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madame monsieur
dans le cadre des appels en cours du programme CIP, nous avons reçu une
proposition croate

Cognita is e-learning company with more than 10 years of experience

As we are small company (6 full-time employees), we prefer partner role in the
project, but are open to any suggestions. 

We have developed our own Learning Management System and a number of
interactive e-learning courses and can bring our expertise on development and
implementation of e-learning solutions, including e-learning content

Cognita has prior experience in EU funded projects: 
- We have successfully managed an EuroLearn project under the code name of
EUROLEARN E! 2963 IT Center LMS, that was certified by the National
coordinators council EUREKA – of the EUROLEARN net, and recognized by the
Croatian Ministry of Science and technology. This was the project underlain by
Eureka, aimed at financing the projects for the development of new
in the learning domain. This was the first project of the kind in Europe,
officially authorized within the aforementioned initiative. 
- In 2012 we have participated in IPA project "New competencies for new job
opportunities" (IPA4. as part of phase IV, grant scheme:
resource development". As part of the project, we have developed educational
program about e-learning, delivered education for 30+ unemployed persons
according to developed program and developed interactive multimedia e-learning
course "Competence development using e-learning"
- In 2012 we have participated in the project "Cross-border labour mobility
promotion", with the acronym "Work flow", co-financed by the European Union
through Hungary – Croatia IPA Cross-border co-operation Programme 2007 – 2013.
We have developed interactive multimedia e-learning courses for learning
Hungarian and English language; levels A1 and A2. 
- In 2012 we have participated in the project "Searching for New Business
Opportunities in the Cross-Border Region", with the acronym "BOSH", financed
through the IPA cross-border programme Hungary-Croatia, within priority 2.1.2.
– "Finding the cross-border business partner." We have developed interactive
multimedia e-learning courses for learning Hungarian language.

If you are interested to investigate the possibilities to cooperate on the
projects, you can contact me and we can schedule a phone call to learn more
about each other.

Tomislav Bišcan
Technical Director / Tehnicki direktor 
office / ured : +385 1 6558 440 
e-mail : tomislav.biscan@cognita.hr 
address / adresa : Zvonigradska 27, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA