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Madame, monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel 2012 du programme CIP TIC PSP, nous avons reçu
quelques nouvelles propositions de partenariats

Proposition 1 : L'université de Valecia (Espagne) sur le thème 3.5 pour la
santé, le bien vieillir et l'inclusion

Polibienestar Research Institute - University of Valencia (Spain), an
interdisciplinary group specialized in research, innovation, social
technical assistance and training in the field of social policies. 

is a referring group in Spain and in the Region of Valencia integrated by
different professionals with important R&D and training expertise including
sociologist, psychologists, doctors and lawyers, among others.
Polibienestar is specialized in research, development and innovation,
of technologies for the elder and the disabled people, management of social
policies, health and social care and assessment in issues regarding: active
ageing and independent living, disability and dependence. Due to our
knowledge and previous researches we would be very interested in collaborating
in the following call for proposals of the ICT Policy Support Programme:.

As a partner we can offer assessment on:
-  Definition of needs and requirements regarding the use of social and health
care technological services and products by elderly and dependent people and
their caregivers;
- technology usability and validation of users acceptance;
- assessment of the impact of technology on quality of life of end-users;
- analysis cost-benefit of technologies;
- business model development;
- service concepts development;
- marketing plans, and,
- design and implementation of formal and informal training for elderly,
disabled,caregivers and social and health practitioners.

Due to our expertise, knowledge and previous researches we would be very
interested in collaborating in the Theme 3 ICT for health, ageing and
of the ICT Policy Support Programme, especially in the following objectives:
- 3.1: Wide deployment of integrated care services
- 3.2: Towards open and personalised solutions for active and independent
- 3.3: Digital capacity and skills:
- Digital capacity and skills building of health, social care and social
inclusion actors
- Community building for digital literacy and skills
- 3.4: Fall prevention network for older persons
- 3.5: Large scale deployment of telehealth services for chronic conditions

POLIBIENESTAR participates in several European projects regarding
disability and
ageing, and participates and coordinates some national projects funded by the
government of Spain and regional governments, evaluating the adequacy of new
policies, services and technology for disabled people, and their impact in
quality of life of the elder people.
Concretely, POLIBIENESTAR has coordinated the LivingAll project
(www.livingall.eu) funded by the VI Framework Programme of the European
Commission. The aim of the LivingAll project is to support free movement and
equal opportunities for disabled people. 
POLIBIENESTAR has also participated in the INTERLINKS -Health systems and
long-term care for older people in Europe project
(http://www.euro.centre.org/interlinks), funded under 7th Framework Programme,
Research Area: HEALTH-2007-3.2-2 Health systems and long term care of the
elderly, with the aim of analyzing the connections among formal and informal
long term care services in Europe and in the HOST  Smart technologies for
self-service to seniors in social housing project (www.host.aal.eu), funded
under the AAL Programme.
On the other hand, advises since 1999 the Regional Ministry of Health and
Social Welfare in the development of social and health care resources for
dependent people, giving special attention to the incorporation of new
Finally, the high experience in R&D of the researchers of POLIBIENESTAR has
recognised in many articles published in scientific journals with significant
impact index.

Contact person: Irene Monsonís
Phone: +34 96 381 9104
Fax: +34 96 381 9105
E]mail: research@sociosanitarias.com
Web: http://www.polibienestar.org

Proposition 2 : Un partenaire Serbe sur le thème Theme 3  ICT For Health,
Well and Inclusion.
INTERNATIONAL AID NETWORK - IAN (www.ian.org.rs/english) is a local NGO active
since 1997 in the field of empowerment of disadvantaged groups in Serbia. IAN
has four programme units: Health Department, Education Department, Research
Department and Human Rights Department.Education Department  IAN Telecentar
(www.ian.org.rs/education) started to work in 2001 and for the past ten years
has been engaged in bringing of the life long learning concept, with the focus
on increasing IT literacy, closer to the population in Serbia, especially to
marginalized groups (the unemployed, elderly, women, people with disabilities,
refugees, Roma, victims of torture, youth). It aims at developing
beneficiaries` competencies required for active participation in the knowledge
economy, for finding a new/better job, adjustment to the needs of labour
and better quality of life. Currently, IAN Telecentar`s implements several
education programs (Computer Skills, English language, Life skills training
Entrepreneurship) through which it provides digital literacy and professional
empowerment to members of vulnerable groups thus supporting their social
inclusion and economic integration. IAN Telecentar combines and provides
made courses to enable people to acquire knowledge that helps them to better
integrate into the local community and become economically independent. More
than 6500 beneficiaries from vulnerable groups have been educated and
strengthened through IAN education programs so far.IAN is an authorized ECDL
Test Centre and Advanced ECDL Test Centre.

Le thème dintérêt

IAN is eager to join a EU project partnership under ICT PSP 2012 under 
Theme 3 : ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion

We are interested in the following Objectives according to the work programme
2012 under Theme 3:
Theme 3 : ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion   
       3.3: Digital capacity and skills (Thematic Network)  
       3.4: Fall prevention network for older persons (Thematic Network)
       3.6: Adoption, taking up and testing of standards and
specifications for
eHealth interoperability (Thematic Network)
       3.7: Community Building on Active and Healthy Ageing (Thematic

Lexpertise apportée

IAN has implemented more than 130 projects, cooperating with local, regional
and European organisations. IAN donors include: EU, UNVFVT, Microsoft, Dutch
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serbian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,
Society Fund, International Womens club, Global Initiative in Psychiatry,

IAN has 25 permanently employed staff (project managers, psychologists, IT
specialists and trainers, foreign language trainers, lawyers, etc.) with
of premises in the centre of the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, and two
fully equipped classrooms for ICT education with 25 places. IAN is headed by
the Board of Directors through the President. 
IAN Annual budget in 2011 was 596,554 EUR, out of which 48,7% represent funds
from the EU for implementation of different EU projects.

Les contacts


Sector for International Cooperation and European Integration
Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society, Pariska 7, 11000 Belgrade,
Serbia, http://www.digitalnaagenda.gov.rs
e-mail: natasa.radovic@digitalnaagenda.gov.rs

Proposition 3 : Compagnie turque
VENDEKA, which is a highly competitive firm in innovative ICTs solutions. 
They are eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects as a partner. T
he contact person of the firm is Mr. Nihat Piskin and his e-mail address is 

OUR SOLUTIONS  Industrial  Computing  Communications  Consumer  Medical

INDUSTRIAL: Industrial markets are dynamic. VENDEKA industrial customers are
market leaders looking for a contract manufacturer with innovative solutions,
responsive to changing market conditions. Typical products designed for
industrial applications have got to be tough. They often withstand extreme
temperatures and other stresses, so its important to ensure these products
systems are rigorously tested and protected. VENDEKA delivers the experience
and product expertise to industrial customers.
COMPUTING: High performance computing is a sign of our times. As businesses
expand, they look for ways to add computing capacity to meet increased
demand. Performance is the primary purchase factor. Our computing customers
count on us to help them reduce their time-to-market with innovative product
solutions, reduce their cost of ownership and operational risk and ultimately
improve their profitability.
Product Expertise
 Professional audio and video processing and distribution systems
 Personal Desktop Asistants (PDA)
 High-end storage devices
 Mid-range servers and computing systems
 Electronic display systems (Digital Signage)
COMMUNICATION: Business today needs reliable and secure communications tools
that bring together employees, customers and business partners. The
of voice, video and date over Internet Protocol is providing new ways for
companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Our communications
require technologies that improve efficiency and speed to help their
end-customers become more competitive. Product Expertise  VoIP
accessing, IVR systems  Broadcast communication equipment  Broadband
accessing, ADSL modem and wireless gateway, WiMAX router  Video & audio
processing and distribution systems (STB, IPTV, IPSTB)  Network traffic
management devices  Network application delivery and optimization
COSTUMERS: Consumers everywhere are buying up electronics for their homes,
cars, boats and cottages. Thats good news for OEMs in the consumer
industry who sell high tech products and related services. VENDEKA Taiwan
offers specific expertise in the build, test, and support of a wide variety of
consumer and industrial products. Customers in the consumer industry
a solid understanding of this unique and sometimes volatile market, often
subject to falling prices and sudden shifts in demand. Product Expertise 
end audio systems  Home security systems  High Definition video players
MEDICAL: VENDEKA has expanded its expertise and capabilities to include the
safe design, manufacturing, testing, servicing and installation of products
the medical industry.
VENDEKA achieved ISO certification in January 2008 -- an internationally
recognized quality management system and standard for medical devices. Today,
VENDEKA offers Information Technology solutions for the medical industry
including lab and industrial equipment.

120 employés pour un CA de 109 M$

VENDEKA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES nihat.piskin@vendeka.com.tr