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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme européen CIP TIC PSP, programme
qui vise à la mise en place d'applications pilotes dans de nombreux domaines,
nous avons reçu quelques offres de partenaires souhaitant participer à des
Vous els trouverez ci-dessous, avec les contacts concernés
Merci de répondre directement à ces contacts si vous êtes intéressés

Offre 1 : sur la cyber securité et les soins en lignes

CIP ICT PSP Work Programme 2012 Objective 5.1: Cybersecurity, and Objective
3.1: Wide deployment of integrated care services. 

The National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE), is an
institute under TUBITAK BILGEM, UEKAE has many divisions that are performing a
number of projects with public and military organizations in Turkey. 
The projects of my division are related to information and network security
There are 55 researchers in my division. All of the researchers have BS degree
on Computer Engineering or Electronics Engineering. Most of the researchers
have MSc degrees. 
The others either study MSc or PhD. Two of our researchers has PhD degree. 

Most of our research and application projects are on the following subjects:
·       Data Loss Prevention 
·       Malware analysis and botnet detection 
·       Cyber Security 
·       Threat Monitoring System 
·       Data security and privacy 
·       Critical infrastructure security 
·       Web application and services security 
·       Cloud computing security 
·       Virtualization security 
·       Smartcard security 
·       Software security 
·       Designing and implementing secure network and system infrastructure
government agencies, 
·       Performing the security assessments and penetration tests, 
·       White box and black box security testing for devices 
·       Conducting common criteria test for IT products,

We are also responsible for TR-CERT, National Computer Emergency Response Team
of Turkey. 

Our department takes part in FP7 SysSec Project
which plans to create a virtual center of excellence, to consolidate the
Systems Security research community in Europe, to promote cybersecurity
education, to engage a think-tank in discovering the threats and
vulnerabilities of the Current and Future Internet, to create an active
research roadmap in the area, and to develop a joint working plan to conduct
State-of-the-Art collaborative research.

Our group has developed a firewall which is used at 250 different location. 

We want to take part in the CIP ICT- PSP projects. We are available to provide
any additional information you might require.

Please contact 

Dr. Mehmet KARA, Chief Researcher
The National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology 
Network Security Division
PK: 74 41474 Gebze / KOCAELI TURKEY
T : +90 262 648 1552 
F : +90 312 648 1100
e-mail: mkara@uekae.tubitak.gov.tr

Offre 2 : sur le thème 3 ICT for health ageing well and inclusion

the Italian SME "Gruppo SIGLA" ( http://www.grupposigla.it/eng_index.htm )
a Laboratory called "Ageing Well Labs", focused on IT solutions for supporting
and enhancing the elderly. 

We have several ideas in mind, among which: 
- Monitoring the wellness and health of the elderly through smart phones and
wearable sensors (we have an actual product), 
- Serious Games for caregivers involvement and/or elderly mental stimulation
(we don't have products, but we have users), 

We are interested in CIP-ICT PSP-2012-6 with a twofold focus: 
- piloting our product for daily wellness monitoring, 
- piloting other partners' products in our region (Liguria has the highest
concentration of elderly in Europe). 

We are also interested in ICT 2011.5.2 - Virtual Physiological Human, call 9,
deadline 17 April 2012. 

We would like to be partner for a proposal, but not leader. 

Unfortunately we have no consortium defined yet. 

Please, reply to: alessandro.mazzetti@grupposigla.it, 
Best regards, 
Alessandro Mazzetti 

Offre 3 : sur .1: Smart urban digital services for energy efficiency (Pilot
Type B), 1.2: Cooperative transport systems for smart mobility(Pilot Type B),
1.3 Open Innovation for Internet-enabled services and next generation access
(NGA) services in 'smart' cities (Pilot Type B) and 5.2: Mobile cloud for
business applications (Pilot B).


la société SAMPAS
Sampaŝ Bilisim ve Ŭletisim Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S
Çubuklu Mah. Orhan Veli KanÝk Sok. EryÝlmaz Plaza Kat:4 KavacÝk-Beykoz
Contact  / Kara Demir CONGA
+90 216 681 60 00/6830


Sampaŝ IT and Communication Systems, established in 1981, follows the highest
and most efficient technology in
cooperation with its employees, suppliers and associates working with team
spirit in local authority and within national and international market. Sampaŝ
comprises of 4 Regional Offices (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana) in Turkey.
Being among leading IT companies in Turkey, Sampas has been offering
municipalities, high value-added services from design to installation, from
operation to maintenance&consulting in areas from tax to zoning and resource
management to creation of modern City Information Systems. The main
solution/service, provided mostly to municipalities, is ‘Intelligent City
Automation Systems’ (ICS). ICS is one common portfolio of products working on
one common municipal spatial-relational database satisfying; Automation and
optimization of all work flows in the municipality thru developed
Internet-MIS-GIS-CAD-Mobile applications. Sampaŝ, being a company that has
signed the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ of United Nations, gives great
importance to the social responsibilities. 

Some achievements of Sampaŝ are being the first company which started to
develop software in addition to support services in the Turkish municipality
sector since 1982. Sampaŝ has so far trained more than 18.000 operators in
local government sector in Turkey. Sampaŝ owns a modern Research and
Development Center which holds more than 70 engineers with different
backgrounds (software engineering, mathematical engineering, mapping
engineering and electronics engineering, etc). Sampaŝ has been gaining
experience in cloud computing and developing software projects with the SOA
architecture for several years..

Main Areas of Research:
Ø       Intelligent City Automation Solutions
Ø       Intelligent Cities
Ø       Management Information Systems
Ø       Geographic  Information Systems
Ø       Interoperability Frameworks
Ø       Cloud based Intelligent Solutions
Ø       SaaS Solutions 
Ø       Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Ø       Water Resource Management
Ø       Smart Energy

SAMPAS involvement in European projects:

OSAMI-COMMONS, Supported by EUREKA ITEA2. (Partner) The aim of the project
is to
provide open source common foundations for a dynamic service-oriented platform
which is able to personalise itself in large diversity of co-operating
Intensive Systems (SISs). OSAmI-Commons has 35 different participants among
five different participating countries including Spain, Germany, France,
and Finland. Sampas has the leadership on Ambient City Services (ACS)
demonstrator and Vertical Domains tasks in the project. (20 mio €)

eEnviPer, Supported by ICT  PSP (Partner) The aim of the project is to
create a
single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions
services through the cloud of e- government services and applications. The
project has 12 partners among 7 different countries including Greece, Belgium,
Croatia, Italy, United Kingdom, Serbia and Turkey.

Open-DAI, Supported by ICT PSP (Partner). The aim of the project is to open
amount of data stored in public Administrations’ databases to the wide
of potential users and create an open architecture model for the PA
system. The project has 11 partners among 4 different countries including
Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

Crumbs, Supported by CELTIC (Partner). This idea means that users will consume
rich multimedia social content Żstuck? in different places by using their
mobile phone as a mixer between the real world, captured by the mobile camera,
and the (crumbs) social content provided by CRUMBS users. The key elements of
this project are a Mobile Geo-Spatial Social Network and an Augmented Reality

Offre 4 : Firme de Croatie
Croatian firm is looking for project partners under the first theme and is
interested in the following projects:
· GC.SST.2013-6. High efficiency energy conversion for future heavy duty
· GC.SST.2013-5. Configurable and adaptable truck
· GC.SST.2013-3. Future light electric vehicles

For further communication, please contact Mr. Marko Tisovec, Vice President of

Telephone: +385 1 2481 383
Fax: +385 1 2481 303
Mobile: +385 91 4825 793
E-mail: m.tisovec@dok-ing.hr
Web: www.dok-ing.hr 

autre contact

Željka Vrankovecki Celegin
ICT PSP NCP - Croatia


Offre 5 : sur le thème de la responsabilité sociale

Çanakkale Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Coordination Center
Çanakkale Project Coordination Center was established in 2009. In the process
of our country’s accession to the E.U., according to Governor’s Office
directive; the establishment of Foreign Relations and the E.U. Coordination
Center is aimed to run on the basis of cooperation, communication and
The governance concept to be implemented through the accession process is seen
as a social transformation project. It requires for the involvement of local
authorities, NGOs, public organizations and institutions. It will seek the
cooperation of the private sector and individual citizens. Çanakkale
Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Coordination Center carries out this
commission under these subtitles;

1) Promotion and Dissemination: The EU Commission and other international
organizations' web pages are scanned daily and all new calls for grants are
announced on our website. (http://www.canakkaleab.gov.tr/cab/index.php)

2) Training: EU and Foreign Relations Coordination Center provides “Project
Cycle Management” trainings for the public. The Center held more than 35
training sessions up to now and more than 1500 people have participated in
these trainings.

3) Guidance and Consultancy: The Center provides guidance and consultancy
services to individuals, organizations and institutions that are planning to
write projects.

4) Project Development: The Center’s experts developed projects on education,
adult training agriculture and other social subjects. The Center plays an
active role in dissemination, exploitation and implementation parts of the
As we are the leading the role of Project management center in Çanakkale, we
are interested in every project especially pointing to the social
responsibility. But this year we especially focus on the topics of Culture,
Health, Education, Women Rights and Innovation.

Center Manager: Resul Karakurt 
Contact Person: Sanem Dilbaz

E-mail: resulkarakurt@hotmail.com 
E-mail: sanem1406@hotmail.com
Center Phone: +90 286 217 19 99