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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
  Projet européen/ Atelier sur le e-Business   pour les PME / Paris les 5&6 juillet 2007 

Madame Monsieur

Dans le cadre d'un projet communautaire, l'IDATE et la commission européenne
organisent un seminaire

e-Business for SMEs - Paris 5-6 july 2007

Sectoral policy initiatives in support of e-business for SMEs 

The e-BSN workshop on "Sectoral policy initiatives in support of e-business
SMEs" is co-organised by IDATE and the European Commission. 

The workshop will analyse and compare the impacts of sectoral policy
initiatives promoting e-business for SMEs in the EU-27, in North America and
some Asian countries (China, South Korea). 

The following topics will be addressed during this workshop: 

- Presentation of sectoral policy initiatives promoting e-business for SMEs at
Europe and international level 

- Main impacts and lessons from the implementation of the sectoral policy

- Synthesis and outlook for promotion of exchange of best practices and means
of replicating a good policy elements through Europe. The workshop will
several questions like: 

• What are the main characteristics of sectoral policy initiatives promoting
e-business for SMEs in Europe? 
• Are sectoral policy initiatives for promoting e-business well adapted to
• Are they some more advanced sectors in terms of e-business initiatives? 
• What are the main partnership models observed through the analysis of
sectoral policy initiatives? 
• What lessons can we withdraw from these sectoral policy initiatives? 
• What should be done to better support sectoral policy initiatives? 
• How is it possible to build up synergies and share experiences amongst
makers, representatives of SMEs, trade associations…? 
• What are future policy challenges and trends? 

It is addressed to policy makers promoting the uptake of innovative e-business
solutions by SMEs, at national, regional and local level, to SMEs and
representatives of the SMEs Community, such as Chambers of Commerce, Trade
associations, sectoral associations, ICT solutions and services providers,
e-business facilitators, academics, etc. 

The programme features prominent e-business experts, policy makers,
entrepreneurs and e-business solutions 

You will get more information on the preliminary draft of the workshop and to
register at the following web site:

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