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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Sat Jan 25 08:03 MET 1997

Riihimaki - Hyvinkaa Chamber of Commerce and Conseils Oy in Co-operation:

Interest Area in Telematics Programme:
Integrated Applications for Digital Sites, Health Care, Education and
Training, administrations, urban and rural areas, libraries

As one possibility, we're presenting our idea of:

ECES - Excellence Channel for Electronic Services

A Regional Network in the outskirts of Helsinki, combining different kinds
of regions, both urban and rural.

The idea of ECES is to offer services to both citizens and business
community. The services included are from the following areas:

Events (museums, theatres, happenings...)
Timetable Service
Health Care
Business Consultation and Training

It is aimed to validate a regional digital service concept, using as example
e.g. one-stop-shop for business community - especially micro enterprises,
self-employed, and health and social care.

One-Stop-Shop - Expertise and Information Network

Business Broker and Business Incubation for micro enterprises and self employed
+ minimising the time needed for establishing an enterprise
+ to offer teletraining / tele consultancy e.g. for preparing a business plan
+ to offer modules for tailored education and training programmes for self
employed and micro entrepreneurs
+ innovation dissemination from technical universities and innovation
centres of new professions and technologies (and from city areas) towards
the regions (Otaniemi Region, Rural...)
+ technical support in technological questions, like ISDN and other
telecommunication solutions

It is of great importance to this concept to bring the knowledge and the
support to the people on IT. The need for the physical place is diminished
as the networks are more common. In this rapidly changing business society
the needs of new business ideas emerge constantly. It is "a matter of life
and dead" to be able to respond immediately and to be able to start the
business when the need is there. The weak administrative structure acts as a
barrier for exploiting business opportunities - or is at least postponing
them. In this world you've got the exploit the momentum.

The regional data network ECES seeks to offer value added www-services to
enable innovation flow from innovation centres to potential self employed
and micro entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing modern IT based

The employment process will be re-engineered to create new mechanisms for
employment chain - through training into business.

Tailored modulated training packages will be created- The programmes for
unemployed and for the entrepreneurs will be separate.

The services to be provided:
+ teledidactive training and education
+ teleconsultation
+ support or changing work and learning environment
+ business process re-engineering
+ analysing the training needs, especially in regard to new technology

Health Care Sector

ECES looks forward demonstrating, how to create a seamless digital social
and health care process chain between health and social care providers over
two major teleoperators' network.

The services to be provided:
+ Integrated patient record database between health and social care providers
+ The use of generic multimedia telematics value added delivery systems to
provide 	health care teleservices including time booking systems to the
regional health centres.
+ Generic applications, like Internet / www applications will be used.
Interactive Cable-	TV, ISDN and ATM will be tested and trialled.

Potential Focus Groups:

homogenous groups, e.g.
+ young families living in suburbs having difficult connections to services
(health and social) - or any other group of population with difficulties of
moving (elderly, handicapped etc.)
+ families with elderly relatives ( grand parents) e.g. needing to know
about medication of their close ones...

We would like to emphasis that we're open to any ideas and willing to
discuss different kinds of co-operation possibilities.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact either

Conseils Oy EuroConseils				or		Riihimaki-Hyvinkaa
									Chamber of Commerce
Annakaisa Hayrynen							Eeva Valttila
Business Unit Manager						Project Manager

Address: 	Fredrikinkatu 61 A					Etelainen Asemakatu 2
		00100 Helsinki, FINLAND				11180 Riihimaki, FINLAND
Tel: 		+358-9-6855 4500					+358-19-716 200
Mobile:		+358-50-5548 553					+358-50-5617 999
Fax:		+358-9-685 1514						+358-19-755 185
E-mail:		Annakaisa.Hayrynen@conseils.fi				Eeva.Valttila@softavenue.fi

Characteristics of Riihimaki-Hyvinkaa Chamber of Commerce:
Riihimaki-Hyvinkaa Chamber of Commerce is a pioneer in promoting the
exploitation of new information technology in its member organisations in
order to improve their competitiveness.

The chamber is also pioneer in Finland when looking at the participation in
EU programmes and in partner search. It is making very true the idea of
Chamber of Commerce organisation - trade and networking - but pioneering in
doing it electronically.

Conseils Oy:
Conseils Oy is a private consultancy company specialised in EU issues -
ranging from basic information services to being partner in EU projects or
consulting other organisations in EU projects / programmes, lecturing etc.
Conseils Oy was established in 1987. The company has participated EU
projects already before Finland was a member state. Our first project was
ATAP Programme RITE project (T1019 Regional Infrastructure for Teleworking),
where Conseils Oy participated as an Associate Partner, second RACE
Programme BRITEUR project (R.2119 Broadband Rural Infrastructure for
Telematics in Europe), Conseils Oy as partner and now in ACTS Programme
BOURBON (AC001 Broadband Urban Rural Open Networks - developing scalable
broadband access especially for SMEs - at affordable price and looking at
Switched ATM solutions), Conseils Oy as a partner, as well.

Especially in BRITEUR and BOURBON projects Conseils Oy has been focusing on
SME questions (user requirements, workshops) and evaluation. Through those
activities we have gained a very clear understanding what the barriers for
using new technology are, and what are the difficulties in training, as
well. We actively participate also ESF projects - training people to use new
technology in different tasks in companies.

Currently we also study issues like business process re-engineering,
teleconsulting, telework etc.

If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact.


+RITE - ATAP Project (Conseils Oy)
+BRITEUR - RACE Project (Conseils Oy)
+BOURBON - ACTS Project (Broadband Urban Rural Open Networks - Developing
Scalable Broadband solutions for the SMEs at affordable price, as well as
Switched ATM applications.) (Conseils Oy)
+ "The Use of New Technologies for Trade and Networking for SMEs" - a two
year national ESF 3 project (improving the working skills) and nine-month
ESF 4 project for the unemployed and SMEs together. (R-H Chamber of Commerce
and Conseils Oy)
+"WebNet Training WENT" - a two year Leonardo project to promote the
development of structures and training packages to enable a network to
support the promotion of goods and products of micro entrepreneurs of
disabled and ethnic minority groups on the Internet. (R-H Chamber of Commerce)

+Extranet-partnership-teledidactive training and technology transfer project
to create main contractor - subcontractor partnerships using intranet
solutions - a two-year ESF 4 project. (R-H Chamber of Commerce and Conseils Oy)
+"The Digital Channel to Support Glocal Action" - a half-a-year project to
prepare a national and multinational project plan to integrate and validate
digital community network services with other digital community networks in
Finland and abroad. (R-H Chamber of Commerce)
+ELAN - New technologies for Social and Economic Development - a two-year
ADAPT project. (R-H Chamber of Commerce)
+Trade Point Network (R-H Chamber of Commerce)
+IBCC Net Services (R-H Chamber of Commerce)
+Traditional training and education organised for the Chamber of Commerce
Networks. (R-H Chamber of Commerce)
+EU Integration - dissemination of information. (Conseils Oy)
+The Public Procurement Procedures and the use of the EU databases. Several
projects with ministries and SMEs. (Conseils Oy)

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