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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel CIP 2012, nous avons reçu des demandes de

Offre 1 : Partenaire slovène pour le thème1.3.5

La société 3 PORT, d.o.o , informacijski imženirimg Koper
Vojkovo nabrežje 30 A
6000 KOPER Slovénie
Contact Boris LEGAC

Founded in 1989, our services are intended for information support to business
operations in various fields. We counsel, develop and implement systems for
local administrations (for larger and smaller municipalities) as well as for
port activities and other logistic activities, and also for other fields of
organizations and companies which require specific solutions tailormade to
their needs. The application solutions are entirely adapted to specific
requirements of each client. Our team of experts and external partners ( 20
persons ) pay particular attention to each individual problem.
Currently we are highly active in the following fields:
- OIS - Municipal information systems,
- GIS - Geographic information systems,
- LOG - Systems in the field of logistics,
- DOC - Development of various web and mobile applications for data and
We also implement the development of application solutions for known clients
and different research and development projects, and information analyses in
other fields (smart phone, tablets ...)

Thèmes visés  

Theme 1: ICT for "smart" cities
1.1: Smart urban digital services for energy efficiency (Pilot B)
1.2: Cooperative transport systems for smart mobility (Pilot B)
1.3: Open Innovation for Internet -enabled Services and next generation access
services in "smart" Cities (Pilot B)

Theme 3 : ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion

3.2: Towards open and personalised solutions for active and independent living
(Pilot B)
3.3: Digital capacity and skills (Pilot B, Thematic Network)
3.4: Fall prevention network for older persons (Thematic Network)

Theme 5: Trusted eServices and other actions

5.2: Mobile cloud for business applications (Pilot B)

We are specialized in the development of the business solutions tailored to
specific requirements and needs of the client. The greater part of the
development process is performed in Java with which we prepare most of our
server services. In some cases Java is also used to develop application
(in the Java Applet and Java WebStart technologies). With our own product we
also successfully connect different open-source solutions, such as: MapServer,
OpenOffice.org, iBatis, iText and similar. Attribute and graphic data is
and processed in the Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. Our services in the
of geoinformation are based on spatial browsers and browsers of other business
data adjusted to the client's needs, including assistance in obtaining,
restoring, capturing and converting spatial data.To ensure a comprehensive
geoinformation infrastructure we establish GIS servers according to standards
of the Open Geospatial Consortium (WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS, CSW, SFS).
We have a large scale of expertise in development and providing of specific
applications and web services (mostly in Java) and IT support for business
processes in various areas as :
- municipal information systems ( development of applications intended for
support to their processes and e-business.),
- geographic information systems(development of application solutions for the
support of processes and procedures related to space and spatial planning
adjusted to the client's needs),
- logistics and transport ( development of specific business applications for
support to port - transport activities and activities of forwarding companies
and shipping agencies),
- web applications for data processing and work with documents
(document management and archiving solutions )
We have been involved in projects with indirect support accounts, managed at
national level. We have successful finished two projects as a member
partner of
consortium and two projects as coordinator.

vous pouvez aussi contacter

Samo Zorc
Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo,znanost in tehnologijo/Ministry of Higher
Education, Science and Technology Kotnikova 38, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
E-mail: samo.zorc@gov.si

OFFRE 2 : entreprise espagnole sur le thème Objetive 1.3 Open Innovation for
Internet-enabled services and next generation access(NGA) services in smart
cities, target a).

As regards Call 6 of the CIP ICT PSP, we have a company we are supporting,
Wellness Telecom S.L, a very pro-active ICT Company based in Seville. They are
quite interested in objective 1.3 Open Innovation for Internet-enabled
and next generation access(NGA) services in smart cities, more specifically on
target a).
They would like to join a Consortium on this objective 1.3.a). They can
offer an
“Open Platform for Efficient Management of the Urban Waste Collection
they have developed recently. Such Platform works by way of the information
generated by users and data captured from RFID sensors, such platform has been
piloted in Seville.
Wellness Telecom is a young ICT company that offers innovative solutions using
cutting edge technologies at national and international level. Wellness
main specialization R&D&i areas are based on horizontal ICT technologies
applied to numerous action fields (smart cities, health, environment, energy,
smart industry…).  
We are seeking to join an existing consortium to perform an open platform
devoted to the smart management of urban services by applying innovative IT
based solutions and communication technologies. We are looking for
previous projects results financed at European, national or regional level
In this sense, we can provide our own system, eGarbage, to manage efficiently
urban waste collection as a module of the smart city platform to be developed.
This system has already been tested in Seville.

eGarbage system has been developed by Wellness Telecom and funded by the
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as an open platform for efficient
management of the urban wastes collection service, by means of information
generated by users and data captured from RFID sensors.
eGarbage Main Features:  
·       Fill level Monitorization. 
·       Calculation of optimal collection route.  
·       Progress reports and statistics for analysis and audits.
·       Real Time tracking of routes.
·       Incidents/alerts management.
·       High compatibility with collection systems including pay-as-you-throw 

Role in the project: SME as provider of services

·       Adapt and integrate our system with others smart city services 
·       Development and validation the platform  
·       Dissemination and communication activities

María José Díaz
We would very much appreciate if you could circulate it among potential
participants in France. 
You can find additional information on this company through their website:

Offre 3 : Fondation turque  sur le thème 3 ICT For Health, Ageing Well and

La foncation OZEV (The Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation for
Persons). They are eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects as a partner
regarding Theme 3 – ICT For Health, Ageing Well and Inclusion.

The Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation for Disabled Persons
The Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation for Disabled Persons (OZEV)
established by the families of disabled persons on 19th of June 1994 in
Its main responsibility areas are to provide education, health, social
rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities and their families. OZEV
aims at finding solutions to basic problems of persons with disabilities by
providing education, creating a social environment and ensuring their
adaptation to social life. OZEV has adopted the following motto, which is “All
persons with disabilities have the same rights as non-disabled people have in
OZEV has implemented those activities:
- To promote the human rights of persons with intellectual disabilities.
- To promote independent living for persons with disabilities by providing
occupational and social rehabilitation.
- To arrange awareness raising activities
- To be involved in the projects at national, European, and international
- To provide advisory services regarding opening special education schools,
therapy centres, courses, relaxation centres, resource institutes, social
activities, sports clubs, guest-houses, production centres, and workplaces for
disabled persons.
- To train special education teachers by providing in service training
- To establish guidance and rehabilitation units for the families of disabled
- To provide advisory services to the families of children with disabilities.
- To establish social institutions to provide the members and charter members
unity with financial assistances.

To illustrate
- OZEV conducts workshop education, kitchen education, and vocational ability
courses for disabled persons in order to make persons with disabilities
productive individuals in society.
- ZEV trains the students with disabilities according to their abilities with
- OZEV ensures a public sphere for disabled persons on its web site.
- OZEV provides regular training programmes for its educational specialists so
as to reach high standards in terms of education of children with
- OZEV provides a support group for the parents with disabled children in
to ease their difficulties encountered in their daily lives relating to having
a disabled child.

The projects

EU Funded Projects
The project GENTI is about ensuring active and full integration of persons
intellectual disabilities in the labour market in Turkey by applying a new
innovative model transferred by Italy.
School for all: working together to improve the quality of inclusion of
children and young people with a disability project has been implemented to
improve the quality of life for disabled children and their families, and to
promote a better social cohesion and solidarity.
International Knowledge Bridges project focuses on disseminating good practice
to discuss and deliver solution to the problems of persons with
disabilities at
the European level.

International Organisations Funded
- The computer courses for the youngsters with disabilities has been
carried out
within the framework of the World Bank Project. After 3 months of training,
they were certificated.

National Funded Projects
The Disability Rights project focuses on promoting of the human rights of
persons with disabilities by conducting media campaign to ensure full
participation of persons with disabilities in community.
Keçiören Disability Survey for he first time was conducted in 2004 in Keçiören
Municipality in Ankara in order to deliver effective services to persons with
Disabled and elderly care workers training project has been conducted. In the
wake of completing the training programme, the trainees numbered 600 have been
provided work placements.
Workplace Adaptation project was conducted to change negative attitudes of
employers towards employees with disabilities by overcoming their widespread
prejudices against persons with disabilities.
First Step for Couples Project has been carried out so as to provide
and training course on sexual reproductive health for 20.000 prospective
couples who have applied for marriages in the municipalities.
No Limits Project has been implemented in order to accelerate the civil
dialogue in the field of disability.
Social Consciousness Project has been conducted by arranging conferences in
cities of Turkey with the rhetoric of “The real handicap is ignorance” to
promote active and full participation of persons with disabilities in
community. Within the context of the project, the knowledge levels of
disabled persons, experts from civil society organisations and public
institutions were increased about Turkish Disability Act and Human Right
Short Story Competition is arranged every year to raise awareness on the
problems of the youngsters with disabilities. The selected stories have been

Türkiye Özürlüler Eđitim ve DayanÝţma VakfÝ (OZEV),
Turkey Disable’s Education and Solidarity Foundation
Çađla Sok.No:2 Fatih Cad. TepebaţÝ

E-mail: yelda.ahmetoglu@gmail.com
Web site: www.ozevvakfi.org

Offre 4 L'université de Riga  Riga Technical University is interested in
part as partner in European project within the CIP-ICT PSP-2012-6 call
–Objective 2.2. - Open Data and open Access to scientific Information

Riga Technical University is interested in becoming a partner in ICT Policy
Support Programme (ICT PSP) directly with the following objectives: Open
to scientific information; Legal aspects of Public Sector Information and
standards for open data; Organizing competitions for using open data.

b) Open access to scientific information
Riga Technical University (RTU) has implemented Institutional Repository (IR)
based on Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) standard. RTU IR
was developed in-house by our strong IT team and repository provides
interoperability – it is OAI-compliant and allows open access to scholarly
research. At the moment RTU OA repository contains more than 9710 items of
peer-reviewed papers with more than 70 Doctoral Theses. RTU OA repository is
the biggest OA repository in Latvia facilitating the efficient
dissemination of
digital content via defined OAI-PMH protocol. Also the growing interest of
world’s scientific community in Open Access publishing influenced RTU to
implement a solution for managing and publishing scholarly journals online
using Open Journal Systems providing Open Access to RTU Scientific Journals.
RTU possess metadata and full texts and willing to share OA data with others
across Europe and world via defined OAI protocol. Now RTU OA repository is
undergoing an upgrade project designed to offer self-archiving
functionality to
RTU scientists and doctoral students in order to provide more qualitative
peer-reviewed content in OA format. RTU OA repository is registered in the
following OA websites – OpenAccessMap, OpenDOAR, ROAR and
RTU recognizes the need and the benefits of providing scientific papers freely
on the Web and fully supports world’s Open Access (OA) movement. Currently RTU
is participating in a joint National wide research portal implementation. RTU
is willing to take part in OA projects to contribute to making research
knowledge transparent and available free of charge publicly. 

Within the project we are ready to:
1. Contribute to develop new tools and standards in our national repository to
provide interoperability.
2. Develop and test close integration with Current Research Information
3. Develop integration with integrated library catalogues such as ALEPH.
Parallel to this we are also interested in development of Learning Objects,
eLearning, e-Services for science and studies etc.
c) Legal aspects of Public Sector Information and standards for open data
RTU recognizes that understanding copyright issues is vital to the success of
an Open Access project. RTU is aware of copyright issues and how local
copyright law clearly has an influence on the population of a repository. RTU
employs a copyright officer competent in copyright management in higher
education to interpret how national and EU laws and international regulations
affect RTU Open Access repository and to draft licenses to suit RTU needs and
RTU uses the Creative Commons Licenses (http://creativecommons.org/) that
content creators and distributors a variety of licenses, letting the content
creator stipulate conditions for using the licensed content. Creative Commons
(CC) provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators
easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. 
RTU supports the facilitation of unique identifiers for authors and
contributors in the scholarly communication to establish and define the
identity of authors and the copyrights of the scholarly content presented
in OA
repositories. One of the frameworks providing technical infrastructure and API
needed to achieve a global identification for producers of scholarly
content is
ORCID service that is scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2012

Within the project we are ready to:
1. Contribute in defining copyright guidelines, standards and copyright
policies for scholars.
2. Contribute in copyright advisory/information services: advising on rights
issues for authors, readers and institutions/repositories.
3. To develop solutions for integrating unique authors identifiers within OA
repositories using ORCID API.
4. To disseminate and provide our legal counsel and copyright officer,
publishers and authors human resources and competencies.
d) Organizing competitions for using open data

RTU can contribute to organizing competitions for using open data and
the winners to start business ventures by offering resources and services of
the following research transfer centers:
- Riga Innovation Incubator (RII) resources and services. At the end of 2007
with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Latvia, the RII was opened at
the premises of Riga Technical University. The aim of RII is to support the
development of new innovative and technology oriented enterprises in Riga by
providing them with the necessary infrastructure and support instruments as
well as help the existing enterprises to realize their innovative ideas and
develop new products. New enterprises are being offered complex solutions to
support the process of developing innovative ideas and new Technologies into
actual products and services with high added value. 
- Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre – the Centre was established in
2007 and the aim of the Centre is to facilitate innovation and technology
transfer in RTU through activities promoting the inventions of RTU researchers
and new technologies and connecting the researchers with the right
resources to
bring the inventions and new technologies to market. 
- Latvia Technology Park – the aim of the Latvia Technology Park (LTP) is to
support new technologically oriented and innovative entrepreneurship
and their further development. LTP offers project management and consultancy
services to managers and researchers in entrepreneurship and product
development and assists in finding cooperation partners. LTP offers premises
for starting business activities in small and medium-size industrial
and offices in Riga.

Pour les contact 
Rinalds Bushkovs
Project Manager
Administrative Department
Riga Technical University
Adress: Kalku Street 1,
Riga, LV – 1658,
E-mail: rinalds.buskovs@rtu.lv

Laura Gintere 
ICT PSP NCP – Latvia
Ministry of the Environmental protection and Regional development
Electronic Government Department 
Head of ICT Policy Unit 
e-mail: laura.gintere@varam.gov.lv 
Lacplesa street 27, Riga, LV-1011 

Offre 5 : une coopérative de pharmacien turque :
ÇEKOOP (Environmentalist Pharmacists Cooperation), which is a non-profit
organization that was formed subsequent to the ‘Pharmaceutical Waste
and Disposal Project‘ funded by Izmir Development Agency in 2009. They are
eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects as a partner reagrding Theme 3 – ICT
For Health, Ageing Well and Inclusion.

ÇEKOOP -Environmentalist Pharmacists Cooperation- is a non-profit organization
that was formed subsequent to the ‘Pharmaceutical Waste Collection and
Project‘  which was funded by Izmir Development Agency in 2009. Besides
providing the sustainability and the spreading the project, based on the
volunteering actions; management of pharmaceutical waste holds its priority
importance in the scope of this project and according to ÇEKOOP’s vision and
mission. In Turkey, this movement was quickly heard and had a large public
impact, due to the budget limitations it could not be applied to all cities at
once but many volunteers were gathered and currently standing by for the
project to be applied to their city. The most important subsidiary goal is to
serve the consciousness of NGO via becoming constructive, productive and
environmental organization in the health sector of Turkey. Our actions are
naturally supporting this vision of the cooperation. 
Having common vocational communication cobweb CEKOOP eager to join a EU
partnership under ICT PSP 2012 “Theme 3 : ICT for health, ageing well and