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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: CIP TIC PSP Appel 2010 Malte recherche des partenaires

Madame monsieur
Le nouveau programme de travail 2010 du CIP dans sa thématique TIC PSP sera
lancé par la commission avant la fin du mois.
Le projet de programme de travail est déjà en ligne sur www.telecom.gouv.fr
Une journée publique d'information sera très bientôt organisée à Paris
mais dans l'attente nous vous signalons deux demandes de partenariats initiées
par des acteurs de l'ile de Malte

pour plus d'information, merci de contacter mon homologue à Malte

Smart City Malta

SmartCity Malta, a joint venture between SmartCity and the Government of
is a self-sustained township located in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Smart City Malta is interested in participation as partners in projects within
ICT-PSP 2010 Theme 4: "Open innovation for future internet-enabled services in
smart cities"

SmartCity Malta offers state-of-the-art office space and infrastructure that
caters to the business and lifestyle requirements of knowledge-workers and
professionals, supporting companies to flourish and concentrate on what truly
matters – their success.

SmartCity Malta offers exceptional amenities that create a unique and a
high-standard of living and a community of quality and convenience.

Location in: Ricasoli, Malta
~20 mins from the capital VallettaØ
~10 mins from theØ airport
Estimated minimum investment: US$ 300 million – Malta’s largest direct foreign
investment with a Land Area of 368,000 sqm and Built-up Area of 311,000 sqm

Elements of Smart City:
• One-stop-shop – for Government support services, utilities and telecom
• State-of-the-art ICT and urban infrastructure
• Public spaces - 33 % of the project will be devoted to such areas
• Retail facilities
• Residential complex
• Hotels
• Recreational facilities
• Amphitheatre
• 1-km Mediterranean Sea-front view
• Lagoon
• Other community facilities
• High-end ocean view villas
• Smart homes
• Campus wide fully redundant fibre infrastructure
• Ample car park for residents as well as visitor
Contact details:
Jin Choi: Jin.choi@smartcity.ae
Sandra Chetcuti: sandra.chetcuti@smartcity-malta.com.mt
SmartCity Malta
SCM1001, Malta
Telephone +356 2164 6666
Fax +356 2164

Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) - Malta

About FITA
The Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) is the
advocate and coordinator for making information communications technology
accessible for disabled people in the Maltese islands. Our information
assist disabled individuals in the selection, acquisition, or use of an
assistive technology device, intended to increase, maintain, or improve the
individual's quality of life.
FITA's principle function is to provide support to disabled individuals in
overcoming or removing barriers to education and employment through ICT.
Through empowerment and social inclusion disabled persons need to rely less on
family and state support. In ensuring that due steps are taken to minimise the
digital divide, we aim to enable individuals to contribute productively to
society and the economy.
FITA is interested to participate under ICT-PSP 2010 objectives 1.1; 2.5; 3.1;
3.3; 3.4; as well as themes 4 and 6 (see further down for more details).

Background and Structure
FITA was officially established by the Malta Information Technology Agency
(MITA) and the National Commission Disabled Persons (KNPD) on 2nd October,
2001. with the goal of facilitating the integration of disabled persons who
find themselves at a disadvantage in a particular environment, by providing
equitable and appropriate enabling accommodation.
The aims and objectives of the Foundation are the following:
· To promote equal opportunities for all, in particular in relation to
information technology matters;
· To provide training services in information technology to disabled people;
· To gather and disseminate information and to increase awareness on
technology matters
· To liaise with and facilitate public and private endeavours in respect of
creation of equal opportunities in respect of information technology
· To offer advice and consultancy services to private and public organisations
in information technology and its use by disabled persons
The Foundation’s Board of Administrators includes representatives from
different stakeholder groups, including the ICT Industry, Disability NGOs,
Education, Employment and Government.
FITA operations are the responsibility of its Executive Coordinator, Mr.
Stanley Debono. The total staff contingent of eight individuals, includes five
disabled persons, and is structured so that most staff members are responsible
for clearly distinct areas of FITA’s operations.

Past EU Project Involvement
Initiatives under the EU Leonardo Programme 2003
Work Experience with the British Computer Association for the Blind, wherein
our primary ICT Accessibility Audits Officer was awarded the British Trainer
Certification Scheme certification.
2003-06 GetResults – Train the Trainer Course in Entrepreneurship, wherein we
helped design and produce a Course for Entrepreneurship. Malta Enterprise and
Gasan Group supported FITA in this initiative. FITA's responsibilities
· the production of specialised pedagogic training material
· development of a good practice guide and quality assurance procedures
· the translation of the course material to English
· consultation on the accessibility of the material produced

FITA participated in the Access to Professional Training (APT) (Pilot
which was lead by De Montfort University in the United Kingdom. This programme
also involved other partners including the University of Malta, KNPD and
Bulgarian partners. The main aim of this programme was to support students (29
participants in the case of Malta) with disability in their post-secondary
education. FITA was responsible for the assessment, implementation and
of the project’s core online educational platform.

Mobility and Orientation Training (MOT) enables visually impaired persons to
learn how to orientate themselves and move about in their every day lives, be
it at home, at their place of work, and even in the outside world. This
(Transfer of Innovation) project seeks to address the need of MOT to be
provided for Blind and Visually Impaired persons in Malta.
FITA’s responsibility involved the evaluation and design of accessible
resources and publications. The project includes partners from the UK and
Initiatives under the EU 7th Framework Programme 2008
The TACMON project, if which FITA is a partner is developing innovative
display technology, which allows the display the text in Braille, as well as
graphical information on an electronically refreshable, user-friendly tactile
The TACMON project is being implemented in collaboration with 17 partners from
10 countries: TACMON project coordinator is Hungary Information Technologies
Association -
Informatika Vállalkozások Szövetsége. The partnership also includes four R&D
centres form Switzerland, Spain, Hungary and Scotland, and 12 technology
transfer and innovation  centres and companies from Latvia, UK, Malta, Greece,
Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
More information can be found at: http://tacmon.mfkk.hu

Initiatives under ERDF 2008-13
The Maltese Speech Engine Project will be developing a SAPI compatible speech
engine, which will integrate with existing assistive and educational
in order to promote the use of e-services, Maltese literacy and ICT
Past achievements in this area include the integration of the speech engine
developed by Prof. Paul Micallef with MS Word with the help of three very
capable University students, sponsored by MITA.
This project is part-financed (85%) under Operational Programme I – Cohesion
Policy 2007- 2013, Investing In Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life.
FITA is collaborating with a number of disability NGOs and the Education
Division on this project.

Initiatives under Grundtvig (Life Long Learning Programme) 2009
In December 2009 FITA obtained funding for a training course organised by
e-ISOTI  focusing on EU Project Management. One of FITA’s services officers
attended this course, which apart from the theoretical project management
aspect, indirectly also tackled practical issues like accessibility.

Past Achievements
Software Packages
FITA collaborated with the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and
Communications and Microsoft Corporation on a number of occasions in 2003,
and 2007 in the distribution of software packages to disabled persons.
Computer Refurbishment Workshop
For different reasons, not all disabled persons may make the most effective
of a brand new computer. In some cases FITA may consider that disabled
can effectively benefit from using older computer equipment, which better
matches their needs. To this end, FITA set up a computer pooling scheme,
whereby refurbished computers are issued on loan at no cost, to disabled
persons who can benefit from them. Starting from May 2006, this initiative has
grown to include a new workshop at the Physically Handicapped
Rehabilitation Centre in Paola. This initiatives is run in collaboration with
the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF).
National ICT Strategy
Apart from being represented on the National Information Society Council
(NISCO), FITA is partly responsible for Stream 2 of the National ICT Strategy
2008-2010. To this end two disabled persons were employed in order to run
Accessible ICT training courses for persons with a visual impairment and
persons with an intellectual impairment.
Educational software in Maltese
Through the help of a number of partner organisations, FITA is developing
educational programs targeted towards individuals who's first language is
Work Experiences
Starting in 2008, FITA collaborated closely with the Employment Training
Corporation in order to organise work experiences for disabled persons and
promote their chances to obtain longterm gainful employment. Out of the six
disabled persons benefiting from this scheme, four moved on to obtain
employment and continue their studies.
Research Studies
In 2007, FITA published research focusing on the use of ICT by disabled
and their related expectations. Current research projects target the use of
by disabled persons, the potential for Maltese Speech Synthesis and trends in
web accessibility of Maltese websites.
Areas of Primary Competence
Since its inception in 2001, FITA has participated in diverse initiatives, all
of which have enabled us to develop a network of professional contacts and
expertise in the following areas:
· ICT Accessibility Audits, covering Web, Software and Hardware
· ICT Training for persons with a visual and/or intellectual impairment
· Design and production of accessible publications and training materials
· Accessibility of international conferences and information events

Potential Areas for ICT-PSP 2010 Collaboration:
Theme 1: ICT for health, aging and inclusion 1.1 ICT for patient-centred
service accessibility consultancy and evaluation across e-infrastructure

Theme 2: Digital Libraries
2.5 Use of cultural heritage material for education

Theme 3: ICT for government and governance
3.1 Enlargement of eProcurement Pilot PEPPOL
3.3 Inclusive eGovernance: flexible, personalised and multi-channel based
service delivery targeted at the socially disadvantaged (e-Accessibility of
Public Digital Terminals (PDT))
3.4 User Centricity for e-Governance (Assistive technology and accessibility)

Theme 4: Open Innovation for Future Internet-enabled services in "smart"
FITA can assist with the adoption of standards and guidelines and also provide
evaluation services of specific implementations.

Theme 6: Multilingual Web
Especially relevant impact on the Maltese Speech Engine project.
FITA is open to potential suggestions from other project proposers, should
their goals and objectives be likely to benefit from FITA's participation
whilst promoting e-accessibility for disabled persons.

Contact Details
Mr. Stanley Debono, Executive Coordinator
Tel: (+356) 2599 2659; Email: stanley.debono@gov.mt
Mr. Michael Micallef, Services Officer
Tel: (+356) 2599 2343; Email: michael.micallef@gov.mt
Website: http://www.knpd.org/mittsfita
Fax: (356) 2599 2659

Pedro Fernández Álvarez 
CIP Malta National Contact Point


Malta Investment Management Co. Ltd. 
Enterprise Centre
San Gwann Industrial Estate
San Gwann SGN 3000, Malta

T: (+356) 21 497 970
F: (+356) 21 499 568

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