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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
	     PCRDT / call 5 / Présentation de l'objectif
  ICT FP7 
        SO 4.3: Intelligent Information Management / 11&12 mai 2009 / Luxembourg

Madame, monsieur

Dans le cadre de la préparation des propositions de projets en réponse à
l'appel 5 de la thématique TIC qui sera lancé vers le 31 juillet, la
européenne organise une session  de rencontre et de préparation avec la
possibilité de questionenr la commission sur les attendus de l'appel et de
commencer les consortia avec les personnes présentes

11-12 May 2009, Luxembourg  Call 5 Information and Networking Event 
Call 5 
Information and Networking Event 

The next call for proposals of Intelligent Information Management research
projects is the ICT Call 5, expected to be published on 31 July 2009.
The upcoming Information and Networking Event - to be held on 11-12 May at the
Jean Monnet Conference Centre - is now just a bit more than one week away,

the final Program and list of Invited Speakers will be published on the Event
webpage in the beginning of next week:

So, please turn back to the Event page to find details on the different
sessions and more about the distinguished speakers. Meanwhile, please find
below some useful information regarding the Matchmaking & Poster sessions and
the Proposal Clinics.

       Please also follow the ICT FP7 SO 4.3: Intelligent Information
Management on Twitter - Join the conversation at: #SO43   
You are cordially invited to participate at the event and please note that the
deadline for registration will close on 5 May. 

We look forward to meeting you in Luxembourg.  
Carina Bjurklint on behalf of Márta Nagy-Rothengass 

Breakout sessions 

Proposal Clinics   
Proposal Clinics will run in parallel to the program and take place throughout
the two days of the event. European Commission representatives will be
available to discuss project ideas and offer preliminary feedback on their
relevance with respect to the work programme and the fifth call for
If you wish to sign up for a bilateral meeting to discuss your ideas and get
some early feedback from a Scientific Project Officer, then please tick this
option in the online form when you register. The slots will be allocated on a
first-come-first-served basis, and the exact schedule will be communicated at
the registration desk. 

Matchmaking Session  
On 12 May in the afternoon a session dedicated to Matchmaking will be
If you wish to take the podium for three minutes, explaining what your skills
are and how your skills could contribute to a successful proposal, please
register by sending an email to our unit's mailbox:  
This session is intended to be a sort of "matchmaking/partner finding" event,
where you can either present your organisation, your skills and/or ideas, or
alternatively state what sort of partner(s) you are looking for. 
The slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and the exact
timing will be communicated at the registration desk. Please note that the
timing must be very strictly adhered to in order to give a maximum number of
people the chance to speak and present their organisation's main areas of
The presentations will be published on our website immediately after the

Poster Session  
The European Commission facilitates a poster session, which is open to both
projects who wish to showcase their work and organisations who wish to
advertise their skills. No prior registration is necessary. 
The posters will be displayed in the Foyer of the Jean Monnet Conference
throughout the two days of the event, and the space will be allocated to you
when you arrive at the meeting. 
The Poster Owners are expected to staff their posters for participants to come
and discuss the research. 

Registration and terms of participation 

1. Participation is free of charge but subject to prior registration and
confirmation (only registered participants can access the conference centre). 
2. Travel and accommodation expenses must be borne by the delegates. 
You are invited to register to the event by submitting the online registration
form, available on the Event page:

       The Registration will close on 5 May 2009.   
More ...  
Where to find more information? 

       Visit the ICTWeb:      http://cordis.europa.eu/info-management/    
Thank you for your co-operation and for further information,  
please contact us via the INFSO.E2 mailbox: infso-e2@ec.europa.eu 

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