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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
	programme CIP / thème appel d'urgence / La  Croix Rouge
  suisse souhaite des partenaires pour un projet communautaire

Madame monsieur

dans le cadre du programme CIP, plusieures lignes traitent de l'appel

1.3. Emergency Services Accessible to all – Total Conversation

1.4: ICT for ageing well with cognitive problems, combining assistive and
independent living technologies

1.5 Capacity building for e Inclusion

La Croix Rouge suisse cherche à participer dans des projets  : Cooperation in
the field of emergency calls and dispatch service, research in the field of
compliance and usability concerning users on both ends of the emergency call
(casualty – dispatcher)

Description of Organisation.

Research Institute of the Red Cross:

What kind of services or support does a person need today and in future facing
workplace, age or sickness? The Research Institute of the Red Cross broadly
approaches and discriminatingly deals with relevant societal problems and
with partners on developing creative, innovative solutions. Our central
and integral part of our activities is to guarantee the transfer of project
results back into the practical context.
Theory and practical experience go hand in hand in order to assure the quality
of our research.

The Research Institute of the Red Cross works in four research fields:

- Rescue and emergency care
Quick and competent medical care for emergency patients is one of the core
competences of the Red Cross.
Research studies aim at pointing out possibilities to increase the well- being
of the patient during transportation with the help of new technologies (e.g.
acupressure, thermal cover) and how their state of health can better be
monitored and improved.

- Care and attendance
Demographic change leads to a range of alterations in the final stage of one's
life and to die in a dignified way with the respective care and attendance is
one of our main focuses.

- Labour market, employment and volunteer services
Our research focuses on unemployment and its consequences, reintegration and
integration of people looking  for work, empowerment and age management.
Because of demographic change the age group of people over 60 years old needs
to find meaningful tasks in the context of "active ageing".

- Health promotion and prevention
Due to expanding costs in the health sector new strategies will be required in
the near future. Health promotion first of all aims at strengthening one's
health potential and secondly at reducing health-weakening factors, on an
individual basis as well as in one's personal living and working conditions.

Ambulance Service of the Viennese Red Cross:

The Ambulance Service of the Viennese Red Cross supports the emergency medical
supply of the Municipality of Vienna with 150 Emergency Medical Technicians
(EMTs) therefrom about 50 EMT – Paramedics and about 300 volunteering EMTs.
With 78 Ambulance Cars (staffed with 3 EMTs each) and 7 Emergency Ambulance
Cars (3
staffed with an Emergency Doctor) more than 125.000 dispositions and approx.
23.000 emgergency missions are handeled. Two Emergency callcenter manager and
13 emergency medical dispatchers conducted nearly 300.000 calls in 2006. In
8234 urgent cases callers were given medical advice based on the EMD –
The Callcenter of the Ambulance Service of the Viennese Red Cross uses the
AMPDS: Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System as first Vienna Ambulance
Dispatch Center and is handling emergency calls by an standardized medical
advice system. All Dispatch Center employees are certified „Emergency Medical
In 2008 the implementation of a new, map based, dispatch System (NovoTEC -
ELS/Geofis by Siemens) will take place.


Forschungsinstitut des Roten Kreuzes / Wiener Rotes Kreuz Rettungs- und
Krankentransport GmbH.

Dr. Karin Rainer

Nottendorfer Gasse 21

A - 1030 Wien

Tel.: +43 (1) 79580 1004

Fax: +43 (1) 79580 9730

mailto: karin.rainer@w.roteskreuz.at


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