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From: Patrick SCHOULLER Subject: FP/TIC / Appel 2 Plusieurs recherches de partenaires Madame monsieur Dans le cadre des projets IDEALIST nous vous signalons quelques recherches de partenariats susceptibles de vous intéresser PS-UK-1817 (no Quality Label) OpTIC Technium, une organisation anglaise à but non lucratif recherche des partenaires pour une : SSA Dans le défi: 3.5 Photonic components and subsystems Nom provisoire du projet: European Photonics Academies (EUPHAC) Date de clôture: 09/10/2007 Sujet: OpTIC is proposing to expand the academies activities by offering teacher development courses and internships for primary and secondary school teachers from both in Wales and throughout Europe. We also wish to expand a university student summer internship programme that has already informally started within the Academy with a summer intern from France and ECTARC students working with the Academy this year. Expertises demandées: -Scientists and engineers in the areas of lasers and opto-electronics. -Teachers and university professors in the areas of lasers and opto-electronics. -Personnel in laser and electro-optic professional and industry organisations. Partenaires recherchés: Multiple partners sought: Industry groups interested in increasing public awareness and the skill base in photonics, Governmental and private organisations seeking to stimulate interest in science and especially photonics amongst young people, Secondary and primary schools interested in establishing programmes like Photonics Academy. Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/UK/PS-UK-1817 ********************************************************************** PS-IL-1804 AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd., une entité israélienne recherche des partenaires pour un: Projet: IP Dans le défi: 3.6 Micro/nanosystems Nom provisoire du projet: Vehicle Substance Detection Systems - VSDS Date de clôture: 09/10/2007 Sujet: The VSDS project is aiming to design and develop an integrated micro-system based on nano technologies, for alcohol and drug detection in drivers sweat. Expertises demandées: In order to make successful, balanced consortia we would like to have the following types of organizations participating in this project: Transdermal alcohol sensors manufacturers Micro array biosensors developers and manufacturers Polymer developers and manufacturers Developers and manufacturers of Systems-on-a-chip Leading health institutions with specific sweat analysis practice Steering wheel developers and manufacturers Vehicle manufacturers Partenaires recherchés: Car manufactures - Industry SMEs for system integration Biochemical assess biosensors - development Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IL/PS-IL-1804 ********************************************************************** PS-EG-1751 Electronic Research Institute, un centre de recherche égyptien recherche des partenaires et notamment un coordonnateur pour un: Projet: STREP Dans le défi: 3.6 Micro/nanosystems Nom provisoire du projet: Network-on-Chip Date de clôture: 09/10/2007 Sujet: Develop design methodologies for Network-on-Chip. Developing high-performance, low-power Network-on-Chip is the primary target of the project. Different issues, such as interconnects and noise are going to be considered. Expertises demandées: Three partners are required. 1) The first should be an expert in digital electronics, logic design, DFT, integrated circuits design, interconnect and physical design, ASIC design, VLSI, Electromagnetic effects, RTL, and Validation. 2) The second should be expert in basics of computer networks, routing, addresing, scheduling, congestion control, and ISO-OSI reference model. 3) The third partner should be expert in CAD tools and programming. Partenaires recherchés: Research institutes, universities and industries. Research institutes are universities are must. Industry is an option. Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/EG/PS-EG-1751 ********************************************************************** PS-DE-1852 University of Applied Sciences HTW Aalen, une université allemande recherche des partenaires pour un: Projet: STREP Dans le défi: 1.6 New Paradigms and Experimental Facilities Nom provisoire du projet: Semantic Integration of Testbeds for Composite Applications and Services Date de clôture: 09/10/2007 Sujet: To develop and successfully deploy a solution that improves the integration of testbeds for composite applications specifically in the IT configuration and incident management areas within 36 months. The solution in form of a methodology and software framework will be applied and tested in case studies. Expertises demandées: Problem management-related software infrastructure producers: ITIL software infrastructure producer (e.g., Incident and Configuration Management Databases and related software) as well as active system and network management solution producers Partners operating active interconnected testbeds Producers and users of composite application software utilized in composite testbeds University research partners The consortium is seeking partners that have heterogeneous IT customer software environments. Partners that develop software components or applications with a large and/or diverse customer base are also sought. Partenaires recherchés: Universities with hugh IT-departments Large Companies with own IT testbeds Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/DE/PS-DE-1852 ********************************************************************** Pour plus d'information Claire Ferté PCN ICT - IDEALIST claire.ferte@ubifrance.fr Ce message vous est distribué parce que vous êtes sur une liste de gens potentiellement intéressés par les informations nationales ou communautaires relatives à la société de l'information. Si vous ne souhaitez pas faire partie de cette liste, merci d'envoyer un message en disant quelle adresse email supprimer. Patrick SCHOULLER Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Emploi DGE - STSI Représentant national "Programmes européens dédiés à la société de l'information" www.telecom.gouv.fr