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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP qui se clos le 13 mai, nous
venons de recevoir deux propositions de partenaires turcs :

proposition 1 

ENOCTA is eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects regarding the objective of
“2.3: ICT for learning” as partner. 

ENOCTA is a very innovative firm in e-learning solutions and has experience in
international projects including ELEVATE (FP7) and Grundtvig Project. 

Contact person:
Ms. Aslihan Kagnici
Tel: +90 212 223 21 01
e-Mail: aslihan.kagnici@tages.biz

proposition 2

TAGES is eager to be involved in ICT PSP projects regarding the objectives of:

- Theme 1: "Cloud of public services and smart cities" 
Objective 1.2. Smart, sustainable mobility
Objective 1.3: Preparing public procurement for innovative solutions on
resource efficient data centres for smart cities

- Theme 2: "Digital Content, open data and creativity" 
Objective 2.2: Open Data

- Theme 5: "Open objective for innovation and other actions"
Objective 5.1: Open objective for innovation 
Objective 5.2: Support to advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the
ICT sector
Objective 5.3: Support to the Grand Coalition for ICT jobs

as partner. TAGES is an experienced firm in community programmes and already
participating in several ICT PSP projects including CitySDK and RADICAL. Would
you mind circulating the annexed EoI among potential partners in your
countries? Thank you very much in advance.

Contact person:
Ms. Aslihan Kagnici
Tel: +90 212 223 21 01
e-Mail: aslihan.kagnici@tages.biz


Established in 1999, Enocta (www.enocta.com) is focused on improving adult
training and performance in diverse contexts. Enocta develops courseware and
the related technology for training and education for both multimedia and the
Internet. Enocta provides all components of e-learning including professional
consultancy services, content development and technology infrastructure
a single point. Meanwhile the Research and Development activities never
stop to
carry the state of the art technology and technology based training/education
in Turkey and abroad. Enocta has two branch offices in Istanbul (headquarters)
and Ankara including 97 professionals participating in Enterprise Solutions
(14) Content Development Team (36 professionals), R&D Team (28 professionals),
Sales & Admin Team (19 professionals). Up to now, Enocta, having a profile in
Brandon-Hall Custom Content Developers Knowledgebase 2012, has developed more
than 1.200 custom e-learning contents to its 250+ corporate customers from
different sectors including telecommunications, banking/finance, insurance,
government, retail, higher education, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. As a result
of this, Enocta e-learning contents have reached more than 1,2 million
corporate users all around Turkey
In addition to the content development services, Enocta has its own
sophisticated Learning Management System. Enocta Learning Platform (ELP)
developed by Enocta professionals is a fully customizable Learning Management
System and Online Assessment Tool to meet the corporate learning objectives.
ELP, which is in the list of Brandon-Hall LMS Knowledge Base 2012, enables the
organizations to plan, register, deliver, assess and manage the corporate
learning process including social learning features. Social features let the
users of the system to follow friends, groups, blogs,
post messages, make comments, like/dislike other contents, ask questions to
peers, share documents, explore the answers of previously asked questions and
join discussions etc. The platform
also has some gamification elements and badge system to motivate learners
to be
active on the platform. With the integration of social features, ELP
started to
support informal learning as much as
formal learning, becoming a knowledge sharing platform.
Enocta also offers a comprehensive course catalogue of off-the-shelf courses
that consists of a wide range of e-learning contents that answer various
institutional training needs.
• Instructional design
• Visual design
• User interface design
• Online interactivity design
• Content development
• Instructional development
• Skill development
• Serious game development
• Behavioral change development
• Innovative authoring tool development
• Mobile Learning

Enocta e-learning solution architecture services include:

e-Learning Management Consultancy Services
o e-Learning Strategy Development
o Competency Based Learning Model
o e-Learning Know How Transfer
o e-Learning Project Management

e-Learning Technology Services
Enocta e-learning technology services, offers the most extensive and effective
e-learning technology services to enable the organizations to implement
e-learning model in the easiest and
fastest way.
Enocta e-learning technology services include:

Learning Management System:
EEP® Learning Management Software, developed by Enocta team is used for
assigning and delivering e-learning content to the learners, tracking them,
monitoring training results and constructing performance reports.
Additional Support Services
o Implementation Services
o Integration Services
o e-Learning Hosting Services (www.myEnocta.com

e-Learning Courseware (Content) Development Services
Enocta e-learning content services include Custom Content Development and
Off-the-shelf Content Services.
Custom Content Development:
Enocta offers fully customized courses according to the organizations’
Custom Content Development service provides following advantages to
delivery of courses to a broad learner community rapidly,
o providing continuity and long term effectiveness of training because of the
re-accessible nature of the course,
o standardizing the format of the frequently offered courses and opening to
continuous access,
o decreasing the cost of training like travel and hosting costs
Mobile Learning:
Enocta keeps track of the trends and dispositions in mobile learning. Up to
now, Enocta have provided mobile content to corporate learners in coordination
with service providers and
partners. Currently, Enocta proceeds research and development activities to
provide interactive, meaningful and effective mobile learning content with up
to date devices.

• Off-the-Shelf e-Learning Courseware:
Enocta offers off the shelf standard e-learning courseware for easy and fast
usage. By using
standard course content, organizations are able to;
o launch e-learning quickly and generate quick-wins,
o benefit a cost effective solution,
o accesses immediately to the courses whose quality and effectiveness is
Enocta presents institutions and individuals with Turkish e-learning content
that is tailored for the Turkish adult profile. Enocta Training Catalog has
more than 200 courses, presented here, aims to fill a critical gap in Turkey
and satisfy an important institutional need. All e-learning content presented
in the catalog are supported by classroom trainings and seminars, in
with the learning models used in institutions.

• Communication and Promotion Services
E-learning projects are more training and communication projects than
technology projects.
Research initiated on the subjects demonstrates the significance of an
appropriate communication and promotion study for the acceptance and
utilization of an institutional project.
Our services to this end comprise;
o Concept Creation,
o Training Portal Design,
o Mascot Design,
Teaser Design,
o Poster Design,
o E-mail Format Design, etc.


National Projects:
Enocta has developed and managed national projects funded by TUBITAK (The
Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)
Project Name: “ABLMS: International Market Oriented Learning, Production and
Management System Software for Distant Learning Applications” Project
The role of Enocta: Coordinator
Project Duration: 1999-2001
Project Name: “International Market Oriented Competency based Learning
Distant Learning Applications” Project
The Role of Enocta: Coordinator
Project Duration: 2001- 2004
Project Name: “Enocta Academic Education Platform” Project
The Role of Enocta: Coordinator
Project Duration: 2008-2010

EU Programme Projects:
Enocta was a project partner in FP7 project called ELEVATE: Integrating
Pedagogically- Documented, Value-Added E-Training Add-Ons in Commercial
Software Products of European Software SMEs funded under Research for SMEs
Programme. The project was completed at beginning of 2011. This project was
developed by a consortium comprised of 9 partners from 7 countries; Germany
(CAS Software, www.cas.de – Coordinator), Turkey, Italy, Greece, Cyprus,
and Switzerland. During the project, Enocta mainly worked on the following
workpackages: WP1 - User Requirements and Architectural Design, WP3 -
Material Creation, WP 5 - Performance Evaluation, Validation and Lessons
and WP6 - IPR Management Dissemination and Training.


Company Profile
TAGES was founded in 1996 to develop innovative industrial and information
Technologies. Since 2002, TAGES has been developing EU 6th Framework Programme
and other EU Programmes Projects, provides consulting and project management
services. TAGES has it’s headquarter in Ýstanbul, and contact offices in
and Milano.

TAGES plays an important role in the development of Turkish industrial
institutions and SMEs through the development and implementation of
projects to
solve problems and to carry on an advanced technological level. TAGES develops
common projects with universities, industrial institutions and SMEs in
order to
ensure the industry-university cooperation.

TAGES plays an important role in the development of Turkish industrial
institutions and SMEs through the development and implementation of
projects to
solve problems and to carry on an advanced technological level. TAGES develops
common projects with universities, industrial institutions and SMEs in
order to
ensure the industry-university cooperation.

TAGES as one of the leaders in EU FP projects in Turkey, prepares, coordinates
and manages EU projects and consults industry and SMEs on EU R&D Projects
mainly Framework Programme projects since 2002. TAGES with its 20 years of
experience on manufacturing and ICT industry and an extensive knowledge and
experience on technology project management and wide industrial network
relations in Turkey and in EU facilitates different Turkish industries on
innovation development and management by collaborating with ICT and industrial
associations. TAGES has been one of the first project proposal submitters in
Turkey for the 6th Framework Program where it was the first time for Turkey to
participate in the framework programs. TAGES prepared and presented a project
proposal as a CRAFT project for the SMEs under the EU 6th Framework Programme
and it built the consortium for the project. Industrial technologies
(specifically environment, energy projects, improvement of manufacturing
processes), information and communication technologies are the topics on which
TAGES works. TAGES competencies are mainly on innovation management, R&D
project development and management, pilot implementations, dissemination and
TAGES has success stories in EU Projects like; FP6 EASIER-Engaging regional
SMEs within the ICT sector in EU research Project where brought together
400 European ICT researchers and SMEs in a big ICT event and supporter 90 SMEs
in participation to 50 FP7 projects and prepared and submitted project final
management report successfully. FP6 FIRE- Facilitating Innovation in Renewable
Energies Project for supporting SMEs. TAGES consulted MIB (Machine
Manufacturers Association of Turkey) in FP6 VERITAS-Virtual Enterprises for
Integrated Industrial Solutions Project by establishing 2 cooperative networks
in machinery industry and managing them. FP7 ROK Project AGFORISE-AGroFOod
Clusters Platform with Common Long-Term Research and Innovation Strategy
towards Economic Growth and Prosperity Project where has a role as a
partner in
financial and activity management, dissemination and exploitation. TAGES
consulted LODER (Logistics Association of Turkey) in FP7 COIN -Collaboration &
COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises Project for
preparing and coordinating the pilot implementations.
TAGES is currently collaborating with TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel
Agencies) in FP7 Linked2Media SME Project. TAGES is one of partners of CIP ICT
PSP Smart City Projects CITYSDK and RADICAL. TAGES is a content provider of
Bilgi Cagi (Knowledge Age) monthly watchdog magazine on R&D and innovation
process in Turkey. TAGES is a member of FINES Cluster, NESSI and NEM European
Technology Platforms. TAGES is also advising and consulting Digital Turkey
Platform on European 2020 Digital Agenda by including the platform in
projects as described following: -Leading the studies in EU working Group in
Turkish Informatics Foundation as a member of board, - Istanbul Information
Society Watchdog Group Project funded by Istanbul Development Agency owner
Turkish Informatics Foundation, partners SabancÝ University and TUBISAD the
industry representing association. TAGES supports on coordination of the
project. This group is formed by leading industry leaders and experts in ICT
watches the R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship processes in Istanbul ICT
sector and works on the suggestions for new legislations and lobby in public


Pour le programme CIP, des projetys en cours

RADICAL Smart City Service Development Kit and its Application Pilots
CitySDK Smart City Service Development Kit and its Application Pilots
Istanbul Development Agency istanbul information societuy Watchdog:

Pour le programme FP 7
An Open Linked Data Platform for Semantically Interconnecting Online, Social
Media Leveraging the Corporate Brand and Market Sector Reputation Analysis
COIN EEU (COllaboration and INteroperability for Networked Enterprises in
Enlarged Europe)