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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Fri Feb 28 17:49 MET 1997
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:50:08 -0600
From: Patrick Schouller 

vous trouverez ci-joint une proposition qui vient d'Espagne pour l'Appel
logiciel multimédia éducatif

La personne à contacter est :

Mr Enrique Calvet
Telephone: 34.1.5932726
Fax: 34.1.4023791
e-mail: edassc-redestb.es

ou éventuellement

Gonzalo Alcol
Tel: +34-1-581 55 62
Fax: +34-1-581 55 84

. Organisation details
	Name: EDAS S.C.
	Country: SPAIN
	Org. type: Industry
	Org. size: < 50 employees

3. Collaboration details
 A. Profile of collaboration.
	Type of collaboration: Participation in call for proposal.
	Current program of interest: Educational Multimedia
	Collaboration research interest: ESP 3.4 , ET1.1
	Progress level: Pre-proposal.
B. Profile of partner
	Partner expertise: Intelligent agents for telematic user assistance
	Organisation type: any
	Country: EU

An analysis with high school teachers and educational authorities in Spain
shows that main problems hintering an expansion of the use of  multimedia
for high school education are following:
	- Available on the market multimedia off-line educational material is
expensive, limited, does not suit the diversity of requirements shown, does
not allow further investigations by the students, and in general is poorly
	- Available multimedia educational materials on-line through Internet is
low cost diversified, and in general suits most requirements supported are
very expressive but has the following drawbacks:
	- The complete contents of Internet is most suitable for students, and
present limitations of access to specific sites has not been adequate.
	- Capability to find and select educational material is very dependent on
the teachers experience in the Web, and good results require time.
	- Most products use English as language.
- Communication cost are a concern.

The present proposal addresses those user needs through the following=
-Development of a tool that will help both the teachers and the students to
find educational material trough the Web, and the same time will not allow
access to non-educational elements.
- Development of a virtual multimedia library, where all elements related to
one field of education will be held and classified according to the
teacher's program. The most frequently used elements will be stored in an
Intranet, in order to minimize access time and communication costs.
- Development of a translation tool suited for the specific field of
education chosen , where the vocabulary will be adapted to the requirements.
- Validation and integration of the above tools and development of a service
for educational institutions.
- Demonstration of this service for the length of one academic year in
different educational institutions in Spain, including training of the
teachers involved and validation of the new pedagogic frame.
- Evaluation of results, showing the benefits or drawbacks, both among
educators and students, that the new service has produced.

The methodology to be used for development of the tools discussed will be to
minimize the software development as much as possible, and therefore free
products will be extensively used. Additionally, standards established on
the market, will also be used, since any other choice would represent a
clear risk.
Final product will be an integrated tool for use by high schools, offering a
set of multimedia educational products at very low cost. The virtual library
will be offered also as a service to institutions not wishing to develop it
by themselves.
                        Patrick SCHOULLER
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