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Madame, monsieur
dans le cadre des programmes coopératifs H 2020, et pour l'appel sur la
thématique TIC en cours, nous avons reçu une proposition de compétence de la
part d'une entreprise polonaise

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am representing an IT Polish company  PIXEL delivering radiological and
teleradiological software to healthcare centres. 
We have extensive, over 10 year experiences in developing innovative solutions
in the field of medicine, in particular radiology. 
We are the only Polish company providing radiological solutions in 3D.

We would be strongly interested in participating as a partner in the projects
within HORIZON 2020. 

In particular, we would be interested in being a partner in the projects
submitted within the current fothcoming calls for proposals (deadline
Please find atttached our company's profile 

Description of products:

If our experiences and offer suits your needs and expectations, I would
appreciate if you could contact me asap.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate do contact me.
Best regards,
Rafal Zdrajkowski
Business&funds specialist
+48 697 202 201

plus sur la compagnie

1.  Company offer:

PIXEL Technology is an IT small enterprise, located in Lódz (Lodzkie Region,
Poland) and acting since 1992. We have gained more than 14 years of
in developing innovative radiological solutions. We deliver radiological
software for healthcare centres such as PACS systems, DICOM images viewers and
Radiology Information Systems.
Since 2000 Pixel has built experience in the following fields: DICOM Standard,
HL7 Standard, ISO 19923, networking solutions, Hospital Information Systems,
large data
processing (by database, xml, binary processing, waves), expert systems.

We cooperate with the biggest IT firms and software providers in the country
such as: Asseco, Agfa Healthcare, CareStream, General Electric Healthcare, ESA
Project, Kamsoft ,
Siemens, Philips and Toshiba.

The team of PIXEL Technology consists of 3 co-founders, 4 salesmen, 20
developers and 8 persons from support team.

2.  Strentghs of our company:
-  Over 14 years of experience in providing radiological software for
healthcare centres.
-  The company is a pioneer - the first company in Poland which has started
developing its own DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)
images viewer.
- We are the only Polish company providing radiological solutions in 3D.
- Till now the company has provided the teleradiological software for more
150 healthcare centres in Poland.
- Our programmers are the authors of the software provided by the company.
- The company possesses a variety of certificates proving that our products
services are provided at European level and according to the highest
including ISO 9001:2009- Quality Management System, Declaration of conformance
with the requirements of Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), as well as ISO
13485:2005 - Management System Certificate in the field of development and
production of radiological software.
- We have gained experiences in international cooperation. Our company was a
partner of 3-year lasting EU-funded international project ,,Regional ICT based
Clusters for Healthcare Applications and R&D Integration” (acronym: RICHARD -
www.richardproject.eu), carried out within Seventh Framework Programme and
devoted to the use of ICT in chronic diseases.

3.  Potential fields of international cooperation within HORIZON 2020:

-  We're interested in developing EHR, EPR systems in the field of general
healthcare, in particular we're interested in radiology field where we've huge
experience in image
- We are interested in participation as a partner in research and development
projects devoted to developing new diagnostic tools and innovative
in the field of ICT for health.
-  Our particular area of interest is development of innovative imaging tools
and technologies in the field of digital radiology and teleradiology.
- We are interested in participation as a partner in the projects within the
current calls for proposals such as for example:

Self management of health and disease: citizen engagement and mHealth”,
PHC-26-2014, deadline: 15.04.2014

Digital representation of health data to improve disease diagnosis and
treatment” ,  PHC-30-2015, deadline: 21.04.2015

Development of new diagnostic tools and technologies: in vivo medical imaging
technologies”, PHC-11-2015 ,  deadline: 14.10.2014 (first stage), 24.02.2015-
(second stage)
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