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dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP, nous avons reçu une
proposition de partenariat pour intégrer un projet de l'union des

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities is interested in joining consortia which
under development for proposals submitted under the specific Objective. 

Who we are

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities is the main association of Local
in Cyprus, established in 1981. Even though membership is voluntary, at
all municipalities (39), accounting for 71 per cent of the population of
Cyprus, are represented.

Its core functions are to contribute to the development of local government
autonomy, as well as to act as spokesman of local government interests
vis-a-vis the central government and other national institutions. It also
an active stand in the relations between Cyprus and the European Union.

EU Grants and Programmeshave been an important point of interest for the Union
of Cyprus Municipalities during the past years. Indicatively, some of the
projects we completed are:  
-       Decisive Project  Development of Cypriot Twinning Capacities through
Active Volunteering - funded by the “Europe for Citizens” programme. 
-       Pro-I3T Project  Providing Information Tools on Thematic Twinning -
funded by the “Europe for Citizens” programme. 
-       SUSTAIN Project  Sustainable Training Activities on Twinnings - funded
by the “Europe for Citizens” programme.

Main Objective for Participation to CIP ICT PSP Call7: To create the necessary
infrastructure for a Centralized Management Information System of Cyprus
Municipalities and the provision of E-Government services to all
in Cyprus.

The use of e-government services to Cyprus Municipalities through a
Management Information System creates new data and new opportunities for
growth, prosperity and quality of life. Unlike other technological changes,
rapid development and deployment of Information Society affects all economic
sectors, organizational and work structures, public services, cultural and
social activities at the level of Local Authorities.

For citizens and local authorities, Information Society promises to provide
better public services; local governments will develop services that focus
on giving people choices and conveniences. Those who live in remote regions
scattered communities will also benefit from access to economic and social
opportunities provided by emerging technologies.

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities identifies that implementing ICT
(Information and Communication Technologies) amongst its members would be very
important and useful as it will enable Municipalities to come closer to
citizens and private companies and also minimise operating costs through

As a result, the Union of Cyprus Municipalities after various consultations
with its members and relevant Government departments, published a public
for the provision of consulting services for creating the necessary
infrastructure for a Centralized Management Information System of Cyprus
Municipalities and the provision of E-Government services to all
in Cyprus.

The services that will be provided by the Centralized Management Information
System relate to the access to software applications either directly by
Municipalities or residents through the Municipalities. Each municipality will
be able to easily choose which applications are needed for administrative
support services (e.g. accounting, payroll, waste management, secretarial etc)
as well as online services provided to residents (e.g. portal services,
telematics, e-learning, etc.), without being dependent on the current
technological infrastructure of the Municipality. With the new Centralized
System, new services could be adopted quickly and be available to end users
with the security and reliability guaranteed by the integrated infrastructure.

The immediate benefits of using the Centralized System are related to:
• Financial. The optimal use of existing computing resources and adaptability
of the system to changing needs of the citizens. 
• Green Technology. The use of one Centralized System instead of scattered
smaller data centres in each Municipality will help to save energy. 
• Social Benefits. The existence of a Centralized System can contribute to the
smooth development of e-services that is reflected in a modern society with
lower costs and with a view on protecting the environment.

Participation in CIP ICT PSP Call7
The Union is mainly interested for participation in Objective 1.1. Cloud of
Public Services. 
However, the Union is open to any other interesting suggestions for possible
participation under the Programme.

Partners Sought: Currently looking to join a consortium with experienced,
reputable partners, well acclaimed in their respective fields of activity. 

Contact Person:
Mr. Christodoulos Rousia
Union of Cyprus Municipalities
Tel. +357-22445237
Fax: +357-22677230
E-mail: chrousia@ucm.org.cy

ou encore

Marcia Trillidou - Varzakakou
Scientific Officer
National Research Programmes Unit
CIP ICT PSP National Contact Point
Research Promotion Foundation
P.O. Box 23422, 1683 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +357-22205033, Fax: +357-22205001
Website: www.research.org.cy