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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Programme CIPThemes 3: Consensus building, experience sharing
  on Internet evolution . partenaire italien

Madame monsieur
Dans le cadre du programme CIP, nous avons reçu une demande d'un centre de
recherche italien

Centro di Ricerca Descrizione Progetto Call identifier: CIP-ICT-PSP 2002-2
-Themes 3: Consensus building, experience sharing on Internet evolution and
security -Objective: 3.3: Leveraging IPv6 take-up in Europe for scaling the
expected growth of the Internet (Thematic Network) The objective of this
proposal is to overcome the perception of IPv6 as an unavoidable and expensive
technological migration by presenting it rather as an opportunity for EU
industry and government to develop new added-value and pervasive services. For
this purpose, we believe the key point is to demonstrate the feasibility of
services, based on IPv6 technologies, that could benefit of the unlimited
availability of IP addresses, increased scalability and manageability. Our
expectation is to make emerging research results and pre-competitive
(IPv6 enabled sensor networks, RFID, mobile communication, peer to peer
wireless mesh, voice over IP) concrete opportunities for large scale
applications to save energy, manage traffic, enhance security through
environment control. We believe a bottom-up approach (from applications to
policy) could have a stronger impact on the political level than invoking the
exhaustion of Internet addresses. This can be achieved with the
contribution of
government entities, industries and research organizations. They put together
requirements and opportunities for e-government services. Using web, groupware
and community network technologies, the participants will communicate, work
together, involve contributors outside the founding partnership, disseminate
the results. In order to accelerate the start up of the debate, a public
conference will be held within the first six months of the project. The
expected outcome of the project is the proposal of at least SIX large scale
applications and relative business plans, IPv6 migration strategy and plans to
enable each of the application. 


Wide vision of e-government services. Sensor networks, RFid, mobile services.
Network operators

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