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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre du programme CIP TIC PSP nous avons une demande de partenariat
d'un partenaire chypriote de la région de Limassol

Proposal acronym: OELGC

Proposal full name: One Europe Local Government Cloud

ICT PSP Call 5 Objective addressed: Objective 4.1 “Towards a cloud of public

Lead partner

Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus (representing the five Municipalities of
Limassol region)

Types of parters sought 

·Local/regional authorities
·Academic and research institutions
·Technology companies
·NGOs with experience in the subject

The above organisations should be based in an EU Member States or the
following: Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Croatia and Serbia)

Proposal summary

The scope of this project is to design a State-of-the-Art IT system based on
Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) as well as test and validate the added
value of SOA and cloud computing for e-Government services, through pilot
through a specified running period. The “Local Government Cloud Platform” will
automate the process of gathering information from Citizens and/or business,
will provide the collaborate, document management and analytics platform and
will establish the integration hub to support the future automation with
external third party systems.

Local Government Cloud Platform Services

Innovative personalised services to businesses and/or citizen (sample)

·Payment of various fees to any of the participating organisations from one
single point of contact
· Ability to update personal records, such as change of address, telephone
number and other personal information
·Ability to produce own statements 
·On-line completion of various forms for application of various permits, issue
of certificates, connection of property to any infrastructure networks
(integration to GIS system) 
·The availability of information in relation to the progress / status of any
·Encourage greater level of involvement on the part of citizens, encouraging
them to participate in the decision making process and to define priorities -
Ability to post questions and raise concerns on various matters that affect
·Submission of complaints
·Facilitate and manage the payment of parking fees / electronically via mobile
devices, i.e. mobile phone
·Updated information readily available for citizens in reference of
installations, accessibility etc

Local Government Cloud Platform Administration Services  internal

·Knowledge base and eLearning services
·Incident management
·A large data base of citizen e-mail addresses facilitating the massive and
simultaneous communication of information such as announcements or circulars,
reminder of deadlines for payment of fees, availability of connectivity to
infrastructure networks etc 
·Sharing of common data which only needs to be maintained once and be
to all servicing organisations. 
·Management of the tender process providing interested parties with the
to pay on-line the required fee (where applicable) in order to download the
relevant tender documents
·Ability to announce job vacancies, receive applications and provide
on the recruitment process
·Communication between members of the Board of the participating
invitation to meetings, posting of minutes of meetings and briefing on various
·Creation of a data base for easy access from members of the Board of
participating organisations to a library of information such as minutes of
meetings, decisions drawn etc

Expected impact
·The pilot services will test and validate the use of SOA technologies and
precisely the means to develop new services by combining building blocks, to
open up services to a wider range of customers.
·Demonstrate that with SOA platform existing services, public administrations
can quickly alter the service to support their requirements and legal
environment through parameterization. 
·Demonstrate that public administrations can use the platform to quickly
implement new services without any changes on their back office systems.
·Demonstrate that the platform increases throughput, efficiency and
productivity, leading to a much sought after Sustainable Cost Reduction for
Public Administration.

Contact details
Monica Ioannidou Polemitis
Manager | Financial Advisory Services, Grants & Incentives  
Deloitte Limited
Maximos Plaza, Tower 1, 3rd Floor, 213 Arch. Makariou III Avenue, CY-3030
Limassol, Cyprus 
Direct: + 357 25 868 623 | Main: + 357 25 868 686 | Fax: +357 25 868 600 
mioannidou@deloitte.com | www.deloitte.com/cy  

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Marcia Trillidou - Varzakakou
Scientific Officer 
National Research Programmes Unit
CIP ICT-PSP Cyprus National Contact Point
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