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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: programme CIP / Partenaire espagnol recherche partenaires pour
  finaliser son consortium

Madame monsieur

Dans le cadre du CIP, un partenaire espagnol souhaite compléter son projet

Titre du projet : Innovation and development of new technologies for
tele-monitoring the health and functional capacity of dependent elderly
patients at home and in the community

Contact du partenaire espagnol

Name/First name Carretero Stephanie
Organisation Innovaciones Sociosanitarias
Country Spain
Contact eMail scarretero@sociosanitarias.com4 96 381 91 04 .. Fax +34 96
381 91
05 .. www.sociosanitarias.com

Back ground :

The demographic and epidemiologic revolutions have lead to an increase of
dependent older adults affected by a chronic condition. Ostearticular and
cardiovascular disease are the most frequent illness affecting older adults
limitating the realization of day-to day activities. Dependency causes
different shortmedium and long-term negative consequences at individual,
family, community, society and financial level that need optimum intervention.
Main problems related to dependent elderly persons are 1) the prevention,
control and self-management of the chronic illness for hindering the
deterioration and worsening
of the illness by the physician, the elderly and the informal caregiver.
Another problem is 2) the lack and loose of autonomy regarding several
instrumental and
basic daily activities such as to move around inside and outside the house, to
do household works, to care of him/herself and of their illnesses. The care
from an
informal caregivers cause burden and limits the promotion and maintaining
autonomy and independency of the dependent persons
The situation to take care of a dependent elderly person leads to problems in
the care at home, the institutionalization of the person in nursing homes,
social isolation of
the older adults, long-term hospitalization, influencing negatively on the
independence, autonomy, welfare and quality of life of the elderly and their
One solution is to monitor remotely the daily activities and health indicators
of the dependent older adults by the physician and the informal caregivers,
giving feedback
also to the older adults on their own situation and progress and preventing
informing on risky situations.

Objectif du projet

The general objective of this project is to develop an ICT system to
improve the
prevention, control and self management of the chronic illness and the
dependent elderly people affected by an osteoarticular and cardiovascular
This ICT system combines in a unique scheme a health monitoring and
communication system in real time together with a geo-localisation and
detection system. Concretely, specific objectives of this project are:
- To monitor remotely the health and the daily activities indicators of the
dependent older adults by the physician and their informal caregivers.
- To collect biometrical data by the health professional during
24hours/day, in
any kind of place and situation of the dependent elderly patient.
- To give a daily and remote feedback to the older dependent adults on their
current state of health and functional capacity as well as on the progress
- To prevent and informing remotely, in any moment of the day and in any place
on health risky situation to the patient, the health professional and the
- To improve the mobility and daily activities performance of the patients as
well as the social relationships of dependent older adults and their

Principales activités du projet

WP 1. Definition of the health and daily activities performance needs of the
WP 2. Definition of the information record system for the health
the caregivers and the patients.
WP 3. Study and selection of the technological needs of health telemonitoring,
geolocalisation and communication systems.
WP 4. Preparation and development of the prototype.
WP 5. Prototype tests.
WP 6. Marketing study and development of the business plan.
WP 7. Management of the project.
WP 8. Dissemination and exploitation of the results.

Pertinence du projet

This is an innovative solution due that different ICTs are integrated in a
unique system and give feedback to the elderly, the health professional and
caregivers. Concretely:
From the technological perspective.
1.- This is a light and mobile user device, composed by sensors (biometrics,
fall, emergency, localisation, etc.) and by a communication system that allow
to send
information on the health state of the patient in real time in any place and
2. - It is composed by a monitoring service where position, health indicators
and risky/emergency situations (fall, etc) are recorded, informed and shown in
a map.
From the service perspective.
3.- These ICT allow to favour a) the monitoring of the patient by the
(or health professional) during his/her daily life in real time and to collect
data in another life situations than in the surgery, b) to monitor and
the relative and risky situations for the informal caregivers as well as an
action in case of emergency and c) improve the autonomy and independent living
for the dependent elderly person and for their caregivers promoting their

Composition actuelle du consortium

1 Lead Innovaciones Sociosanitarias (ISS) ES SMEs

- Health care centres.
- Social and health care associations.
- Health care administrations.
- SMEs dedicated to the health and social care sector

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