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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: PCRDT 4 recherches de partenaires pour monter des consortia

Madame monsieur

Dans le cadre des recherches de partenaires pour les programmes TIC, nous vous
signalons plusieurs offres de partenaires potentiels

PS-BE-2991 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/BE/PS-BE-2991 
CETIC, centre de recherche belge recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 6.1 ICT for Safety and Energy Efficiency in Mobility

Nom provisoire du projet: SecureIVC
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The main objective of the SecureIVC proposal is to research and develop
communications between vehicles, and between vehicles and infrastructure
(roadside units). Current vehicular communications security solutions are
intended for the protection of local short range communications. These
solutions cannot protect the vehicular communications against coordinated
malicious attack (collusion). The SecureIVC project will develop trust
for mitigating such collusion threats in the vehicular communications by using
reputation systems.

Présentation de la proposition:
SecureIVC project will provide methodology to distinguish between genuine and
malicious information providers. It will develop:
· A comprehensive approach to verify the correctness of the submitted
information before its acceptance and eventual transmission to the other road
· Association of reputation factor with the submitted information so that the
authenticity of the information can be evaluated. 
· Algorithms for processing the information provider’s credibility 
· Simulations, testing and validation of proposed algorithms and
· Contributions to vehicular communications standards 
· Prototype implementation several scenarios such as: 
o Communication between vehicles at busy crossroad 
o Traffic management in emergency situations in the aftermath of a roadside
o Attack use cases 
§ Masquerading, manipulation, … 

The project will strengthen Europe’s position in the vehicular safety.
Architectural solution for trust-based vehicular communications creates
possibilities to build infrastructural solutions that can provide security and
trust assurances for the transportation system.

Expertises demandées:
· Expertise in the automobile manufacturing 
· Expertise in the development of vehicular communication technologies 
· Expertise in the vehicular communication services 
· Expertise in exploitation and dissemination of project results 

Partenaires recherchés:
· Automobile manufacturers 
· In-car technology developers 
· Vehicular communication services developers and providers 
· Business partners 

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


PS-RS-2789: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/RS/PS-RS-2789 

State University of Novi Pazar, université serbe recherche des partenaires
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 1.1 The Network of the Future

Nom provisoire du projet: Future radio mesh network (FRAMENet)
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The aim of this project is to do a cross-layer design of algorithms,
and protocols on physical, data-link and network layer of a wireless mesh
network. Resulting system should facilitate: 1)easy extension of wireless
service provider coverage, 2)self-organized local/metropolitan area network of
independent users (user networks), 3)rapid deployment of wireless mesh
network. Primary goal is to develop system concept and a system simulator that
would prove interoperability of proposed algorithms and protocols. Secondary
goal would be to develop hardware and/or hardware-software testbed. 

Présentation de la proposition:
Envisaged activities within the project are divided in the following packages:
- Physical layer investigations - Data-link layer investigations - Network
layer investigations - Concept demonstration Physical layer algorithms should
provide (super) high spectral efficiency, use (distributed) antenna
systems, to
be able to find available frequency spectrum, suppress/avoid interference
from/to other systems/cells/clusters, adapt modulation and coding scheme to
channel state information. Data link protocols and algorithms should provide
solutions for distributed scheduling and resource allocation, ARQ, and
authentication and authorization. On the network layer, the project protocols
should address the problems of routing in wireless mesh networks and

Expertises demandées:
We are looking for partners with expertise in the following areas: -
Cooperative MIMO processing - Adaptive coding and modulation - Channel
coding -
Multiple access - Hybrid ARQ - Scheduling and resource allocation - Routing in
wireless mesh networks - Security in wireless mesh networks - Network coding -
System simulation - DSP/FPGA development 

Partenaires recherchés:
Universities, Research institutions, Institutes, SMEs

The proposer is looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


PS-DE-3019 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/DE/PS-DE-3019

University of Cologne, université allemande recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 1.5 Networked Media & 3D Internet

Nom provisoire du projet: Player-generated Collaborative 3D Games
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The aim of “Player-generated Collaborative 3D Games” is to enable players to
easily create and harvest the opportunities of self-created 3D games as
well as
implement innovative solutions for supporting individuals and communities to
work with 3D in terms of virtual and augmented reality in mobile gaming. It
will provide techniques to create, capture, share and interpret 3D content, to
provide easy access to 3D game material. The goal is to develop tools and
methods for the exchange and contextualization of 3D across different
communities in local and mobile environments.

Présentation de la proposition:
Today’s 3D gaming applications are mostly tailored to closed world gaming
scenarios and they rarely involve non-professional users beyond their role as
players. Although the interest in 3D games is very high, especially among
people, there are sparse offers of massive player 3D games. 
Currently there is no ICT technology available that integrates 3D game
authoring tools, multiple 3D repositories, and massive multiplayer
collaboration tools in one platform for non-professional 3D game creators. 
The need:
Future gaming applications should exploit the currently unused potential of
involving normal players in the process of game development. An easy-to-use
open 3D game framework should provide instruments for setting up
player-generated 3D games (AR, VR, LBS), based on game templates and patterns
which can be individualized by the game creators themselves. 
The 3D creation process needs to be simplified by new instruments motivating
users to populate, use, and evolve the 3D game sources. 
The Solution: 
The objective is to design and to develop an easy to use and open 3D game
framework including: 
1) An authoring application enabling non-professional users to create their
3D game. This tool should provide an easy-to-use interface for assembling 3D
scenes with 3D objects as well as their behavior (events, actions, etc.). 
2) A web-application for the easy-to-use creation of new 3D games based on
3) A mobile application that executes 3D games build with the game framework 
4) Game patterns including interfaces and workflows that can be individualized
in web-applications and can be used in mobile applications on mobile devices 
5) 3D repositories 
6) Advance rendering techniques to improve the user perception 
7) Advanced interaction techniques
Please reed more on the website

Expertises demandées:
Experts in game publishing.
Expertise in the field of web-design and development. 
Professional background in gaming and or mobile gaming. 

Partenaires recherchés:
Developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products/3D
The proposer is looking for a coordinator.
Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

PS-LU-3003: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/LU/PS-LU-3003 

Ineum Consulting recherche pour une PME Luxembourgeoise des partenaires
pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 7.3 ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling

Nom provisoire du projet: Ecitizen
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

Objective ICT-2009.7.3: ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling 
This project focuses on part (b): Policy Modelling, Simulation and
Coordinator description 
The leader of the project is an innovative SME (80 employees, 5.5 M€ turnover)
in Luxemburg with experience in FP5 and FP6 projects (between 15-20% of their
activities occur within European collaborations). The coordinator’s technical
expertise is centered around conception and architecture for information
systems; web and mobile technologies; collaborative portals; e-infrastructures
and related skills. Notably, the SME has experience in the development of
databases relying on Neuronal Networks, interoperability and web
Project background 
Our project has arisen from our understanding of the e-networks, which are
becoming a new paradigm for social interaction, policy making and governance.
Considering the current challenges the EU is facing, we have designed an
innovative way to bring policy-makers and European citizens into a sphere of
interaction, thanks to an interoperable web-based platform. 

Présentation de la proposition:
Project aims 
The project aims to produce the pilot of a web platform using three

• An educational game-based frame to enhance the European citizens’ knowledge
concerning the European Union 
• A participative way for expressing opinions in order to… 
• …provide valuable data for both policy decision making and assessment. 
Project summary 
The project will be fully in line with the developments of eGovernment and
eSocial trends and will rely on Web 2.0 tools. The main activity will be the
creation of a pilot in the form of a role-playing game based on a simulator
virtual elections. In addition, to providing an outlet for debate, votes and
decision-making, the portal will also serve as a pedagogical tool to increase
the users’ knowledge and understanding about the European Union, capitalizing
on exhaustive, existing content (European Navigator, Eurostat). The game is
scalable (particularly in terms of languages) and its evolution will follow
different scenarios, like a role-playing game. 
At a technological level, two components are considered: a dynamic-web 2.0
interoperable interface and a speech processing engine, which allows the
analysis and modeling of massive amounts of data collected “in the field”. The
basis will either be semantic data recognition, or AI (neuronal networks). The
final output will be a decision-making tool for European policy. 
Profiles included 
The project currently involves 6 partners, including SMEs and university
partners with skills in information sciences and political sciences as well as
a public authority serving as an end-user to test the web pilot. 

Expertises demandées et Partenaires recherchés:
We are looking to collaborate with a large, industrial company having
in speech processing, data mining, ontology, and web semantics. The role of
this partner would be to treat the discourse of the citizen/ internet user in
order to provide pertinent data for delivery to political leaders and decision
Our project would benefit from the addition of a SME or large company in the
field of video games and/or internet-based virtual reality games. The role of
this partner would be to package the platform into a playful, evolving and
attractive ensemble. 
Profile 3:
Our project would benefit from the addition of public authorities, notably the
ICT departments for multiple cities would be interesting. The role of this
partner would be to host the platform on its server, to provide input and
feedback from policy makers.
Profile 4: 
Industrial partners involved in statistics and opinion polling may be
interesting additions to the consortium. The role of this partner would be to
ensure the statistical value of the returned data and to compare this
to that of data obtained via more classical opinion polling.
The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.
Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

Pour plus d'information
Claire FERTE
Tel: +33 1 40 73 36 73

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