From Sat Feb 22 09:26 MET 1997 Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 09:28:14 -0600 From: Patrick Schouller Subject: UNE BIBLIOTHEQUE ESPAGNOLE COMME PARTENAIRE THE UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID LIBRARY ANCIENT BOOK DIGITISING PROJECT. The university library has been working in the creation of a digital library of ancient books in support of preservation as well as a first step to offer a new service of networked access to one of the most important collections in Spain. At this stage, more than 100,000 digitised pages are accesible through the campus network using TCP/IP. The windows clients connect a central server (an HP 9000) running an application that has been developed on Informix. Further details can be found at The library would be interested in collaborating in projects aiming at integrating this new electronic product into its services and collections, in particular covering issues such as: o Integration of the access to the traditional library OPAC (we are currently running a LIBERTAS library management system) with the digitised collection via open standards like Z39.50. o Integration of user access via the WWW. o Development of tools in support of long term availability of electronic materials (media for storage and distribution, use of appropiate data and format standards, etc.) The library could participate in a cooperative project in tasks of validation, as a test-bed site for services or products, incorporating an important, ready to use digitised collection, evaluation of use, etc. The contact person is: Pilar Moreno Responsable de Proyecto. Biblioteca. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. e-mail: Tlf.: +34-1-394 12 29 Fax: +34-1-394 14 28 **************************************************************** Patrick SCHOULLER MINISTERE DE L'INDUSTRIE DE LA POSTE ET DES TELECOMMUNICATIONS Direction Generale des Strategies Industrielles 3/5 rue Barbet de Jouy 75353 PARIS 07 SP Telephone : + 33 1 43 19 34 25 Telecopie : + 33 1 43 19 35 51 ****************************************************************