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From: Patrick Schouller 

J'ai ete contacte par le CMSL qui est interesse de rechercher des
partenaires / s'integrer a un consortium en cours de formation dans le
cadre du prochain AO ESPRIT, domaines 1 (ST), 4 (LTR), 8 (IIM), 6 (HPCN),
theme "IT for Learning & Training in Industry".

Le point de contact sera RDT Consulting / N. Treves.

Avec mes cordiales salutations,


Origin and history of the Centre

The CMSL is the result of a merge between the IQSL (Institut Qualité des
Systèmes et du Logiciel, Institute for the Quality of Systems and Software)
formerly installed at the MFQ (Mouvement Français pour la Qualité) and the
CIML (Centre d'Ingénierie et de Management du Logiciel) at CNAM.
The new centre is installed as a new Institute of the CNAM.

Purpose of the CMSL

The purpose of the CMSL is the study of all aspects of the engineering of
complex systems in which the software part federate and bind together the
various components of a system, even though it is not the most costly part
of it. The quality service level of such systems depends essentially on the
way the software part as been acquired, developed and integrated as well as
the way the systems are installed and put in operation.

These systems, often called Software Intensive Systems, are build with
functional elements, captors and sensors which interact with the
environment in order to accomplish a specified task. The goal of the
software part is to make a coherent whole of various and heterogeneous
hardware elements. The processing power is provided through a computer
network into which human operators play a major role.

The reason for being of this centre is to contribute to the installation of
an engineering centre dedicated to applied system engineering in close
commonality with the industry needs.

Mission of the CMSL

The mission of the CMSL is twofold

* Education and training.
French leading companies have developed a significant know-how in the
domain of system engineering, most of the time on a company per company
basis. It is time today to put that know-how in common, in a way it can be
taught to the benefit of small and medium enterprises which need to have
credible and provable references.

It is the charter of the CNAM to promote key technologies to the benefit of
the French industrial infrastructure.

* Applied research.
The continuous rise of new technologies as well as the evolution of the
computerised society make necessary to adapt and anticipate the technical
education of our engineers. Research done by the CMSL will be applied
research to sustain the education program, at PhD level. Their objectives
is to analyse in great details the various processes to master complex
systems. The basic approach will be a systemic one. Natural partners for
this type of research will be on one side the R&D centres of the great
enterprises as well as the administration, and on the other side research
centres involved in more fundamental research. One of the goal of the CMSL
is to contribute to fill the gap which exists in France between fundamental
research and applications.

Technical domains covered by the CMSL

The CMSL will cover six technical domains :
1.      Management of the acquisition
2.      Enterprise and business modelling
3.      Quality insurance and process engineering
4.      Systems and software architecture
5.      Engineering of dependable systems
6.      Modelling and simulation

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