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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Mon Nov 17 18:16 MET 1997
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:11:03 +0100
From: Patrick Schouller 

                                          Telecommunications Networks

                                   Compilation of a list of potential evaluators
                                    Notice of a call for expressions of interest
                                          OJ 97/S 14-153147 of 21.1.1997

Ten Telecom Action, projects of common interest in the field of
trans-European telecommunications.  (1997-1999)

1. European Commission, Directorate-General XIII, Telecommunications,
Information Market and Exploitation of Research,
TEN Telecom Action, DGXIII/A-3, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200 (BU29 7/10),
B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel.

2. Type: Call for expressions of interest for the provision of services
involving assistance with the technical evaluation of
proposals and the annual review of projects within the context of the TEN
Telecom Action. Persons wishing to apply for
inclusion on the list are invited to do so in accordance with the provisions
of this notice.

The awarding authority will include on the list candidates meeting the
criteria in 8.

For each specific contract concluded for an evaluation task (see description
in 3 (a)), the awarding authority will select
candidates from this list in accordance with their skills, availability and
other criteria enabling an appropriate functioning of the
programme to be guaranteed (e.g. continuity of actions, broadening of
skills, absence of conflicts of interest, etc.).

The list resulting from this notice will be used for evaluating proposals
and for the annual review of projects in accordance with
the provisions of contracts concluded between the Commission and
participants in these projects.

3. a) Description of the tasks involved:

1. Technical assistance with evaluating the proposals submitted in response
to the calls for proposals put out within the context
of the TEN Telecom Action.

The evaluators will assess the proposals on the basis of the evaluation
criteria mentioned in the calls and in the information
packages accompanying these calls. The evaluation will be carried out on a
strictly confidential basis and the Commission will
not give people who have submitted proposals any information on the
evaluators involved in assessing their proposal.

2. Technical assistance for Commission personnel within the context of the
annual review of specific TEN Telecom projects.

The evaluators will be required to examine annual reports produced by
project participants and make recommendations to the
Commission for continuance or non-continuance of ongoing projects, or the
modification of their work schedule.

The abovementioned tasks concern the domains listed below

     Applications of collective interest
          trans-European networks for health
          trans-European networks for distance education and training
          trans-European networks for transport
          trans-European networks for the environment
          new work methods
          trans-European applications and services for SMEs
          trans-European networks for access to Europe's cultural heritage
          trans-European city information networks

     Generic services
          end to end services (electronic mail, file transfer,
teleconferencing, data sharing)
          service elements (eg: directories, authentification, digital
signatures, data protection, security)
          support services for electronic commerce
          services in multimedia environment

          ISDN, broadband networks, networking protocols and standards,
mobile networks, satellite networks, cable

b) Type of contracts: The contracts in the fields mentioned in 3 (a) will be
awarded individually on the basis of standard¯task
contracts concluded either with natural persons at a daily rate of 250 ECU
[1], or with legal persons at a daily rate of
450 ECU 1 . Travelling and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed in
accordance with the Commission's standard

The awarding authority will select competent candidates from the list of
experts drawn up on the basis of this call. The selection
will be based on the technical skills required and other criteria relating
to satisfactory management of the programme.

4.Place of provision of services: B-Brussels. If necessary a specific site
visit could be envisaged (all countries in the
European Union).

5. Applications relating to this call for expressions of interest can be
sent until 31. 12. 1998. The list resulting from the call
for expressions of interest will remain valid until 31. 12. 1999.

A first selection will be made on the basis of applications received on
20.3.1997 at the latest and on the basis of criteria
referred to in 8. Updates will be carried out every 6 months from this date
until 20.3.1999.

6. Any natural or legal person on the list resulting from this call for
expressions of interest will be likely to be awarded a

7. a)Address to which the expressions of interest must be sent:  European
Commission, DG XIII/A-3, for the attention
of Mr Olivier Pascal, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200 (BU29 7/10), B-1049
Bruxelles/Brussel, facsimile (32-2) 2951071,
electronic mail: ten@bxl.dg13.cec.be.

b) The persons meeting the conditions in 8 and wishing to apply are invited
to express their interest in writing and send it to the
abovementioned address within the time limits in 5 of this call and clearly
specify the following data:

     name, first name and, for companies, full corporate name,
     full address,
     telephone and facsimile numbers,
     electronic address.

The awarding authority will send an information dossier, comprising all the
necessary information for submitting applications, to
all interested persons.

The awarding authority will notify each candidate of the result of their

8. Conditions required for applications to be considered: The conditions
required for considering applications stipulate, in
particular, that candidates must:

     Have a university degree, in the field of economics/ business
administration, or in the field of IT &T combined with
     training in economics/business administration.

     Provide evidence of a minimum of 10 years of experience in the
management of large IT&T projects in a commercial
     environment, or of experience in the technical, commercial and
financial appraisal of large IT&T projects.

     Provide evidence of professional experience in several of the domains
of the TEN Telecom action

The information dossier which will be addressed to all potential candidates
will take up in detail the selection criteria as well as
all conditions required and forms to be filled in enabling applications to
be evaluated.

9. Other information: The TEN- Telecom work programme is available on
request from the address in 7(a) or by electronic
mail on URL: http://www2.echo.lu/tentelecom/en/tthome.html.

Any additional information may also be obtained from this address.

10. Date of dispatch of the notice: 21.1.1997.

11. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publications of the European
Communities: 21.1.1997.


[1] The daily rates mentionned are those currently in force for this type of
contract. The Commission reserves the right to adapt
them on objective grounds

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