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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Programme CIP Une association de Lituanie recherche de partenaire  pour un réseau thématique

Madame, monsieur

dans le cadre du montage de consortium pour répondre à l'appel en cours du
nous avons reçu des offres de partenariats

1) L'association Association Langas I Ateiti / Window to the Future de
( vainqueur de la einclusion award 2008 dans le cadre de la digital Literacy)
recherche pour un réseau thématique dans l'objectif 1.4 sur la

Association Langas I Ateiti / Window to the Future is a non profit
located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since year 2002 the mission of Window to the
Future is to increase the
number of Internet users in Lithuania and in this way stimulate the growth of
the standard of living, as well as Lithuania’s competitive ability among
European and World countries.

The initiative Window to the future was launched at the beginning of 2002 by
private companies: telecommunication companies, banks, IT companies. Since the
beginning of its activities Window to the Future started a unique project
at businesses supporting the development of the information society in
Lithuania. At different periods the association was joined by active
partners –
other business companies, as well as the Ministry of Interior of the Republic
of Lithuania which stated the contribution of both sides to the creation of
united public Internet Access Point establishment strategy in Lithuania.

Association Window to the Future has experience in three fields of activities:

1) Internet access – establishment of Public Internet Access Points (PIAPs),
where every person can use computers and Internet free of charge.
Results of today: joining private business, state and EU funds a network of
more than 800 public Internet Access Points has been established in Lithuania
(the largest network of PIAPs in Europe) majority of which are located in
areas and serve the local community needs which helps to decrease the digital

2) Training the society to use computers and Internet.

Results of today:
- in 2003 20.000 adult citizens trained on Internet basics implementing the
project funded by private companies – Window to the Future partners,
- in 2006-2008 EU SF funded project “Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian
ecitizen” was implemented by Window to the Future, the result of which –
adult people trained on computer and internet usage basics (the overall
category winner of European Commission E-Inclusion Award 2008),
- since 2008 Microsoft Unlimited Potential Programme has started funding 4
distant learning courses project in which people are offered free opportunity
to improve their computer literacy knowledge as well as safe Internet usage –
over 2500 people have already participated in the e-courses.
3) Promotion of e-services All projects implemented by Window to the Future
encourage people to use e-services.
Implementing the activities of PIAPs establishment and trainings association
Window to the Future is paying special attention to socially excluded
population: people living in rural areas,
elderly and disabled people. ICT knowledge is very important to these
groups of
people and ensures wider abilities to communicate, to find needed information,
to learn and to work, to
use e-services, etc.

Window to the Future projects are usually implemented on the country scale and
for this reason has a wide network of social partners all around the country.

Since 2002 association Window to the Future has earned national and
international recognition for it’s activities, such as prizes in national ICT
usage competitions, awards in international competitions (Baltic Challenge
2006 finalist, epractice.eu Editor’s choice in 2007, the overall Digital
Literacy category winner in EC E-inclusion Awards
2008). Pretty often the association is introduced as a good practise example
implementing European Social Fund projects.

Window to the Future is a member of international organizations, such as

(http://telecentreeurope.ning.com/) and EUTA (http://www.euta.hu/).

Window to the Future is interested in projects of Theme 1.4. “E-accessibility
Thematic Network”.


Organization: Association Langas I Ateiti / Window to the Future

Address: Laisves ave. 3, LT-04132 Vilnius, Lithuania

Contact person: Loreta Krizinauskiene, Managing Director

E-mail: info@langasiateiti.lt

Phone: +370 5 2397813

Fax: +370 5 2397831


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