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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Information sur les e-infrastructures du programme Capacité / Bruxelles / 16 décembre 2008

Madame monsieur
la commission propose une journée d'information 

Ref. D(08)943161

Dear Madam / Sir,

We have now opened the registration to the information event on the fifth call
for proposals under the e-Infrastructures topic of the FP7 "Capacities"
Specific Programme that will be held on 16 December 2008, in Brussels. This
will be a whole day event, which will focus on the topics listed hereafter and
will give information on the submission and evaluation details:
       INFRA-2009-1.2.3: Scientific Information Repository supporting the
European FP7 Research Programme 
       INFRA-2009-3.1: ERA-NET supporting the cooperation for research
infrastructures in all S&T fields 
       INFRA-2009-3.3: Studies, conferences and coordination actions
policy development in the context of international cooperation for

The agenda and further details on this event can be found on our website: 

When entering the webpage, please do a refresh to make sure you have the

As the number of seats is limited we would strongly adivse you to register on
reception of this e-mail. 

Please do not reply to this e-mail. Contacts for this event are also mentioned
on the event's webpage. 

for further information
Acting Head of Unit 
DG INFSO/F3 - "GÉANT & e-Infrastructure" 

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