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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: programme CIP TIC / entreprise maltaise cherche partenaire

Madame monsieur
Dans le cadre de l'appel à projet en cours du programme CIP TIC, nous avons
reçu une demande d'une entreprise de Malte qui recherche des partenaires

Future Focus Ltd. (Malta) Organisational profile

The expertise of Future Focus Ltd lies in its ability to coordinate the
necessary number of institutions and qualified personnel required to service a
project.  This is due to the fact that Future Focus Ltd has been functioning
for over seven years in this business and during this time period, it has
to become a principal player in the Maltese educational field.   Apart from
dedication of its core asset  its human resources, Future Focus Ltd has
developed its own asset base that allows it to provide fully equipped, fully
functional classrooms, utilising state of the art presentation and video
conferencing technology where required.  It has its own teaching premises,
administration offices, mini hostel, contracted accommodation for incoming
students and all the required teaching and educational infrastructure.
Future Focus Malta provides vocational training in a wide variety of subjects.
These include tourism and travel agency management, environment and
development, waste management, ICT, hotel operations, catering, advertising
public relations, communications, sales management and marketing, insurance,
modern management, human resource management, finance (accounts, economics,
banking) child care among others. 
Since 2003 Future Focus has been involved in European funded Mobility
Its partners are located all around Europe. 
Future Focus is based in Malta and attracts students from Malta and other EU
and non-EU countries. The students come to obtain internationally recognised
qualifications. Their aim is to get diploma and other certification after
having attained the required standards and passing the set examinations.
Apart from attracting European students to come to carry out their internship
in Malta, European students can also obtain a work placement in Malta either
under an EU funded programme or otherwise. Future Focus helps in organising
work placement and it also reports on progress, arranges transport and
accommodation and monitors the students throughout their stay in Malta.
On the consultancy side, Future Focus Malta has a team of experts that
micro and small to medium sized companies in areas such as strategy. Human
resources teams give guidance and support in such areas as emotional
intelligence, drawing up of career development programmes, job descriptions
job appraisals. Other areas include logistics, attaining quality standards and
Health and Safety reviews. Future Focus also has experts who prepare and write
out EU projects.
Future Focus has recently signed an agreement with Forward Scotland of the UK.
Both companies undertake to support corporate social responsibility in their
respective country and in other EU countries. The programme under which each
company will work is called Grades.
GRADES is a graduate placement programme for graduates who are  interested in
working for employers on developing and improving ethical and sustainable
business processes and practices. Thus GRADES provides in-depth work
at all levels of business for the graduate.  The programme is not specific
to a
business sector as it aims to provide employers of any sector with assistance
to better understand and take action to improve their ethical and
performance.  GRADES has a number of objectives including that of providing a
platform for the next generation of employees and businesses that is
founded on
the principles of sustainable development.

Forward Scotland has been working within the field of sustainable development
since 1996.  The company works to champion innovative approaches to
development in Scotland by initiating practical demonstration projects, by
undertaking research and helping to influence policy. Since 1997, the company
has supported a range of programmes to encourage resource efficiency in
business, including Business Wins, REAP & DEMI.  These programmes have helped
businesses participating to achieve £4m in total savings per year.  

The company is also a member of the VIBES steering group.  VIBES (Vision in
Business for the Environment in Scotland) is an award scheme which recognises
businesses who go beyond legislation and achieve economic benefit from
incorporating sustainable development principles into the company ethos.  The
VIBES award is the only Scottish feeder for the European Environment Awards
the 2006 winner of the European Environment Awards, “Windsave”, was a VIBES
In 2005, Forward Scotland published the findings of its Environment Jobs
Scotland initiative.  This included the mapping of skills and training and
employment opportunities arising from the renewable energy, waste and natural
heritage sector and a training package was developed for careers advisors to
provide appropriate careers information on the sectors.  The results of the
initiative has helped to inform the Scottish Executives “green jobs” strategy
as well as the Scottish Sustainable Development Strategy.  
Future Focus is working on this initiative locally together with Malta
Environment and Planning Authority. The first graduate, Guillem Vich-Callejo,
who is presently in Malta is assisting both Future Focus and MEPA in promoting
sustainable development.  Future Focus, which has recently opened an office in
the UK, has made a financial contribution in this initiative. Rosanne Galea,
managing director, said that, each and every company in Malta should practice
social responsibility. Climate change is taking centre stage in corporate
social responsibility. Sustainable development is in everyone’s interest.  A
strong reputation in environmental and social responsibility can help a
build trust with its stakeholders.
Future Focus is also a partner with the government of Malta in the myPotential
The objectives of the myPotential initiative are to:   
·       Create an environment of learning opportunities in the ICT field for
students, unemployed persons and persons in employment;  
·       Increase the affordability of ICT certifications whilst ensuring
excellent quality service levels;  
·       Ensure a constant supply of ICT graduates to match the needs of the
industry in a timely manner; 
·       Promote life-long learning and encourage individuals to advance their
careers in ICT and entrench skills flexibility; 
·       Develop a resilient ICT labour market to ensure it is a key
advantage for Malta to attract foreign direct investment; and 
·       Entice further growth in the local private ICT training industry. 
Future Focus is a young, forward looking organisation. It has invested its
resources into key areas; those related to ICT and the environment. It is keen
to expand its network of partners and is open to idea, suggestions and

Future Focus is also involved in developing ICT projects for the visually
impaired and persons with reduced mobility. Some projects are presently
underway and the software products will be tested in the coming months. The
partners in this project including British and Austrian organisations.

Future Focus can be contacted as follows:
Future Focus Ltd; 8 Magazines Street Floriana
Telephone: 00356 21 225884/ 00356 21 221371
Fax: 00356 21 235883
or its UK offices:
960 Capability Green Luton LU1 3PE United Kingdom

Telephone 0044(0)1582635011
Fax 0044(0)0582635001

Pour toute information complémentaire, le point de contact de malte est

Anamaria Pantea
CIP National Contact Point
Malta Investment Management Ltd. (MIMCOL)
Tel. +356 21497970
Fax. +356 21499568
Email info@cipmalta.com 
URL www.cipmalta.com 

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