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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
 programme ECONTENT PLus / partenaire espagnol recherche partenaires français offrant des contenus numériques pour aveugles

Madame monsieur

dans le cadre du programme ECONTENT Plus, une enterprise espagnole, dont les
coordonnées figurent ci-dessous souhaite déposer un projet

We are  looking for partners for the e-Contentplus project they are preparing.
The partners should have, or be interested in, digital contents for blind
people (universities, national libraries, providers of digital contents for
blind people, association for blind people, etc).

Also, these digital contents should be used, or could be used for e-learning,
formal education, training programs, etc. The idea of the project is to
exchange these contents and traduce and adapt them to each country within the
European Union. 

For more information please contact: 
Ingenia, S.A
Mrs. Eva María Elena Ramos

Please find herunder some additional information on the project.

Kind regards,

Vanessa van Rossum
EIC216 Malaga

EBlind-Digital Contents Transfer-Translating Project

EBlind-Digital Contents
Nowadays sharing Digital Contents seems to be a successful experience not very
widespread, Europe seems to understand that knowledge, even digital knowledge,
must be shared, even more when they are widely documented and every time more
different people contribute to fulfil them with their personal knowledge.

In the case of educational digital contents, they may be useful for all
kind of
business: elearning, TDT, mobile devices, etc. 
If in addition, itís included the e-blind digital contents sharing and
translation, not only it would be a simple sharing activity but also it
will be
a complete e-inclusion activity where a minority group of people all around
Europe will fell their acceptance in an everyday more accessible World

Moreover itíll increase the knowledge of the everyday blind people problems
when they try to access to the Internet and it will make them fell that an
interactive internet is possible for them as much as for the rest of us

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