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Madame, monsieur

Dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP, thématique TIC, nous avons
reçu quelques propositions de partenariats

Proposition 1 : Le ministère chypriote de l'éducation et la culture souhaite
participer à l'objectif 2.3 sur le eLearning en mathématique et sciences

The Department of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture
of Cyprus (DSE - MOEC) is interested to participate as a Partner in a project
proposal which will be submitted for the above objective. 
In the light of the ongoing Educational Reform in Cyprus, we are open to
project suggestions concerning the innovative use of existing e-learning tools
for scientific disciplines and technology in Secondary Schools.
The Ministry should participate in the development of the Educational
which should be in accordance with our New Curriculum, and should be
responsible for the procedure used for the introduction of the eLearning tools
in the Secondary Schools of Cyprus.
Currently, there are 116 Public Secondary Schools operating under the DSE -
MOEC which are attended by over 46000 students. Within 45 of the Secondary
Schools there exist 50 Special Education Units which are attended by students
diagnosed with a number of Special Educational Needs. Therefore, we would also
be interested in the development of approaches which attend to the educational
needs within these Units.
Priority will be given to Consortia that already exist and have an idea
developed. Please send a draft of your proposed idea to the Department of
Secondary Education, care of 

Ms Olympia Orphanidou 
(orphan7@cytanet.com.cy, t
el. no +35722800896).

ou aussi

Marcia Trillidou - Varzakakou
CIP ICT-PSP Cyprus National Contact Point
Research Promotion Foundation 
P.O.Box 23422, 1683 Lefkosia, Cyprus 
Tel: +357-22205033, Fax: +357-22205001 

Proposition 2  Une PME allemande COBAGO GmbH  souahite participer au thème 5.2
sur le Mobile cloud

A German cobago systems GmbH & Co. KG based company based in Dortmund (North
Rhine-Westphalia) offers professional software products. Main product is their
“All-In-One” application platform.

Today typical business software is mostly tied to one location. More and more
mobile users demand for 24/7 access to their relevant enterprise data and
processes. “All-In-One” makes them available  every time and everywhere the
customer wants. 

The All-in-One Mobility Server connects standards software, business solution
software and individual software with mobile devices. In this package included
is Identity Management, Connectivity to enterprise software, the opportunity
for central or mobile administration of the apps and  multi-device-support for
all different kinds of mobile devices as well as  a wide range of safety
The All-in-One-App brings mobilisied data and processes on mobile terminal
devices, where data is never permanently stored, but only visualized on
Thereby the mobile dataof different origin  is displayed in integrated and
consistent form. In short form, the app provides integrated functional
on these devices for closed user groups. 

The “All-In-One” application platform allows user to get access to their
enterprise data and processes wherever they want. As a result, work is more
efficient and relaxing and the customer simply gains more time. 

Contact person:
  Dr. Dieter Kramps

Ou aussi

Benno Weißner
Bismarckstraße 28
45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Tel: +49/208/30004-59
Fax: +49/208/30004-29
E-Mail: bw@zenit.de

proposition 3  Un centre de compétence slovène (Cloud competence center)
interested in participation line 5.2 Mobile cloud for business application,
and possibly other themes (Theme 1, 2, 3) not related to cloud, but that use
cloud as the service delivery platform.


Zavod e-Oblak (shorter e-Oblak) joins the members, who work on a high priority
IT field, the highest number from the fields of the networking systems. As a
result, it offers a cutting edge know-­how on security, mobile applications
terminals, identity management, data processing, quality assurance, high
availability computation, service-oriented architectures, infrastructures,
The members in the consortium are the IT enterprises covering business,
logistics, medical end environmentalist informational systems.
We also pay a lot of attention to the knowledge transfer systems.
e--Oblak has more than 25 members, coming both from industry as well as rom
esearch nstitutions. All three Slovene universities have members that are
members of e--Oblak as well as the biggest institute Institute Jozef Stefan.
Founders of e-­Oblak are private companies present on CC market with their
online services as well as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
GZS. Competence centre is integrated in international activities in the area
where cooperation with major international corporations Google, IBM, Oracle,
SAP, Red Hat is expected.
These organizations have already expressed support for the project with a
support. The support of these organizations is the result of previous work of
their long-­-term cooperating partners from the consortium.
The KC-­CLASS consortium will enhance the existing cooperation with these
The consortium also has a strong international research presence, which is
confirmed by letters of support for research institutes such as INRIA, STFC,
Sheffield Hallam University and others.
In the field of CC, Cloud Computing Competence Centre promotes CC as something
that goes beyond new technologies and as an enabler for new services and new
business models (www.cloud.si).
e--Oblak promotes a stimulating environment for development and growth of the
Slovenian industry in conjunction with the EU.
It builds national, European and internationa international relationships
through business and technological partnerships

Pour en savoir plus
e-­-Oblak Dimiceva
ulica 13
1000 Ljubljana

mag. Samo Zorc
Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo,znanost in tehnologijo/Ministry of Higher
Education, Science and Technology
Kotnikova 38, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tel: 01 478 4783 
Fax: 01 478 8375
E-mail: samo.zorc@gov.si

Proposition 4 :  The Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation for Disabled

The Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation for Disabled Persons (OZEV)
established by the families of disabled persons on 19th of June 1994 in
Its main responsibility areas are to provide education, health, social
rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities and their families. OZEV
aims at finding solutions to basic problems of persons with disabilities by
providing education, creating a social environment and ensuring their
adaptation to social life. OZEV has adopted the following motto, which is “All
with disabilities have the same rights as non-disabled people have in
· OZEV ensures a public sphere for disabled persons on its web site.
· OZEV provides regular training programmes for its educational specialists so
as to reach high standards in terms of education of children with
· OZEV provides a support group for the parents with disabled children in
to ease their difficulties encountered in their daily lives relating to having
a disabled child.

EU Funded Projects
· The project GENTI is about ensuring active and full integration of persons
with intellectual disabilities in the labour market in Turkey by applying a
innovative model transferred by Italy.
· School for all: working together to improve the quality of inclusion of
children and young people with a disability project has been implemented to
improve the quality of life for disabled children and their families, and to
promote a better social cohesion and solidarity.
· International Knowledge Bridges project focuses on disseminating good
to discuss and deliver solution to the problems of persons with
disabilities at
the European level.
International Organisations Funded
· The computer courses for the youngsters with disabilities has been
carried out
within the framework of the World Bank Project. After 3 months of training,
they were certificated.
National Funded Projects
· The Disability Rights project focuses on promoting of the human rights of
persons with disabilities by conducting media campaign to ensure full
participation of persons with disabilities in community.
· Keçiören Disability Survey for he first time was conducted in 2004 in
Municipality in Ankara in order to deliver effective services to persons with
· Disabled and elderly care workers training project has been conducted. In
wake of completing the training programme, the trainees numbered 600 have been
provided work placements.
· Workplace Adaptation project was conducted to change negative attitudes of
employers towards employees with disabilities by overcoming their widespread
prejudices against persons with disabilities.
· First Step for Couples Project has been carried out so as to provide
counselling and training course on sexual reproductive health for 20.000
prospective couples who have applied for marriages in the municipalities.
· No Limits Project has been implemented in order to accelerate the civil
society dialogue in the field of disability.
· Social Consciousness Project has been conducted by arranging conferences in
many cities of Turkey with the rhetoric of “The real handicap is ignorance” to
promote active and full participation of persons with disabilities in
community. Within the context of the project, the knowledge levels of
disabled persons, experts from civil society organisations and public
institutions were increased about Turkish Disability Act and Human Right
· Short Story Competition is arranged every year to raise awareness on the
problems of the youngsters with disabilities. The selected stories have been
In this framework we have been dealing with this call on the issue of
developing social inclusion, socio-economic development, human rights and
participation of decision making mechanisms for the disabled persons.
to those description, we are looking for consorsium to be take part, in order
to develop cooperation in the filed of CIP ICT PSP Work Programme 2012
“Theme 3:
ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion”.

Pour en savoir plus
Project Development Specialist
OZEV (Turkey Disable's Education and Solidarity Foundation)
Address: Fatih Caddesi, Cagla Sokak, No:2 
Gucsuzler Yurdu Kampusu/ Kecioren- ANKARA/ TURKEY
Phone: +90 312 3592125/ 138
Fax: +90 312 358 2968
E-posta: yelda.ahmetoglu@gmail.com
Web: www.ozevvakfi.org

ou encore


proposition 5 : Des acteurs autrichiens sur le thme 2.2

do you know about any ongoing activities for Theme 2.2: Open data and open
access to scientific information. 
We have interest mentioned from an austrian public body who´s looking for
consortia/projectideas on that theme. 
If you have some useful information for us or any contact please let us know. 
daniela.hackl@ffg.at or Victoria.solitander@ffg.at 

FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency,
Division for European and International Programmes

1090 VIENNA, Sensengasse 1, AUSTRIA
Phone +43 (0)57755 - 4209 (Innerhalb von Österreich bitte die "0" mitwählen)
Fax +43 (0)57755 - 94200
email daniela.hackl@ffg.at