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madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP TIC PSP nous avons reçu
plusieures demandes de partenariats

1- un partenariat en provenance de Malte

INSPIRE – The Eden and Razzett Foundation - EOI ICTPSP Theme 3 (ICT for
ageing and inclusion) 

The Eden and Razzett Foundation, better known as INSPIRE is a Maltese NGO
specialises in providing inclusion services for persons with learning and
physical disabilities, thus promoting their independence. 
Our services cater for over 1000 children and adults with learning and
disabilities throughout Malta and Gozo. Various educational and therapeutic
programmes offered to clients engage ICT applications and aides.

INSPIRE is seeking participation in the fifth Call of the ICT Policy Support
Programme under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).
Potential roles for INSPIRE include providing disability expertise as well as
serving as a test base for the deployment of:
a) ICT education software applications and solutions promoting the use of
ICT as
a learning and communication tool for persons with physical and/or learning
disabilities, aimed at enhancing their e-accessibility, employability and
social inclusion;
b) ICT solutions and intelligent systems for independent living of persons
physical and/or learning disabilities (including technologies increasing
communication, function and activities of daily living).
Areas for collaboration under CIP ICT Policy Support Programme 

Theme 3 ICT for health, ageing and inclusion 

3.1 ICT solutions for fall prevention
3.2 Digital competencies and social inclusion
3.3 e-accessibility

Philippa Arrigo
EU Funding Executive
TEL: (356) 21807708
E-MAIL: philippa.arrigo@inspire.org.mt 
Web: www.inspire.org.mt 

2- un partenariat en provenance de la république tchèque

Organization name:FRAM System s.r.o.
Address:Kosmonautu 8
Postal Code:779 00
Country:Czech Republic

Description of the organization
FRAM System offers a wide range of complex custom developed and tested
and internet information solutions for fields such as management of digital
evidence, economical information systems, internet websites, electronic shops
and content management systems (CMS). These solutions ensure systematic
archiving, administration of digital documentation, financial costs tracking
(e.g. in constructions), monitoring of schedule compliance during construction
and much more. 

Our company has great experience in development of information systems, in
customized solutions of various information systems, their implementation and
consequential technical client support. Our solutions are created on MS
and Linux platforms. 

Our company develops applications in these programming languages and
technologies: PHP, HTML, Ext JS, XML, CSS, VML, SVG, JavaScript, C++, LDAP,
VisualBasic for Applications (MS Office). Our information systems are
on database platforms MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostreSQL, MySQL.

We would like to participate in a project enabling us to use our experience
from the development of information systems and to gain more experience in
other fields of information technologies. We would be able to provide software
development of various kinds. 

Contact Person:Miroslav  Eder, executive head

3- un partenariat en provenance de la république tchèque pour des activités de

Organization name:I3 Consultants s.r.o
Address:K Trninam 945/34
Postal Code:163 00
Country:Czech Republic

Description of the organization

The company I3 Consultants s.r.o is a research and consulting leader in
following areas in Czech market: 
- information security for governmental and public organisation 
- data protection for public organisations
- research of the processes within public organisations (analyses,
redefination, implementation with higher efficiency)

Company’s director took part in the long-term security program within NATO
as a
Czech Republic’s rep. Since year 1998 he has had prepared the entry of the
Czech Republic into NATO in BICES area. BICES area means Battle field
information collection exploitation system.  He was in BICES a member of
security working group and also representative of the Czech Republic in
security accreditation board. 

thème : Innovative government and public services

Contact Person:Dipl. Ing. Milos Tyfa, MBA
Phone:+420 774774797