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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: programme EUROSTARS Entreprise turque souhaite 
	developper une plate forme de messagerie

Madame monsieur
Dans le cadre de l'aide au montage de projets communautaires et de projets
Eurêka, nous avons reçu une demande de partenariat de la part d'une entreprise

A Turkish SME, C2Tech has an interesting project idea on development of
collaboration and messaging platforms and in order to realize that aide this
company needs a partner from EUREKA member countries. I will be glad if you
circulate this project idea in your national network.

For partnership requests and further technical details you can refer Mr.
Uzun from C2Tech Company and his contact details are presented below:

Dr. Ismail Uzun
Project Manager
TUBITAK TEKSEB C-210 Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
Tel: +90 262 644 90 48
Fax: +90 262 644 90 47
E-mail: ismail.uzun@ctech.com.tr 
www.ctechsoft.com www.ctech.com.tr 

détails du projet

Title : Conferencing and collaborative platform for web site owners and
application developers

Objective : To design and develop a platform which enables messaging
collaboration and conferencing that could be added to existing portals, web
sites and stand alone clients

Duration : 12-18 months

Budget :

Support : The aim is to join EUREKA.

Abstract : In this project it is aimed to design and develop a platform which
enables messaging collaboration and conferencing that could be added to
existing portals, web sites and
stand alone clients. This architecture will be a server-based messaging and
audio/video conferencing solution where individuals or groups can meet face to
face in real-time with a simple
setup and registration process. Initially, this solution will enable web sites
or individual application developers to develop real-time, high quality,
cost-effective, remotely manageable and secure
conferencing applications. The next stage for this platform is to support
mobile clients where mobile application developers can easily develop
collaboration and audio/video
conferencing applications for mobile platforms.

This platform with server-based architecture will allow developers to have
scalable and multi-party video services with continuous presence on either web
sites or mobile clients. In addition, this
architecture will be a managed audio/video conferencing solution that allows
Internet Service Providers (ISP) where the servers will be hosted to monitor
and manage Quality of Service (QoS)
and make updates/configurations on the server side to increase user
satisfaction. However, serverbased architecture will give more advantages on
media content management where the media (video/audio) will be stored and

Problem and Justification : Integration of instant messaging (IM) and presence
software with video/audio technologies, implementing/integration trans-coding
and mixing video/audio
technologies, managing server-based media data and implementation of these
systems on Mobile devices are primary steps of this project.

Collaboration: Any collaborative work will be analyzed to be successful.
Especially, companies working on advanced IM and presence stack integration
companies with experience on Mobile
device for implementing conference SW on Mobile devices will have advantage

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