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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
 EURIPIDES / lancement de l'appel 6 / remise des  prépropositions  date limite 7 juillet

madame monsieur

nous vous rappelons la date limite du 7 juillet pour la remise de vos
pré-propositions dans le cadre de EURIPIDES

This Call is synchronised with the German Call “Microsystem Technik” of
September 15th, 2008. It is a real opportunity for projects from Germany or
projects with German partners

quelques informations complémentaires

EURIPIDES - Eureka initiative for Packaging & Integration of Micro Devices &
Smart Systems - is a strategic pan-European programme for pre-competitive
R&D in
electronic Smart System Integration. As a major Cluster of EUREKA, it
contributes to the European Research Area (ERA), supporting coordinated
national funding submissions within the EUREKA framework. 

EURIPIDES is open from large industrial companies to small and medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs) to partner, as well as research institutes and
The projects are bottom-up, industry-driven initiatives, involving
complementary R&D from at least two companies in two different countries,
(according to EUREKA rules). 

EURIPIDES will support development of projects aimed at creating, using or
enabling the use of integrated Smart Systems based on micro-technology.
attempting to define micro-technology, it is understood to include both
conventional and non-silicon MEMS, micro-systems technology,
micro-packaging, interconnects of micro-devices, micro-fluidic circuitry,
micro-sensors and actuators… 
Smart systems extend the generally understood concept of electronic systems to
include e.g. optical, fluidic and mechanical systems. A non-exhaustive
description of technologies targeted by EURIPIDES and application areas, which
are expected to benefit from micro-technology, is given in the road map
presented in the EURIPIDES White Book

The applications domains for this call are in the following fields: 

- Energy and environment:
        - Micro-sources of energy
- Health and wellness:
        - Medical & biomedical
- Transports:
        - Automotive and transports
        - Aeronautics and aerospace
        - Road, rail, air, marine
- Security
- Telecommunication & connectivity
-       Power Electronic Assembly
-       Industrial process control:   
-       RFID trace ability  
-       Manufacturing & test equipment
- Consumer products:   
-       Trusted personal device  
-       Multimedia & entertainment
- Wireless sensors network 
- Geoscience 
- ...

If you plan to participate, it is the time to visit our website and to
the template for PO and the PO Guide for Proposers to start defining the
direction and scope of your project, looking for potential consortium partners
and investigating local funding possibilities.

All 37 countries in the EUREKA framework give financial support to EURIPIDES
projects but, as each country has its own rules for participation, you must
in touch with representatives of your National Public Authority first. Also
EURIPIDES Office can help the consortium for finding the missing partner
expertise, as well as to review the structure of the consortium for
achieving a
final Winning project.

Our Calls for Projects involve a two-step procedure: first, short Project
Outlines (POs) are submitted, then, for those that are eligible, the second
step is to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). These are evaluated and, if
approved, given the EURIPIDES (EUREKA-endorsed) label. Project participants
should advice and in parallel contact for funding in their own countries.

Any information you need, we are here to provide help and offer advice. 
Feel free to get in touch with our Office Assistant, Ms Molly BOISSIER, by
phone: +33 (0)1 45 05 70 49 or by e-mail : mboissier@euripides-eureka.eu

We are waiting for your Project Outlines on July 7th, 2008!

Yves Le Goff
EURIPIDES Office Director

Office - 17, rue de l'Amiral Hamelin - 75783 PARIS cedex 16 -
Tel +33 (0)1 45 05 70 49   Fax +33 (0)1 45 05 70 37               

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