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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Mon Mar  3 09:20 MET 1997
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Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 09:21:39 -0600

Partenariat espagnol pour l'appel logiciel multimedia educatif

Dear Sir:

Wesdata is a private company which is preparing a project to be submitted to
the 1996 Joint Call of the European Multimedia Educational Task Force. Our
project, which will be called SIMULAB-NET, is related to the creation of an
electronic forum for resource centres which will support an open european
information space. This information space would allow collaboration and
co-operation between resource centres involved in the preparation of
scientific educational applications based on high performance simulation
technology, as well as trial, testing and exchanging of information and
experiences in these simulation methods by educational institutions.

We are seeking for potential partners , we will greately appreciate if your
office could help us in finding companies or research institutions with
experience in the following  fields :

a. Companies with experience in electronic forums and networking
applications. Its contribution to this project will be to develop a network
resource where simulation applications and libraris will be made
interactively available to educational institutions and which will allow the
interchange of experiences between the partners. ( Database and file
management and Communications/networking companies )

b.  Companies devoted to development of software applications oriented to
education , with expertise in scientific simulation and development of
virtual laboratories.

c.  Elementary and high schools.

We thank you very much in advance for your kind cooperation.

Very truly yours,

Santiago Jaraba

Paseo de la Castellana 171
28046 - MADRID (SPAIN)

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