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Madame monsieur
Certains projets en cours de la thématique TIC du PCRDT ont la possibilité
d'ouvrir des appels pour s'adjoindre de nouveaux partenaires chargés
d'effectuer de nouvelles taches dans le projet
C'est le cas du projet FI Ware, le projet 285248 qui a été initialement lancé
pour mettre en place une plate forme permettant de lancer les services du

vous trouverez ci-dessous les informations nécessaires pour en savoir plus et
le cas échéant participer. L'appel a été lancé hier et sera clos le 25 avril

Announcement of the First FI-WARE Open Call for additional beneficiaries

Project acronym: FI-WARE

Project grant agreement number: 285248

Project full name: FI-WARE: Future Internet Core Platform

The FI-WARE project, currently active in the Seventh Framework Programme of
European Community for research and technological development, announces its
First Open Call for new project partners.

FI-WARE will deliver a novel service infrastructure, building upon elements
(called Generic Enablers  GEs) which offer reusable and commonly shared
functions making it easier to develop Future Internet Applications in multiple
sectors. This infrastructure will bring significant and quantifiable
improvements in the performance, reliability and production costs linked to
Internet Applications  building a true foundation for the Future Internet. 

FI-WARE is the cornerstone of the Future Internet PPP (FI-PPP) program, a
action by European Industry and the European Commission. 

The FI-WARE project will develop open specifications of FI-WARE GEs, together
with a reference implementation of each GE for testing. Some of these open
specifications will be submitted for standardization. FI-WARE aims to draw
results already achieved through earlier research projects. It will further
develop them and integrate them.

FI-WAREs First Open Call will allow the incorporation of new partners that
contribute or develop the following GEs for their integration as part of
FI-WARE. They also need to provide support to FI-PPP use case projects
validating conceptual prototypes developed on top of FI-WARE. 

P Middleware for efficient and QoS/Security-aware invocation of services and
exchange of messages.
P Business Models and Business Elements (BM & BE) Definition and Simulation.

IPRs will be managed according to the corresponding Grant Agreement,
Agreement and Collaboration Agreement, which the new partners shall adhere
In particular, specifications of GEs must be publicly available on the
FI-WAREs website/wiki and be royalty-free. Contributed implementations of
these GEs should be licensed free of charge to projects funded under the
program and commercialized under FRAND conditions.

Submitters to this Open Call should be legal entities that are established in
an EU Member State, or FP7 Associated State. 

Please note that activities to be carried out by the new partners will be
partly funded, in alignment with the funding schema defined for research
activities by the European Commission.

Full information, including details about expected functionality to be covered
by the above mentioned GEs, is available on 


Call open: The call opens on 31 January 2012
Deadline: The call closes on 25 April 2012 at 17h00 (Brussels time)

Expected duration of participation in project: July 2012 to April 2014 

Total EC funding available for new partners: up to 2 Million Euro. 

Call identifier: FI-WARE: Open Call 1 for additional beneficiaries

Language in which proposals should be submitted: English 

Web address for further information: 

Email address for submissions: ict@ec.europa.eu 
(subject: FI-WARE: Open Call 1 for additional beneficiaries)

Email address for further information: