industry. The result has been the creation and delivery of innovative
that eliminate expensive paper based processes, enhance productivity and
decrease costs. But we don?t stop there.
Today, we are all in a race to stay competitive. Very often the companies that
established leadership are the enterprises with the information systems that
run the best. By increasing productivity and profitability are the companies
with the information system and software that runs best. Because, an
information system that is top of the line will have a positive effect on your
bottom line.
That?s why it is important to look at our track record. No other company has
designed, created, installed and maintained more information management and
clinical diagnostic systems for health care facilities and institutions in
Turkey than we have. This experience has enabled us to build a reputation for
quality that is tough to equal in Turkey or anywhere else. This fact that has
not gone unnoticed by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as
was awarded the distinction of the first R & D center accredited by the
Of course, there is a reason for this distinction besides being a future
forward company associated with high quality products and service and for
the first company in the nation in implementing large scale of telemedicine
project including radiology, pathology and ultrasound. Akgun works hard at
excellence, but excellence is not something we expect only of our products. It
is something that is at the core of our business.
So, Akgun?s employees are schooled in quality. From our R & D facilities to
sales and service offices, every individual is taught that a more reliable
health care information system depends on them.
And what does that mean for you?
When you?re in a contest and the competition is strong, nothing can give
you an
edge than a company you can depend on.  Founded by professionals with
experience in healthcare transactions and information technology, Akgun
Yazilim?s leadership has a solid understanding of  the challenges facing the
industry and how cutting edge technology can help improve the quality of
healthcare and reduce the high costs associated with managing healthcare
transactions, while keeping an eye for events and trends over the horizon  the
Bigger Picture.
The importance of state of the art people. Yours and ours.
When you turn to Akgun to solve a problem, we do more than put the right
package of products together.
We put the right people together.
We understand it?s this kind of partnership between your people and ours that
is at the heart of a successful information system for your facility
whether it
is a 1500 bed hospital in Ankara or a small two-room clinic in rural
It is why we have invested millions of lira in the construction of an R&D
facility and in the education of our employees as well as our customers.
And it
is the reason why we?re developing special programs that not only nurtures the
best minds our country offers and a commitment throughout our enterprise to
service, support, and education, but a program that combines the best minds of
our business with yours.
With innovation as its foundation, Akgun embraces change. We are constantly
developing the most innovative and technologically advanced products and
solutions for the specific variety of needs, whether it be fully integrated
clinical information and diagnostic systems, medical image processing and
decision support systems, document management systems as well as management
consulting, and related services. 
Our team of experts will work with your senior management to plan the
information systems that will be most profitable to you and your enterprise.
This means we sit down with you an understanding your goals and demonstrating
the financial returns of our solutions in terms of improved clinical workflow,
gains in productivity and efficiency, and higher levels of quality, accuracy
and safety. No matter what size your hospital, facility or network, we offer a
range of products, services, and applications and help you integrate them into
your business to create a custom-designed solution that works for you. At
Akgun, we know the best solutions come by bringing together technology that?s
state-of-the-art with people who are, too.
Some companies promise support, Akgun supports its promise
Akgun realizes the commitment to an Information systems is one of the most
important moments on the life of a health care facility and your career. The
question you should ask yourself is: ?What kind of commitment is the company
going to make to my facility??
We believe that developing information systems for both large and health care
facilities is just a part of our mission. Our combination of service, support,
and education is what sets us apart.
At Akgun, we feel that the moment your system is fully integrated and up and
running is when a big part of our job really begins. Case in point: The
continued success of our installations in nations outside of Turkey led us to
open field offices in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, the constant level of service
and customer care is as strong and committed as if these installation bases
were located in Turkey. With over 200 established client sites and with plans
for additional offices to open in Eurasia and Africa, we can offer quality
service to the most remote regions of Turkey as well as Eurasia.
Our employees are schooled in quality. From our research laboratories to
production to our sales and service offices, every individual is taught that
more reliable information system depends on them. But, it is not enough.
Because excellence is not just something we expect from our products. It is
something that we expects from our employees as well. Delivering products and
quality service is a part of our job
Akgun's customer service engineers recive 52,800 hours of training. They
understand how to keep it your systems running.  But it is equally important
that you understand how Akgun?s products will make your health care facility
run better. Our application engineers and field agents know the health care
industry and health care informatics will work with you so to get the most out
of your system.  That's why over 70% of our employees are devoted to service
and support.  Moreover, our Human Resource department offers an ongoing
of seminars, workshops, and webinars devoted to quality and the quest for

Service, support, and education are just three aspects of the Bigger
Picture we
offer.  You see, at Akgun we feel that the moment your system is up and
is when our job really begins.

AKGUN Highlights
? Established in 1986.
? Provides wide variety of solutions for the health, education, government and
private sector.
? Regional leader in clinical software development and integration.
? Provides administrative and financial solutions for healthcare and other
? Provides solutions for medical imaging.
? Have R&D Centre in Turkey and branches in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.
? Over 400 Customers worldwide.
? Medical IT Consultancy.
AKGUN?s Successes 
? First in Turkey that have accredited by the Ministry of Science, Industry
Technologie Research and Development Centre.
? First in Turkey that implemented large scale of Telemedicine project
including radiology, pathology                      and ultrasound.
? First in Turkey that deals with computer aided diagnostics systems for
medical images.
? IHE and CE accredited PACS and RIS
? Awarded IS0 9001 and ISO 27001 certification
? First in Turkey that have developed devices to improve quality of

AKGUN R&D Interest
? e-Health
? m-Health
? e-Government
? Knowledge Management
? Business Process Management
? Medical Image Processing
? Artificial Intelligence

AKGUN R&D Expertise
? Health Information Systems
? Decision Support  systems
? Telemedicine
? Picture Archiving and Communication Systems and 3-D Applications
? Radiology Information Systems
? Laboratory Information Systems
? Mobile Applications
? Document Management systems

Akgun Yazilim provides consultancy services to global companies in terms of
building eHealth strategies and solutions, define standards and implement
national health information systems.

Performing all clinical, administrative and financial issues in the hospital.
It  is an easy to maintain, ready to run, cost saving healthcare ERP solution
from Akgun Yazilim suited for small, medium and large hospitals. It is being
used by 200+ corporate hospitals that have been able to modernise the
organisation with the help of our software system and value added services
as data analytics, pharmacy optimisation, in-patient revenue management, fixed
asset tracking and laboratory efficiency, Akgun hospital software consists of
32 modules to enable hospitals add new departments as it grows. It delivers
peace of mind through an unmatched bundle of benefits that has helped improve
hospital efficiency, multiply profits and save valuable management time.