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From Katherine.Maillet@galaxie.int-evry.fr Wed Jul 16 20:36 MET 1997
From: "Katherine.Maillet"  (via roger.seite@mesr.fr (Roger Seite))
Subject: L'Enseignement_à_l'ère_de_la_communication, appel a communications


Nous serions tres heureux si vous pouviez circuler l'annonce ci-dessous qui
concerne un appel a communications pour la conference citee en objet.

L'Institut National des Telecommunications participe depuis janvier 1996 a
un projet ACTS dont l'objectif et la conception, le developpement, et
l'experimentation d'un dispositif multimedia pour l'apprentissage des
langues etrangeres qui relira trois sites europeens d'enseignement superieur
par un reseau haut debit. Le consortium LEVERAGE regroupe des universitaires
et industriels qui mettent en commun leur diverse expertise pour realiser un
projet pedagogique innovant, s'appuyant sur la technologie de pointe.

Dans le cadre de notre mission de dissemination, le consortium organise un
colloque qui adressera le theme, "L'Education a l'ere de la communication".
Le texte ci-après en presente les details. J'attache egalement le texte dans
un document word.

Je vous remercie de votre participation.

Katherine Maillet

Dear Colleague

I'd be most grateful if you could bring this to the attention of anyone who
may be interested.

Many thanks.
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(with apologies for cross-postings)


LEarn from Video Extensive Real Atm Gigabit Experiment

LEVERAGE conference: "Education in the communication age"
12.00 Wednesday 7th - 16.00 Thursday 8th January 1998
Homerton College, University of Cambridge

Luis Rodriguez-Rosello, Head of Divison, Telematics Programme, European
Commission DGXIII and Mark Warschauer, National Foreign Language Resource
Centre, University of Hawai'i will be the principal plenary speakers at the
1st international LEVERAGE conference on broadband communications in
education and training.

In the LEVERAGE project academics and industrialists from throughout Europe
have been collaborating to develop a combination of cutting-edge technology
and innovative pedagogy.  This conference will offer delegates a chance to
learn more about the work of LEVERAGE (including hands-on line
demonstrations of the system) as well as the opportunity to hear
international speakers who will present and discuss the major issues for the
use of advanced communication technologies in education and training.

The LEVERAGE project includes a combination of:
INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGY: task-based learning; integrated multimedia resources;
interactivity; reciprocal tutoring; collaborative learning; evaluation via
joint multilingual tasks; flexible support infrastructure; student control
of the learning environment and on-line language learning advisors.; and
CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: optical networking; multimedia servers; MPEG-2;
multipoint communications; MAN/LAN to PNO connections; videoconferencing;
ATM switching; Net management; signalling; vertical integration and
intuitive interfaces

The LEVERAGE conference panel would welcome offers of papers related to
network-based learning and teaching (in any discipline) from either the
pedagogical or technical angle. Some poster sessions will also be available.

If you are interested in speaking at the Research Forum please send an
abstract of your paper (no more than 500 words) BY E-MAIL (Word 6.0, Word
2.0 or .txt file) to the LEVERAGE Conference Panel: leverage@cilt.org.uk.
Please include your name, institution / company or affiliation, e-mail,
address and telephone number as well as a brief (one paragraph) professional
biography.  NB the official conference language will be English.

Following the event, speakers will be invited to provide a brief summary of
their paper for the LEVERAGE conference report which will be published on
the LEVERAGE World Wide Web site.

Submissions for papers or poster sessions should reach the LEVERAGE
Conference Panel (leverage@cilt.org.uk) BY Monday 8th September 1997.

The final choice of papers will be made by 30/9/97.  All individuals
offering papers will be notified by e-mail whether or not they have been
successful by 7/10/97.

Further details about LEVERAGE from leverage@cilt.org.uk or

If you have any queries or would like further information you are most
welcome to contact the LEVERAGE Information Unit by telephone, fax or

Philippa Wright
LEVERAGE Information Unit - Head of Information Services
Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (CILT)
20 Bedfordbury
London WC2N 4LB
Tel:  +44 (0)171 379 5101 ext. 228
Fax: +44 (0)171 379 5082
E-mal: leverage@cilt.org.uk
 - - - - - - -

NB for general conference INFORMATION or REGISTRATIONS (non-speakers) please
Alison Cutler, CILT Conferences, 20 Bedfordbury, London WC2N 4LB
(Tel +44 171 379 5101 ext.240, E-mail: confs.direct@cilt.org.uk)

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Katherine Maillet
Departement Langues et Formation Humaine
Institut National des Telecommunications
9, rue Charles Fourier
91011 - EVRY Cedex

tel : (33)
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