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Madame, monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du CIP TIC PSP, nous avons reçu une demande
de recherche de partenaire pôur un projet en cours sur le thème 3.4 de cette

IMA Ltd.  looks for technologic partners as well as partners for pilot
implementation of European electronic parking cards. CIP ICT PSP 2013
3.4: Assisted mobility/navigation for older or impaired users.

IMA, Ltd. (Institute of Microelectronic Applications) is private SME (limited
company) established in 1992, located in Prague and Pardubice (The Czech
Republic). Currently has got 60 employees, mostly university graduated, with
annual turnover about 3,3 MEUR. IMA is regular consultant for safety and
security for General Health Insurance fund of the Czech Republic.Its applied
research and development addresses Integration of electronic ID systems (about
300 functional systems installed in the Czech Republic), chip card based
applications applied in e.g. banking (Ingenico competence centre), automotive
electronics, exported by AMMANN world wide. The core business of IMA is
production and installation of innovative eID systems across Europe. Recently
IMA is focused onto RFID, biometrics, NFC WiFi and ZigBee applications. World
wide activities (single chips  smart card applications  secure
IMA is acting in ETSI, ENIAC JU, ARTEMIS JU and Europe INNOVA. For 2 years IMA
was chairing WG cards of EFMI (European Federation for Medical Informatics).
IMA is member of AENEAS, and GVIF (Mastercard Global Vendor Information
As SME  IMA is able to co-finance EU projects. Involvement in couple of EC
founded eGoverment relevant projects like NETC@RDS / eTen Initial
deployment of
electronic health insurance card eEHIC, R-Bay / eTen Market validation in
eRadiology  legal and security aspects, BioHealth / FP6  Security and identity
management standards in eHealth including biometrics. 

More on www.ima.cz

Project sketch: European electronic parking cards and control systems pilot  

Focus and outcomes
The EPACARD objective is to improve the independent living and societal
participation of mobility impaired people, when using public transport or
own vehicles. The EPACARD pilot project will validate in real settings and at
significant scale development of electronic parking cards for disables. 

Conditions and characteristics
The EPACARD will:
address the needs of the full value chain by involving all relevant
stakeholders from public authorities that have responsibilities in supplying
the concerned services to users and their representatives which ensure
acceptance and uptake. 
test and validate in real life electronic parking card for disables.
build on existing regional actions and liaise with related EU level
present a credible methodology and pilot population for ensuring significance
in the evidence of socio-economic impact.

Expected impact
Improve mobility capabilities of elderly and people with disabilities 
A better partnership model allowing commercial organisations, public
authorities, user communities and NGOs to play the most efficient role in the
deployment of the EPACARD solution.
A future-proof and validated European set of specifications for disability
parking electronic cards.

Expected project duration:
24 months

EC support to be asked for:
To 2,0 MEUR

Contact person
Petr Struk
IMA s.r.o.
Na Valentince 1 158 01 Praha 5
The Czech Republic
e-mail: petr.struk@ima.cz

ou encore

Dana Cernohousova 
nam. Hrdinu 3  140 21 Prague 4 
Czech Republic 
e-mail: dana.cernohousova@mvcr.cz