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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre des appels à projets du programme H 2020, nous avons reçu trois
offres de partenariats
- la ville d'Istanbul qui offre de nombreuses possibilités pour des
de projets
- l'institut de recherche serbe  “Lola” sur le thème des  Symbiotic
collaborations for safe and dynamic multimodal manufacturing systems
- une entreprise slovène sur l'énergie


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) holds a very important place in local
administration organization of Istanbul. Its area of responsibility
the entire provincial territory, which spans a total area of 5,343 km˛ with
population of 13.3 million. IMM has 87 directorates, 27 municipal enterprises,
2 subsidiary public utility corporations (Transport Authority and Water &
Sanitation Authority) and 43,500 employees in total. It is responsible for
variety of areas including environment, natural-gas supply, energy,
infrastructure, planning and development, IT, transportation, community
services and vocational education, health-wellness, food & catering, culture,
tourism etc.
We are public body and we have many EU Projects. In ICT area you can look at
those links in the below.

Don't hesitate for further details of our organization in related areas.

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Research and Development Institute Lola Ltd. Belgrade, Kneza Višeslava 70a, 
Phone: +381 11 25 41 303, 25 46 423; Fax: +381 11 25 44 096; office@li.rs;

Fields of Activity
Research in the fields of robotics, machine tools, robot controllers, and
industrial robot language.

Skills and Expertise Offered    
Robot and Machine Tools Design:
Design of industial robots and machine tools
Kinematics and dynamics of manipulators and machine tools
Structural analysis 
Dynamic flight simulators 
Robot and Machine Tool Controllers:
Development of industrial robot conrolers and CNC systems
Motion control of industrial robots and machine tools
Servo control
Knowledge of open architecture control and programming systems
Distributed real-time robot and machine tool control systems
Industrial robot programming language development
G code language development
Development of simulators for testing and verification of robot motion
instructions and algorithms
Development of systems for remote real-time monitoring of robots and machine
tools using virtual models
Embedded systems including microcontrollers and programmable systems on chip
for various sensor signal processing
Development of safety robot software and safety online monitoring

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Contact Person  
Vladimir Kvrgiæ, PhD
Tel     +381 11 2541 303
Email   vladimir.kvrgic@li.rs


Mrs. Svetlana M. Bogdanovic M.S.EE
Serbian FP7/Horizon2020 ICT NCP 
Republic of Serbia
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

E-mail: svetlana.bogdanovic@mpn.gov.rs


ELEKTROSERVISI, power engineering, metering laboratory, real estate agency and
engineering, joint-stock company
Dobrave 6, 1236 Trzin Slovenia
Division Metering Laboratory
Bukovica 4b, 1217 Vodice

Company Elektroservisi has great interest for collaboration in Call - Secure,
clean and efficient energy:
and best-practice identification
Previous FP projects participated: FP7/ 2014  2017: SUNSEED

Company Elektroservisi has been present on the electrical construction market
for numerous years, meeting the needs of the infrastructure companies, mostly
concerning the devices for transmitting and distributing electric power
(building the new ones and maintaining old ones). Among companies divisions is
Metering Laboratory, Slovenia's leading independent laboratory which has been
granted accreditation and a decree sheet of nomination as a control body
(control, certification and implementation) in the area of electricity meters,
metering transformers.
Core function of the Metering Laboratory is development and implementation of
various electro-energy measurements (functionality test, performance tests,
environmental impact, data management, parameterization, etc.), smart meter
repair services and maintenance of advanced metering infrastructure (i.e. AMI
acceptance test, SAT, SIT).
With the arrival of the Smart grid, we have been adapting to new demands on
During last decade, we have gathered lots of different experience in field of
smart metering.
Nevertheless, Metering Laboratory has been working for numerous domestic and
foreign companies (Toshiba, Siemens, ABB, etc.), all five Slovenian electric
Utilities, ELES (Electricity Transmission System Operator), Milan Vidmar
Electric Power Research Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, TP Smart
Grids (national platform for smart grids research)
and many others.
We would like to point out, that on one hand we have highly educated
experts in
above mentioned fields and on the other hand professional measuring equipment
for various testing
(metering/monitoring of PQ, energy grid analysis, etc.). Due to the vast
knowledge of Slovenian law and legislation, we see our future role in projects
as a linking part between the
electric utility companies, ISPs and end users.

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Bojan Milicic, Project Manager
Metering Laboratory Elektroservisi
M: +386 51 304 364
E-mail: bojan.milicic@elektroservisi.si

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