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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre des appels en cours du programme CIP TIC PSP, nous vous
un souhait de participation à un projet de la part d'une société grecque

OTEís Company Profile

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.) is the largest
telecommunications provider in Greece (incumbent), and together with its
subsidiaries forms one of the leading telecom groups in Southeastern
Europe. OTE
is among the five largest listed companies, with respect to capitalization, in
the Athens Stock Exchange and is also listed in the London (LSE) Stock
Exchange. Following an agreement between the Greek Government and Deutsche
Telekom, since July 2009 the Greek State holds 20% and Deutsche Telekom 30% of
OTEís shares. OTE Groupís revenues in 2009 were nearly 6 billion Euros.

The OTE Group offers a full range of products and services, from broadband
services, fixed and mobile telephony, to high-speed data communications and
leased lines services. In addition, the Group in Greece is involved in a range
of activities, notably satellite communications, real-estate and professional
training. At present, OTE companies employ over 30,000 people in four
countries. As part of its international investment strategy, OTE Group has
acquired stakes in telecom companies in the area of Southeastern Europe. More
specifically, OTE has acquired stakes in Telecom Serbia (20%), and in
Romtelecom, Romania (54%). The OTE Group is also present in the mobile
telephony market of Bulgaria through GloBul, Albania through AMC and Romania
through Cosmote Romania.

OTE is already active in the areas of cloud, e-government, e-health and
e-energy. Through its participation in ICTPSP OTE wishes to enhance its ICT
product portfolio and align it with the corresponding best practices in EU.

OTE is interested to participate in ICTPSP projects in the following areas:

Open Innovation for future Internet-enabled Services in "smart" Cities (5.1)
Towards a cloud of public services (4.1)
ICT for Energy and Water Efficiency in Public Buildings (1.2)
Empowering patients and supporting widespread deployment of telemedicine
services (3.4)
e-accessibility (3.3)

OTEís Contact Person: 

Dr. Konstantinos Ap. Eleftherianos
Business Development Manager
Enterprise and Business Services 
Kifisias 99, Marousi, 17124, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 6118079
Mob.: +30 6974 999691
e-mail: keleftherianos@ote.gr

ou encore

Maria Koutrokoi 
NCP for ICT, RIs and ICTPSP and 
Member of the Greek Delegation to the JUs ENIAC & ARTEMIS 
Directorate of International S&T Cooperation, European Union Division
General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT),
Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning & Religious Affairs
14-18 Messogion Str., 115 10 Athens - GR
Tel: +30 210 7711 519, e-mail:mkoutr@gsrt.gr