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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Mon Mar 10 21:30 MET 1997
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 21:28:56 -0600
From: Patrick Schouller 

 Object: Our interest to taking part in the EU Telematic Programme

  Mr.Giovanni FUNARO
	EARTH S.r.l.
	Via Roccagiovine 257 - 00156 - ROMA
	Tel. +39.6.4114415
	Fax  +39.6.4114414
	e-mail: gfuna.earth@iol.it

EARTH S.r.l. is an engineering consulting company based in Rome (Italy). The
Company's aim is to offer consulting services mainly whithin the
implementation of GIS applications and integrated engineering solution
linked to the land and environment evaluation.

Among its main experiences, bejond the carrying out of  GIS softwares in AML
ARC/INFO, EARTH  partecipated as project coordinator in the research project
BRITE EURAM 93-96 which title is: Development of advanced remote sensing
technologies in mineral exploration. In its work EARTH carried out the GIS
application named GEIS ( Geological Information System ) in order to
integrate remote sensed data and field data.

With the intention of diversifying and integrating its supply of products
and services, EARTH S.r.l. would be interested in taking part to theUE
research programme  Telematics Application either in sector 9 'Telematics
for Environment', or in sector 6 'Telematics for Urban and Rural areas';

Therefore, EARTH would like to be inserted in the research groups which
propose the above  themes.

Best regards
EARTH s.r.l.
Mr. Giovanni FUNARO
                        Patrick SCHOULLER
	  Direction Generale des Strategies Industrielles
	     3/5 rue Barbet de Jouy 75353 PARIS  07 SP

Telephone : + 33 (1) 43 19 34 25
Telecopie : + 33 (1) 43 19 35 51
E Mail    : patrick.schouller@inria.fr